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Tonight Surivor Heroes, Healers, and Hustlers opens with Levu discussing the elimination of Alan and how Crazy Joe blindsided the entire tribe with his idol.

The tribe worries about Ben when he jumps after hearing a loud bang from a bamboo explosion in the fire.  Ben talks about his mind altering experience in the war.  He explains that people who have not been shot at have no clue about the demons in their minds after going to war. He explains that there is life outside of that hell of war, and he wants to show that to other vets. He says that winning the money would be great, but he is here for a bigger picture.

Jeff calls the tribes for a reward challenge. He explains that their feet will be bound together and their arms bound to their sides.  They must slither through the sand with a ball which they must then pass on to the next person in their relay.  When they get the ball to the finish they must shoot the ball, plus four more, into a basket. The reward is a stash of iced coffee and tea for the first place and a single jug of iced coffee for second place.

Levu gets out ahead quickly and keeps their lead.  When Blue Levu gets the ball to the finish, Devon is unable to get the ball in the basket. They must get five in the basket, and Levu finally gets their second, third, and fourth balls in the basket. Red gets the ball to the finish and then gets started on their baskets. Blue finishes first and wins the iced coffee and tea stash. Blue has two in before yellow with Ryan struggling to get his ball through his course gets to the finish.  Red wins the second place and gets their jug of iced coffee. Yellow was held back by Ryan who could not move his ball the distance in the relay, but Ali says that she has had Ryan's back and challenges are only a part of the game. She will have his back.

Levu takes their coffee stash back to camp and enjoy the sweet pastries and iced coffee. They even got a brewing system for future uses. While they enjoy the pastries and coffee, Devon thinks about his situation.  Ashley and Devon speak about taking Joe out since he is the strongest person in their tribe and is playing a psychological game. They think that they might be able to pull Desi to their side in order to remove Joe.

Ryan feels that his social game is everything. He does not want to be voted out and feels that he needs to keep people laughing. Roark feels like a loner and she wants to get with a group.  She offers Ali her support and they discuss possibly having Mike. Roark and Ali hope to compliment each other. Ali feels that going with Roark might be the key to going far in the game. They think that maybe taking Chrissy or Cole out would be good, but Ryan has a good rapport with both Chrissy and Ali, and feels he must tread carefully to keep both of them.

Lauren is irritated by Cole who puts his fingers in everything.  Jessica and Mike talk when Jessica feels that Mike can keep a secret, so they decide to look for the idol near the well. Mike finds it while Jessica is drinking water. He is ecstatic about finding it since he has been digging regularly, and hopes that Jessica will keep it a secret.

Jeff calls the tribes for their immunity challenge. They will swim out to a boat and gather three bags of rice. They must squeeze the bag of rice through a small hole. Then they have to haul the wet bags of rice up a balance beam and to shore. Both blue and red have their bags to shore and they are slicing through the bags with knives looking for balls. Yellow finally gets their bags in and start searching. Red is now working a maze where they must use ropes to maneuver balls to holes in the top of the maze. Red has the lead with two balls and blue is close behind. Yellow is now maneuvering the ball and while red is on their third ball, yellow keeps dropping off the balance beam. Desi works the balls for blue and slow and steady she gets the balls in, avoiding tribal council.  Red and Blue both are safe tonight.  

Yellow heads to tribal council, and Roark says that with Chrissy struggling with the challenge, she definitely needs to go.  Roark really wants Chrissy to go home, but Chrissy goes to her and tells her that she feels that she is the most strategic player here. In reality she doesn't feel that Roark is a strong player so she brings up a girl's alliance and Roark says that she personally doesn't disagree. Chrissy heads back to the guys and tells them that Roark wants an all girl's alliance.  The boys agree that Roark needs to go. Meanwhile Ali and Roark talk and decide that Chrissy needs to go.

They light torches in Tribal Council and the first conversation is about Chrissy working to put the ball in and not giving others the chance. Chrissy points out that she asked for others to take over several times, which she did, and it is now Ali disagreeing. Roark points out that Chrissy did not talk strategy to her until she needed her tonight when Chrissy says that she did have a chance to speak strategy with Roark.

The votes:
No immunity idol is played. Chrissy, Roark, Chrissy, Roark, Roark. Roark is voted out. She wishes them good luck as she waves goodbye.
Jeff says that the stated goal of tonight's tribal council was unity, but clearly with a divided vote the first goal will be to repair the tribe. He sends them back to camp.

Roark speaks:
Roark does not blame tribe swaps for her ouster, feeling that there is always something that you can do to mitigate the damage. She feels she failed to do that something and owns it.

Next episode:
Tensions are high on yellow and everythng comes crashing down on Cole when the shelter collapses.


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