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Tonight Surivor Heroes, Healers, and Hustlers opens with Soko returning from Tribal Council without Roark. It is night fourteen and Chrissy is happy that Roark sided with her. Ali is frustrated that Ryan didn't vote with her. Ryan explains that he trusted her, but he did not trust Roark. Ali feels betrayed that Ryan didn't let her in on his vote. She tells him that she would have voted however he wanted, but she didn't know. Ryan feels that she does not trust him now and he is right.  He tells us that she may now have to go.

Mike catches a fish and is determined to cook it. When it falls into the fire he explains that it will just cook faster. Ben decides that Mike will share a small fish, but Cole will catch even a bigger fish, but won't share it. He feels that Mike is a better team mate since he will share whatever he has. Cole has a confrontation with the tribe saying that he needs more in his share since he has to win competitions for them. The others see that Cole is selfish, and Lauren feels vindicated that they are now seeing it as well.

Jeff calls the tribes to a Reward Challenge. They will race out over an obstacle course to a set of poles, and use the poles to maneuver a buoy over a balance teeter totter beam to a bin. They they have to untie the knots that will release their boat. THey need to pull their boat across the water using ropes. Once there they will mount a platform that has a slingshot and two targets. They must use the slingshot to knock down the two targets. They are playing for pizza. They have ten pizzas and ice cold soft drinks. Second place is one pizza to share for the tribe.

Soko takes an early lead but the ocean is in strong motion and they must adjust their slingshot. Soko is patient and wins reward with a well earned pizza. Yawa gets one pizza when they come in second. Levu gets nothing. JP says that without him they would win no challenges, and they will keep him because they need him.

Soko is excited to have a full stomach. Ryan sees JP as a person who is tough to read because he does not talk strategy. Ryan feels that taking out a big physical threat before the merge should be number one.

Ashley talks to Devon about getting Desi to flip on Joe. Devon decides to go idol hunting with Joe. He knows that Joe is good at finding idols since he was with him when he found the first one. Desi and Ashley talk about sending Joe home since he is really only in it for himself. Desi says that Joe will keep her as long as she is good for his game, so she is not in immediate danger, but she is willing to send him home.

Joe keeps looking for idols. He wants to have control in the game. After four days he finds a clue. He does not want anyone to know he has it, and decides to go after the idol itself at night. Cole says that this is not a vacation for him and he is willing to put the work in to win the game. He heads out at night and finds the idol. He says if he makes it through the merge, he will find the third idol as well.

Cole passes out by the shelter, falling flat on his face in the sand, and Jessica sees that it is a food related issue. Dr. Mike gets him water and Jessica gives him her portion of rice. She realizes that she is not ready to play the game without him. Dr. Mike rationalizes that if he is doing this badly on day 15, day 16 and 17 will be even worse. Ben says that when Cole fell over, he sealed his fate. He will go home if they lose an immunity challenge. Cole tells Jessica that he will be there for her as long as he is not passed out in the sand.

The challenge is to pull on a rope that suspends a disk. They will stack blocks on the suspended ropes to spell immunity. They must spell it from the bottom to the top. The goal is to keep the disk steady as the blocks stack up.  Soko has to start over as they put their third block on.  Levu gets up to five, and then loses it. Yawa now has a huge advantage with all but one block on the disk. Cole places the last block and they lose their stack. That puts Soko in the lead with their seventh letter. Yawa is up to their fourth, and Levu has seven letters. Both Levu and Soko get their seventh letter and must inch their way back to the finish. Yawa catches up, places their seventh letter, wins immunity, and then Soko loses their stack with all letters dropping. Levu takes their time returning to the finish, and takes the second immunity idol. Soko must head to Tribal Council.  

Ali feels vulnerable since she had a dust up with Ryan after the last Tribal Council. She wonders if she will make it through the night.

JP says that it sucks to lose, but he is not worried about it. He feels that it is Ali's place to go and there is nothing to do about it. Ryan feels that it is a good moment to take JP out, and so he goes to Ali to make up with her. Ryan discusses with her that JP is a threat in all areas and although Ali does not fully trust Ryan, she decides she will go with him. She talks to Chrissy who tells her that it does not matter to her who is with whom in this tribe, but the merge is coming and she wants to send home someone she cannot beat.

Chrissy and Ryan talk about the fact that they can vote either JP or Ali out.

The tribe heads to Tribal Council. Ryan tells Jeff that he did not tell Ali and that caused a riff. Chrissy says that the feeling is that there is a merge coming imminently. JP says that the guys that do better in the challenges tend to get voted off around this time. He says that you can build your case, but you have to know that the others will do what is best for their own game. Chrissy says that JP plays a quiet game. Ryan says that is scary as well. He says that there is only a couple of pieces left for him to be the perfect player. JP says that if he walks down that path he will think that he should have played a more social game from the beginning.

Ali says that they will find out where the trust lies when the vote is revealed. Chrissy says that they are all four great players and everyone there both benefits and hurts her ultimate game.

The votes:
No immunity idol is played. Ali, JP, Ali, Ali. Ali is the sixth person voted out of the game. She leaves telling the others, "Good luck beating him." Jeff tells them that they are almost out of tribe members and are clearly counting on a merge. He wishes them good luck and sends them back to camp.

Ali speaks:
Ali feels betrayed by Ryan and feels she trusted people too much.

Next episode:
A bomb is dropped and they merge. It is a race to gather troops.


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