By Sammi Turano

Jennifer Landon is a breath of fresh air when it comes to celebrities. She is a tell it like it is type of celebrity that makes you feel like you are hanging out with a friend in a coffee shop when you are chatting. During our interview, she immediately made me feel at ease when it came to talking about her life and career. Below are some of the highlights from our chat.

1. Jennifer knew she had the job on Animal Kingdom within an hour after her callback audition. She had been out running errands when she found out and immediately jumped for joy at the news. At first, she thought she would be on only 3-4 episodes, but she ended up on more a time went on. She was initially very nervous about taking on the role, but soon fell into the groove of working with everyone. She also says that she loved the cast and that they all worked well together.

2. Jennifer describes her character Amy as someone who is incredibly damaged. She is a woman who lost her child after some poor life decisions, and then turns to church in order to redeem herself and straighten out her life. Amy is a recovering addict wanting to get her son back, but is also a ‘wounded bird,’ accruing to Jennifer. 

3. Jennifer was attracted to the role because there is no BS in the role and she was able to relate to her on some levels. She hopes that we get to see more of Amy in the future and would love to see her compromise her new faith and maybe even head toward a relapse to see how she would react. 

4. So what is Jennifer working on now? She has been keeping quite busy with several new projects, including commercial work and several writing projects. While the latter is set to be a surprise, she is excited to see where things go and hopes that they get off the ground soon.

5. As a former soap actress, Jennifer says that it is quite different filming Animal Kingdom. She says that although they both shoot quickly, it is done in different ways. She says that soaps film with more ‘gusto’ and are more specific in terms of generating feelings, whereas Animal Kingdom doesn’t show the same theme more than once. However, she loves and succeeds at both, always showing us her amazing talent.


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