By Sammi Turano

Tell me about yourself and your career.
Erick: I'm a comedian, actor, & writer and have been living in NYC for 9 years. I'm written for MTV and been featured on MTV, Nat Geo, MTV Other & more. I've also been in a dozen or so national commercials and do stand-up across the country.

What is Death Lives? / How are you involved?
Erick: Death Lives is an independent TV pilot about the hopeful Grim Reaper quitting his job, becoming human and making up for lost time, while the rules of humanity and his almighty father keep messing thing up.

Chris: I co-wrote the script with Erick from January of 2016 through that spring. We had developed the idea for years in live shows so it was figuring out how to tell this character's story in a tv show format. Next steps, we got a cast and crew together for a shoot where I served as director and Erick as star, over two weekends in July of that year. We finished post-production in the fall and have been submitting to festivals and screening it for folks in the industry. 

Erick: I'm the co-creator, co-writer, co-producer and lead actor

What attracted you to the project? /  What were some of the highlights of filming? / What can viewers expect to see?
Chris:  Death is the ultimate punchline. You have to laugh about it. It's also so much fun to think of ways in which we can show the grim reaper experiencing life in New York City, whether he's falling in love, taking improv classes or getting a regular job. He's been reaping people for millions of years and now gets to live a normal life. The possibilities for stories are endless. It's a joy to see this particular entity experiencing something as simple as taking a pottery class for the first time. 

Erick: Chris Aurilio and I had created this character years ago for a live show at The PIT called Welcome To Hell. The idea was that Death used the show as the creative outlet he never had; he would sing, dance, read poetry, try stand-up, etc. Audiences LOVED Death. In Jan 2016, Chris had the idea to write a TV show focused on him, and we were off to the races. It's the most fun I've had on any project.

Erick: An honest, positive spin on a horrifying reality that awaits us all. Death is a good guy, just give him a chance! The show mixes fantasy & reality, horror & comedy, and does it through the perspective of a character who has seen the worst of the world and come out on the other side.

Chris: Erick and I produced this independently and we've known each other for a long time, coming up together creatively and even living together. In order to make the pilot for Death Lives, we called in favors, put up money and put to use everything we've learned about comedy, filmmaking and storytelling. The support that came upon us when we set out to do this was incredible. It was a great atmosphere on set and we've been very happy with how the project has come together. 

Erick: I think people will like the story, and they'll love the performances. We got some very good actors from the NYC comedy scene to play the supernatural family members of Death (God, Mother Nature, Cupid) as well as the humans that will become Death's friends. I think people will want to see more from these characters, which is what I want too!

Erick: We shot a montage of Death in Times Square, and people thought I was one of the characters that try to take photos with them and then get money. I was like "if I wanted people to take photos with me, I wouldn't dress like this", but whatever. It was fun. Everyone has a relationship with Death in real life, so it's great to see people react to seeing the character. Sometimes people run away.

What else are you working on?
Chris: We're working together on developing more projects, including another pilot! I also direct sketch comedy shows and teach folks new to comedy and content creation.

Erick:I’m a stand-up comedian, so you can see me in clubs around the city or hosting & performing in my weekly show, Barely Making It, every Wednesday at 8pm at The Creek. Chris and I also are working on a 2nd pilot right now that involves sports culture and memorabilia; we're looking to have that ready by early 2018.

What would fans be surprised to know about you?
Chris: Though I'm from NJ and was raised there, I was born in Chicago when my parents went on a vacation to the west coast. They stayed at the stopover and didn't make it to California. 

Erick: I was in a different school every year until 7th grade. I'm currently okay.

What are you watching on TV these days?
Chris: I have always loved animated shows, and currently enjoy Rick & Morty. They beautifully tell stories that are both intelligent and heartfelt--I love whenever that happens.

Erick: Re-watching Horace & Pete & The Wire. I guess real life isn't sad enough? I finished Friends From College and loved it, and of course GOT. Reek is dead!

Anything else you want to tell America?
Erick: I wrote the lyrics to the new Taylor Swift song. You're welcome, America!

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