Nominations are In and There is Aftermath!

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Alex has made her decision and the Nomination Ceremony was held. She nominated Jessica and Dominique. Dominique is not doing a lot of talking right now, but she has chatted with Mark. Mark is saying that he is breaking it off with Elena and Matt, saying that they are being way too nonchalant about it. Dominique said that she is not upset at being on the block, but is upset at being betrayed. She warns Mark not to shoot himself in his foot. She just wants him warned that it is going around that she and he knew about Cody's moves. Dominique feels that Paul is involved. She saw Paul and Raven come out of the HOH and thinks that they were a part of that decision. She says that Raven will feed Matt, so he can stay uninvolved.

They both think that it should have been Christmas going up with Jessica. Matt and Dominique speak about the Veto and winning. Mark is sure that Dominique will go nowhere. Dominique tells Mark not to switch it up or it will put a target on his back.

In the lounge Christmas, Raven, Elena, Matt, and Paul are scheming. When it is down to Christmas and Paul, Paul asks Christmas if she voted to send Ramses out. She admits that she did and asks him for the order of the votes. She says she needs to know because she might know something that can help. She tells Paul that she did it because Cody told her that two people knew his plans. She believes him because Mark stayed distant when she was nominated. She asked about the showmance and they got offended and went to Cody and then she had the relationship with Paul. Dominique doesn't get close to anyone but Mark. It seems obvious that the two of them have long conversations. Paul tells her to let the others know this information. She says that Mark was tight with Cody and she was not sure that he would not change his vote, so she voted the other way. Paul continues to push her to share that, and says that he is fine with Alex and has been all week.

Christmas says that it only makes sense to keep her in the house because she can't win anything and is a vote for the team. Christmas goes to Elena and Matt and tells them about her foot. She says that she wants them to know that she is not going to win anything and that she is a dedicated member of the team and her vote is theirs.

Upstairs, Kevin and Jason are exploring the HOH room. Kevin wants to know where the stand up closet is. Alex tells Kevin when he asks why she put Dominique up and Alex says that it is because of putting Paul up and how Cody said that Dominique and Mark knew his plans. Kevin is all about the remote. Alex says that Christmas was told by Cody as well. Others don't know that she knows this. Mark does not know that she knows this. Alex says that Mark needs to be watched, but he was Cody's ride or die. Mark flipped on Christmas because he was going to vote for Jillian.

Alex tells Jason and Kevin that they absolutely must win the Veto so nominations will be the same. Alex thinks that Mark would take Dominique off if he plays and wins.

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