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By Sammi Turano

I love the nineties. The music, the clothes, the television programs—all of it just brings back amazing memories of my childhood. In fact, I still listen to music and watch TV show from that era, thanks to Pandora and Hulu.

I recently discovered a hidden gem that will make every nineties lover happy. Jay Versace Is Stuck In The 90s brings back all the technology (or lack thereof), music and everything in between. I recently had the chance to talk to the handsome lad behind the series in an exclusive interview. Below are some of the highlights from our chat.

1. The premise of the show is about a guy who is struck by lightening and brought back to the nineties. He finds a Tomagachi (remember those?) that sends him on missions to bring him back to his real life. Each mission gives him a piece of a puzzle that builds a time machine to make this happen.

2. Jay was already a big fan of the nineties, so this was the perfect role for him. He said that since he was already such a huge fan, it made it easy for the show to come together. His favorite part of the decade you ask? The clothes. (I can’t argue there, the clothes back then were amazing!)

3. He also enjoyed seeing and getting to use several other things that were big in the nineties, such as the food, boy bands and the electronics. In fact, there is great episode where he tries to make a YouTube video using a VCR and a camcorder. He adds that these little accents that they add are what make the show so perfect. He also gained a new appreciation for things we have now, particularly when it comes to technology.

4. His favorite nineties TV show is In Living Color. He says that it is very inspiring to him and that he modeled several things (including his look) on the series for his show. He hopes that if and when the series continues, he is able to get people from that series to be a guest on his show.

5. As for other guest stars, he would love to have the Wayans brothers to make an appearance, as well as people from old school Nickelodeon shows. (Yes, that also means he wants the Snick couch to be there as well!) In addition, he would love to have comedian Rickey Smiley on, since he is one of his idols.

Check for episodes!

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