June 8, 2017 Jason's Bad Day

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Today just isn't Jason's day. He is on slop. He tried eating it dry with strawberry milk, but that did not go down at all. Christine was voted the replacement power and that power lets her replace someone to play the veto, and is good for awhile, so she can use it or save it. She also got to pick the three who got the curse. She chose Jess, Cody, and Jason. So he is on slop and has to wear a frog costume. Then he took his grim fate one step further. He hates slop. Hates it so bad that he took the temptation key. And.......... then picked the wrong color. He doubled his misery. Two weeks back to back of Have Not.

The Have Nots are Jess, Cody, Jason, and Matt.

Of course, nominations are in. Paul, who won the Candy Crush HOH, chose Alex and Josh as pawns. He only wants his peeps playing in Veto and badly wants to backdoor Cody this week. He also wanted to keep all his votes in play and he thought that Alex and Josh may be unpredictable votes. Ramses put himself on the block feeling it is a good week to go for it since Cody is the target. The plan was if Cody was chosen to play Veto, Christmas would use her replacement to switch out with him so there would be no possibility of him winning. The Veto player picks were Matt and Elena, along with Ramses, Paul, Alex, and Josh, and Jason was picked to host. The plan is for either Paul or Alex to win so Alex will come down and be replaced with Cody. Cody seems resigned to his fate. His only way out is going to be through negotiations after he is nominated, and that even looks dim.

We just went to kittens (of which none can be seen at the moment) for the Veto Competition. Although the outcome looks pretty well set, we'll get it posted when the competition is over.
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