By Sammi Turano

With school back in session, parents are now getting back into the swing of things. Homework, clubs and practice take up a lot of time, but can be very interesting and a lot of fun. What’s not fun you ask? Lice. At some time or another, every parent has had to face the risk of getting or their kid getting lice. How can you prevent it? The Lice Preventer Kit, which is a favorite of Bachelor star Amanda Stanton, is a weekly treatment that can help kids stay lice free without the stress and unpleasant smell of the leading products. Here is more information on how it works and where to purchase!

Some of the most popular lice prevention products are sprays that are applied daily. Moms love these because they are quick and easy, but they simply don’t work. Other preventer products are pesticide based shampoos. These no longer work because lice have evolved resistance to pesticides. Besides, who wants to bathe their kids in pesticides on a regular basis?

The Lice Preventer Kit from Lice Clinics of America is an easy to use weekly treatment that interrupts and stops the lice reproductive cycle. The Lice Preventer Kit contains a liquid gel that is applied through the provided no mess dispenser just before shower time that kills any lice that your child may have come in contact with. This liquid gel will kill lice on contact, rinses out with your regular shampoo and has a pleasant scent. If the lice have laid any eggs, the lice that hatch will be killed at the next application, before they can lay any new eggs, thereby ending the lice cycle.

Like all Lice Clinics of America products, the Lice Preventer Kit is non-toxic and pesticide-free. When used weekly, lice are eliminated before the egg laying cycle leads to an infestation. There is no tedious combing, just apply then shower out. We guarantee that the Lice Preventer Kit
prevents lice and super lice, or your money back!
For more information on the Lice Preventer Kit please visit:

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