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The house is in an uproar. Paul is behind it, but many in the house are engaged in the situation. It seems that Jessica has informed Paul that she is going to use the Hex. The plan is to drive Cody to either self evict or to commit violence.

Josh goes to Jessica and Cody saying that he wants to have a conversation, but he just wants to get under their skin. He tells Cody that Cody made it personal when he nominated him and called him personal names. Cody tells him he is a disgusting person. Josh tells him that his personality sucks. Cody gets up and leaves the lounge. Josh continues to ask Cody why he is leaving. Jessica asks Josh what he is doing and Josh tells her that Cody controls her because Cody won't let her talk to him. Jessica tells him that he made her HOH experience hell and that is why she doesn't talk to him. Josh says that it is personal for him and that he thought that it affected her. Josh says that he will torment Cody and she reminds him that when he torments Cody he is tormenting her as well. She asks him to leave her alone and he says, "Can I say something to you first?" She tells him no and laughs. She repeatedly says no, but he talks. He tells her that he thinks she is cool and they have no beef, but he is going to torment Cody.

Josh says that he did not tell Jessica that he was being controlled by someone in the house, and Jessica says that she is not going to sit there and listen to someone lie to her. Josh asks Jess if she was with Cody when she walked into the house. She says that being alone doesn't matter because she was nominated when Cody was out of the house. She points out that if Dominique hadn't melted down, she, Jess would have been evicted. At this point Cody interrupts and says to Jessica, "Let's go." Josh points out that this is exactly what he meant tht Cody is controlling her and won't let her have conversations. Jessica nicely asks Josh to leave and as he goes he says to Cody, "Choose better words. There are better words than coward, disgusting P* and words like that."

Now Kevin and Mark are talking about Alex being a part of Jessica's plan if she did not use the hex. Mark says that he was there and knew of it, but it was all bs because they didn't want Jess to use the hex. Kevin says that he was in the dark on this.

Josh is now banging with pots and pans singing the circus song. Jessica is laughing and Cody is clearly not amused. Paul calls out Jessica and asks her to come out and play because they want answers. An argument begins with Alex yelling to Jessica and about wanting her out. Raven gets into it saying that she had Jessica's back until Jessica threw her under the bus, and Cody who was in the lounge is now grabbing Jessica to get her outside and away from it all. The rest take it outside and Raven screams to Jessica that she likes a*h* so much because she talks out of hers.

Jessica tells Cody that she needs a drink as they head to the hammock. Alex rounds on Mark about missing her ears and sunglasses. Josh is now outside in his green tutu and is banging the pots and pans again. Paul joins in and is wearing a purple tutu. Jessica says that she was told that someone was losing out on 8 grand because they won't go to jury, but they are fine with Cody missing out on it.

Paul yells across the yard, "Jessica you chose to protect the one person who can't protect you. Since the deal is off, we no longer have to be nice to Cody." Raven is now yelling at Jessica again.

Jason comments that the only way that we can get the mf out this week is if he punches them. Paul is hoping that he will. BB calls Paul to the DR. He says that they are going to tell him to control his dogs.

Matt and Mark are playing pool, and Cody comments that this is hard on Mark. Kevin and Jason are working out. Paul returns and says that they are not allowed to talk violence or self eviction. They are only allowed to choose not to be there on their own.

Josh yells that Cody has little man syndrome. Meanwhile Jessica threatens to Cody to get them all blacklisted in LA. Cody laughs and says that they say, "Meet the cast of BB19, minus Jessica & Cody. But we want to meet Jessica & Cody. Well they only do individual meet and greets."

Elena and Mark disappear and Elena tells him that she is going to watch to make sure she is not implicated. Outside they have moved on to sexual predator, and then they move on to the American flag on the bathroom floor. I think it is a towel wrap with a flag on it. Alex points out that other Marines would not tolerate that. Paul says he will pick it up and he didn't even enlist in the military. Raven now is saying that Cody is a poor man's Derrick. Cody tells Jessica that Paul wears American flag boxers over his sh*h*.

Now Raven asks if Jessica remembers saying how big Cody's d* was because it swings back and forth. The next day she was up in his HOH room. Cody laughs and says, "Thanks. Marines everywhere are high fiving each other. Yes!"

Paul and Kevin are now inside discussing "mental warfare." Kevin says that he isn't going to yell, but send subtle digs as he passes by. Paul grabs the Vaseline and he and Kevin put it on both sides of the door handle of the Rose room and the Lounge. Paul warns Raven about the greasy door handles when she comes inside and says, "There's my master!"

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