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By Sammi Turano

•        Tell me about yourself and career.
Hi, I’m a veteran actor. My career started in TV and I’m so proud to have worked on some of the best shows around. I got my start on hits like ER. And just finished working with John Wells again on the series Animal Kingdom on TNT.
•        What is your role in Lowlife?
I play, Crystal, a recovering addict who’s gotten caught up in a crazy crime caper.
•        What attracted you to the role?
I love working with director Ryan Prows and I wanted to take the challenge of bringing this woman to life and keep her grounded in this wild mash up of genre film.
•        What can we expect to see in the movie?
You won’t ever know what’s coming next, I think. It’s a unique story. It has heart, but lots of gritty bloody scenes too.
•        What are some highlights from filming?
We shot in some pretty seedy places. It was interesting hanging out in the under belly of Los Angeles.
•        What do you hope people like about the movie?
I hope people have fun. It’s meant to be entertaining and hopefully they’ll like the characters.
•        What is it like knowing it will show at Frightfest?
Frightfest is just a thrilling experience. It’s hard to believe our little film made it here.
•        What else are you working on?
I keep busy with auditions. Just wrapped shooting on a movie for Netflix called Lazarus.
•        What are you watching on tv these days?
I’m really into Power on Starz. And my daughter and I just discovered “The 100” - so we’ve been binge watching all the old seasons.


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