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Hi everyone~! So who saves themselves from the fury of tribal counsel in this episode? I can’t wait to see who gets the ax right now! Yes I have my few little favorites, and my favorite villains, do you?

Paranoia and hunger seems to conquer the themes this week.  Ali is really sad, mad p.o, and furious about Ryan voting to keep Chrissy in and voting roark out at last tribal, not sure why he was her ride or die anyway.

Cole is over on his tribe, eating everything, being gross with his hands in the jars, catching and eating and not sharing his fish, really getting on the tribe’s nerves, even Jessica’s I think.. Mike on the other hand, Dr. Mike caught a tiny fish and shared with the others.

Day 15..(half way!!), 13 remain. Reward challenge is coordination, balance and sling shot knock down two targets out in the ocean. Pizza is the prize for the day. Soku wins rewards, wow, 10 pizzas for four puny people! Yawa (my fav)Lauren, Ben, Jess, and yes Cole, have to share a pizza! Nothing for Levu. Uh oh, Joe finds the clue on a tree. He figures out where it is, goes out after everyone was sleeping and boom…there he goes and gets it. How strategic will he play this one, or be played? He doesn’t tell devon he saw the clue. (my favorite villains!).

Next day, Cole past out, fell and hit his head, Jessica gives him her portion of rice. And then on to the immunity challenge.  This is a new challenge, or one I have never seen. All team standing on separate beams, holding ropes keeping a circle of wood level in the middle which they must use building blocks to spell immunity while keeping the circle of wood stable thru each rope from each tribe member. Hope that explains this well enough. Over and over they tip over the circle on the last letter, everyone is on the last letter, Yawa wins. Levu, gets second. And Soku goes back to tribal. Why haven’t they been looking for immunity idols?

Ryan definitely wants JP out because of his physical abilities. Chrissy wants out Ali, and JP will vote out whoever. Ali is going to probably vote with chrissy. She is a villain I don’t like. I don’t get it why they all like this skinny little ‘weasel’ Ryan , his words exactly! And here goes, I am fearful JP is going to go. He is so quiet, the other three are weak players over all, I can’t imagine them keeping him for a merge. Wow, they toughed it out and took out Ali!!

With three people left on a tribe, there has to be either a merge, or a two tribe mini time …guess we will find week, it’s a merge. Looks like its going to be a scramble free for all now. The claws will all come out. As far as I know, Joe is the only one with an idol.  At this point, not many except him and Devon have been looking, I am sure that is going to change. It will be fun to see who wins the sole immunity, and how people divide up for the tribal…make sure to tune in for next week’s its going to be good!! Enjoy your day.

Cozy2 ---

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