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Tonight the thirty-fifth season of Survivor opens with an introduction of the castaways.  This season is a competition between Heroes, Healers, and Hustlers.

Heroes include a veteran and a stay at home mom. The Healers include Mike who is a sex doctor who specializes in urology and sexual disfunction. The Hustlers believe in getting the job done.  Allie is a personal assistant for a YouTube employer who demands she cook, do make-up and assist her.

This first competition is a chance to prove their value to their tribe. They must gather as much food as they can from the boat they are currently on, paddle to shore, and then stack themselves high enough to reach a tall torch.  The first to light their torch receives a massive firemaking kit, the second gets flint, and the last gets no fire starter as the loser.

The Heroes move out quickly, but the Healers get their first. Both tribes move even to each other, but neither has gathered much food for their 39 day stay on the island.  The Healers stack themselves quickly and get the fire kit. Heroes get the flint. The Hustlers don't even seem to know what game they are playing and get nothing. They have a map in each boat and must follow it to their camp.

The Healers arrive to a huge bonfire and find themselves on the right foot.  Roark says that they are a team based group and this is a natural extension of their lives. They discuss that it s all about communication, and Joe wants to be the leader. He is a probation officer and sees himself as a strategist, with everyone else as his victim.

The Heroes see themselves as people who will go the extra mile. They, unlike the Healers move immediately to networking, looking to form alliances. Allen is full tilt out the gate as a former NFL player, and he and Cowboy want to link up with Ashley and JP.

The Hustlers look to make connections, and Ashley looks to see that they are strong. Ryan is excited to receive a super immunity idol as a hidden immunity idol on the ship before they jumped overboard. This idol is only good at the first Tribal Council and can be used save someone who is marked for eviction.

Mike came to win the game, leaving his family behind. Joe says that he has a great lie detector and feels that Mike is not trustworthy. He confronts Mike about looking for an idol.  Mike does not want to fight perception and tries to keep the peace.

On the Hustlers, Devon seems to be looking for someone who is strategically sound, and Ryan uses the opportunity to bond with Devon. Devon and Ryan find there is chemistry between the and Ryan tells him that if they go to Tribal Council he can use it on Devon.

Allen throws out to Ben that he thinks that Allen has an idol. He wants him to strip to prove that he does not have it.  Ashley feels that Allen may be a liability to them because he is not making sense.

The three tribes are called to their first immunity challenge. They must race up a cargo net to a tall tower. Then they must pull the wagon up to the tower, get their tribe in the car and careen down in a wagon type car to a sand pile.  Heroes get down to the sand pile first and get first choice at a table puzzle. The Hustlers get there second and get second choice at a puzzle, and then the Healers take what is left. They must pull the table puzzle up a second tower and then two may work the puzzle. The Healers move ahead with their puzzle and get their first ball, and the Heroes get their first. Healers get their second ball, Heroes get close and then the Hustlers get their second. Healers get their third ball in and win safety from Tribal Council.  The Heroes and Hustlers are both on their third ball, and both tribes maneuver their ball to a win, with the Hustlers also being safe as well as getting flint for fire. Healers have come in first in the first two challenges and feel that it is teamwork that is giving them the edge.

The Heroes lose and one of them is going home. Chrissy drops to the ground and retches. Jeff offers her medical, but she declines. Ryan, a Hustler realizes that he has to use his Immunity Idol on a Hero, and wants to find an underdog to bequeath it to before they leave the challenge grounds.

Allen feels that Ashley and JP feel he is with them, but he does not feel it.  Allen asks Chrissy and Katrina if they are looking for someone to send out, and Katrina feels that she has JP and Ashley and is probably safe.  Ben and Allen feel that it is up to them to decide. Privately, Chrissy finds a package in her personal pouch and reads that she has received the super idol from someone. In the note that accompanies it says that it is a secret power bestowed on her, only good tonight. It is to be played after the votes are read and she can use it anyway that she sees fit.

Heroes head to Tribal Council and lights their torches. Chrissy feels that she did not belong to this group and Katrina joins her in the thought feeling that there are four super players in the game who will come after them.  They tell about Allen commanding JP to remove his clothes to show that he has no idol.  Ashley says that she and JP are not a super power and Allen feels sure that there is an idol out there, or a clue.  JP says that there is a plan, but they will have to do some damage control tonight.

The votes:
Katrina, Ashley, Katrina, Katrina, Katrina.  Chrissy does not use the Super Idol on her. Jeff tells the tribe that while the vote was united, it is clear that the tribe is not.  He sends them back to camp.

Katrina speaks:
Katrina is proud to be an Olympian and proud that she made it into the game. She wishes that she had lasted longer than three days, but feels she was out of the gate too fast. She wishes her tribe good luck in the game.

Next episode:
There is a new power couple with Chrissy and Ben and possibly a bit of a romance.

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