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Tonight Surivor Heroes, Healers, and Hustlers opens with Soko returning from Tribal Council without Ali. Chrissy says that she tried not to smile when Ali left, but she feels that she is closest to the two others left. She feels that her social game is great.

Yawa feels that they have a good group and if they can pick up one more in the merge they will do well.  On Levu, they have no food left, just a few spoonfuls of sugar left. They find themselves eating sugar for breakfast. Dev is doing very badly and no one has any energy left. They worry that if they do not win the reward challenge that they might starve.

Jeff points out that Dev was trudging up a small incline like it was a mountain.  After they talk about having no food left, Jeff tells them to drop their buffs for a merge. Everyone is excited to greet their new buffs. Joe is very happy to see the merge at this point since there are more of his original tribe than the others.

Jeff announces that Outback Steakhouse will provide their feast. They will enjoy rib eyes, cold bear, salads, potatoes, and their chocolate dessert. Jeff sends them off to feast on a made to order meal.

Devon is blissful enjoying his beer and Cole who subsists on 8,000 calories a day, was barely surviving.  He dines on salad while waiting for his steak.  Joe orders two steaks and they all enjoy a "Thunder from Down Under" chocolate dessert.

Ben is happy to see Chrissy, who he worked with in the original alliance.  Chrissy and Ben talk about having a majority if they can gather two more people.  Cole thinks that since people will be actively aligning, he might find it a good time to seek out an advantage in the game. Devon and Ryan discuss that the Hustlers and Heroes could band together against the Healers.

It is day 18 on Solewa, and Devon feels that this is a good position. He tells Lauren that he would like to take out the Healers. Dr. Mike feels that there will be a war. Lauren is not sure that is in her best interests.  Ben feels that Cole is selfish and thinks only of himself. Jessica says that Cole eats food alone and does not consult the group, but she is close to him and wants to draw him into the group.

Dr. Mike worries that Ben is wavering and he tells Ben that Cole may be a poor player, but they need to keep him because he is on their side.  He feels that they need to work to get Joe out first. Dr. Mike did not realize how impactive post-merge dynamics are. He says that before he felt that he was the only one playing the game, and now everyone is.

It is day 19 on Survivor and Jeff calls the merged tribe to their first individual immunity challenge. They must stand on a narrow beam while they keep a ball spinning inside a circular wheel. They will move in increments to a narrower post. If their ball leaves the wheel they are out of the game.  

Ryan is out in two quick seconds, and Dr. Mike is out after the first step.  They  must now move one more step down the beam, and Jessica drops.  The ball spinning is mesmerizing and distracts from the concentration. At the next move, Ben is unable to make the transfer and he is out. THen JP goes, and Devon, and then Lauren and Joe.  Left are Chrissy, Ashley, Cole, and Desi, and then Cole drops and right after, Chrissy. Desi and Ashley are left and make it past the half hour mark. As they are to make the next transfer to a new step, Ashley is unable to make the transfer, and drops. Desi wins the first individual immunity challenge necklace.

As the tribe returns to camp the strategizing begins. Cole goes to Ben and apologizes to him for annoying him with his eating habits. Ben accepts his apology, but it is only surface. Ben says that if he needs to work with Cole for awhile he can do it.

Joe and Cole talk and Joe wonders why they would stick with Ben who he feels would turn on them. In another group, Lauren and Ben discuss taking out the healers, and Chrissy asks Ben if he is not talking with her because it is all cool.  Ben reassures her that it is all okay, but in reality he will have to make a choice on which group to stand with and one may send Chrissy home. On the other hand, Cole and Jessica are very close and it may be to their advantage to separate them.

At Tribal Council Jeff talks about the reality. He says that they can be concerned, but they need to show trust in their group.  Joe says that he is trusting with Desi and has stuck with her. In a surprise move, Joe says that he is going to rock the idol for a minute and puts it on. He says that he may use it or not, but he is wearing it.

Ben says that this is where they will find out who is aligned with who, because someone is going home.

The votes:
Jeff asks if someone wants to play an immunity idol. Joe decides to play his idol.  
Chrissy, Jessica, Chrissy, Jessica, Chrissy, Jessica, Chrissy, Jessica, Chrissy, Jessica, Jessica, Jessica. Jessica is the seventh person voted out of Survivor.

Jeff points out that it is not only alliances, but battle lines that are drawn at Tribal Council.  He sends them back to camp.

Jessica speaks:
Jessica says that her heart is broken and a game crushed her. She says this is the biggest blindside of her life. She thought only men could do that to her. She hopes Cole does well and will miss him.

Next episode:
The Healers future looks grim, but they are not going down without a fight. There are scenes of two players rolling around in the sand while pandemonium ensues.


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