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Hi everyone~! Another fun hour figuring out who are the new power-players of the game. I’ll bite my lip for now, I don’t always agree with these food-starved survivors!

Well, we know that Joe out-witted the Levu last week, can he fool them twice? Doubtful. Ben, one of my favorite players is having some PTTSD moments and that is actually tearful to watch. He thinks people not in the military can’t understand, but I think more people understand that he thinks. My hand crosses my heart for all those military folks here and abroad.

Once the teams are situated, and the first challenge begins, Desi is the contender to watch in upcoming weeks, she is strong, fierce, motivated and smart. I think she survives a merge or go home because of her strength others will fear. Her team, Levu, wins the challenge where they are tethered at their feet, and their hands, squirm over the dirt path and hills pushing a ball with their heads. Not sure why they didn’t use their feet. They got pastries, ice coffee, and a sense of gaining a trust back between members because of the last tribal. Yawa takes second, a container of iced coffee and Soku gets nothing. Ryan keeps loosing the ball trying he is so thin, he is not the most physically fit for this competition.

Poor Ali, is trying her best to keep her alliance with Ryan both Hustlers, little does she know that he has an alliance with Chrissy from the first super idol. During the Immunity challenge, Soku looses. They had to swim out to a boat, get the bags of rice out, over a balance beam, cut open search for golf balls and use a rope type maze to guide the ball up the wall into three top slots. Chrissy does horrible, I am surprised no one took over the last step of the challenge.

Unfortunately Soku loose the immunity challenge and off to tribal they go. Two Hustlers, two heros and a healer. Chrissy Back stabs Roark by telling the others she wanted to start a girls alliance when it was actually her that asked Roark! I wanted to reach in and grab her by her braids!! So Roark and Chrissy start bickering at the tribal, Roark thinks she is the deciding vote, but its really Ryan who has alliance on both sides…this is going to bring a shock wave to one of the other tribal members Ali or Chrissy. Ryan decides to vote Roark out, so see ya later girl…im so sad!  Chrissy calls her miss smarty pants in her good bye vote. I am really thought Chrissy was out. Ali is going to be livid next week with Ryan.

Meanwhile, Jessica and Dr. Mike go and get water, and Jess tell him about the idol Joe won by the water well and he finds the idol…they don’t let us read the whole thing, I assume its like Joe’s was but Joe just played his in the last tribal so maybe we will find out what the paper says.

The teams are dwindling back down to four, so get ready for another merge…either into two teams or who knows, individual comps…what do you think?  Is your favorites still in? It looks like we have more villains this year, sneaky snakes who are going to bite the others at any time. Who will survive? See you next week. Enjoy your day.



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