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Hi everyone~! Time to merge!! This is going to be a bit difficult watching all these guy re-adjust to their original group as well as conniving their way along new alliances. It’s a good thing, they all are starving right now.

There are still five members on one team, will they dominate? I don’t know, this is the tribe with blabbermouth Cole and Lover girl Jessica. Only good thing is Dr. Mike, Lauren and Ben are the level heads of that group. Day 17, they drop their buffs, I assume a meet and greet luncheon for them all but not so sure, looks like a challenge is all set up. Ha…he is teasing them with Outback Steakhouse, and yes they all get to eat!

These guys are going to be drunk! Huge beers, Salad, bake potato, steak, chocolate cake, looking for the blooming onions! They are setting idols in plain sight, I think Cole or Dez just missed it. Already is making a poor impression on others. He and Chrissy are my favorite villains right now. I am not too sure either will last the rest of the weeks to come but you just never know, Joe does have an idol in his pocket already.

My mind is boggled with all the ways they are trying different combos of voting. Vote off healers, vote off hustlers, I see Cole going out like soon!! He has no idea how to interact with others. They are trying to pick the target before the challenges even happen. Dr. Mike seems to have the most level head of his five. I am ready for the immunity challenge to begin and the real scrambles to come afterwards.

First individual immunity challenge, day 19, they should all be rested, nourished and ready for endurance. Let’s see if that happens. The survivors have to spin a ball inside a gutted out tube while standing on a beam. They will have to keep the ball spinning as they  go down a narrowing beam. Ryan and Dr. Mike first out. Jessica is out as they go down the beam. Ben is out , then they start dropping like flies. Desi, Cole, Chrissy, and Ashley.  Dezi and Ashley are still in it after 30 minutes. Dezi wins. These girls have the endurance. This is both a good and bad things for them. They will see them as a threat down the road as the tribe dwindles.

Now it’s time to scramble.  Who knows what will happen.  Jeff can bring out things out of these guys during counsel that they could flip.  Me I think Joe sticks his foot in his mouth but this could only fish out his own idol.  Well, Joe is nuts. He pulls it out, puts it on says you guys figure it out. Does he play it? Let’s find out…He plays it for himself, they pass by Cole, and votes are for Chrissy and Jessica with Jessica getting voted out. That has got to make Chrissy big time paranoid. What a great tribal counsel. I think people were going to vote out Cole, but it was Chrissy’s s plan C that saved her by breaking up the lovers of the island Jessica and Cole. They blindsided her big time…that was fun..see you next week.  Enjoy your day.  



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