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Tonight on Big Brother 19 the final battles, the last eviction, and a live vote will determine who will win a half a million dollars and who will wear the crown of Big Brother winner.  

With only Paul, Christmas, and Josh remaining, the battle begins. It has been a summer of epic competitions, romance, backstabbing and arguments, it all comes down to the final three.  The nine jury members will make a life changing decision for one houseguest and America will choose their favorite player, awarding the chosen player twenty-five thousand dollars.

When we left the houseguests last week they were battling it out on a magical unicorn in an endurance contest where they must stand on a tilting cloud securing their balance with only a rope, or "unicorn tail" to hold them in place.

Josh has planned to take Christmas to his final two, but Paul puts in a persuasive pitch that Christmas is well loved and neither of them could prevail against her in the jury.  

Paul feels he must win to secure his position in the final competition, and Christmas is just happy to be competing in a physical competition again.  Her foot takes the brunt of her weight, and she feels she must suck it up and win.  

Josh feels his leg locking up and he says that he is in great physical pain, but he can't hold on any longer.  He is the first to drop.  Paul feels that Christmas is locked in tight. Christmas finds her hands going numb and the rope lets out making it more difficult to hold on.  Paul almost loses it, but realizes that if he loses this competition he may lose his chance at the half million.  Christmas goes down and Paul screams his joy and exhileration at his win.  He feels he has put every ounce of energy into this season and he is now only one competition away from securing final two.

Josh loves Christmas, but feels he must go head to head with her with everything he has to secure his spot in the final competition.  Christmas is isappointed with herself, but she has hopes for the next competition.  

The second competition is between Christmas and Josh.  They find themselves transported into Mideviel Times.  They must reveal scrolls and attack anyone that they are aligned with.  They must align themselves with the evicted houseguests who have won HoH.  Christmas must use a slingshot to knock down those who have not been HoH.  She must go back and pick up those who have not been HoH and then buzz in.

In her second scroll she must knock down those houseguests who did not rescued by the Power of Veto. She is confused by Raven and Matt but finally gets it.

In her three scroll she must eliminate the houseguests evicted who were on th block three or more times.  She knows the answers, but keeps knocking down the wrong houseguests. She is frustrated with her performance, but gets the final one finished correctly.

Josh is up and he knows that he must knock down the power couples. He loves the slingshot and wants one for his home. Josh knows the clock is ticking, but he cannot get this one right.  Josh does not feel good about his time, but hopes that it is better than Christmas' score.  

Christmas finished in 1:39.  Josh finishes in 1:32 and wins HoH part two.

Christmas is disappointed in her time, and now feels that she must rely on one of the two men to take her to final two.  Paul tells us that he is in shock, and he has to beat Josh so that he can secure his place in final two.  He wants to pay off debts and secure his future.

Christmas says that she has worked so hard to compete and tried to keep a positive attitude. She doesn't know if she is exceptional or if she is the girl carried to the end because of her broken foot. She wants to help out her mom by buying her a house and paying off some of her medical debts.

Josh wants to win the final HoH so he can decide who to take to final two.  He feels that if he makes the big move and takes Paul out, it may be enough to impress the jury and make him the winner.

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Blindsided, betrayed, and bitter, the jury will make their final decision in who to crown the winner of Big Brother 19. As they enter the house they learn that they have been played.  Dr. Will joins them as a winner and a jury member to lead a conversation regarding the person most deserving of the win.  

Alex would like to see Christmas join them and wishes she could break her other leg.  Most think that Kevin will join them and they are right. Raven says it will be Christmas. Out walks Kevin. Raven then says "I knew it would be Kevin" Mark calls her out for just saying it was going to be Christmas. Matt feels that Cody is the sulker, and Mark wonders why Matt feels that he is a player when he has done nothing. They verbally bash each other.

Kevin says that he is not mad at Paul, and he is not that type of person when Jason says that he wants to knock his teeth out. Kevin does not think that Josh is a winner and Jason says that his role was to be a non-violent psychopath and Elena says that the only thing Josh did was be emotional.  Cody says that he is not up for either of them, but at least Josh was out there while Paul hid behind a door.  Kevin feels that Christmas got a pass because of her foot. Jason says that she took a tragedy and turned it into a personal victory.  Matt says that her best move was to align with the biggest target, Josh.  Kevin feels that if it is a game of outsmarting, Paul should win.

Dr. Will says that they had opportunities and Cody tells us that he had three weeks of safety.  Mark says that he had a final three with everyone.  Jason says that Paul got in his ear countless times to convince him that Kevin was counterfeit.  Kevin says that he told him that they were going to final two.

Dr. Will asks if anyone there lied or backstabbed anyone.  Alex admits it, and says that Paul did it every day.  Raven says that they need to play Big Brother and not Big Baby.  She says that he outplayed everyone. Jason says that he is a sore loser. Elena says that Paul worked hard, but she does not respect the way he played.

Jason says that it took hard work and passion and all three played that way.  Dr. Will says that they do not know who the final two will be, but those final two will get their questions and between that and their conversation tonight they will have to vote for a winner. He tells them to choose their questions carefully.

The final competition is live and called "Scales of Just Us."  They are on the scales. They must choose the ending of statements the jurors made. For every correct answer they get a point. There will be eight questions. The highest score at the end of the questions will lower the scale for the winner of part three of the final Head of Household Competition.

The statements:

Cody said, "My favorite moment in the house was..... battling back or meeting Jess." The correct answer is battle back and Paul gets a point.

Elena said, "My regret is not standng up for Mark more, or having a showmance. Josh gets a point with not standing up for Matt.

Mark said that his worst time was when he had to battle to stay in the house, or when the house harassed Jess and Cody, Jess and Cody, both right with  the house harassing Jess and Cody.

Matt said, "Best thing about being in the house is Raven's cooking or cereal. Raven's cooking is right, and Josh gets the point.

Jason says that his most embarassing moment in the house was carrying Christmas and breaking her foot or not being able to defend himself against Matt.  Not defending himself against Matt is correct, and neither are right.

Raven says that the most annoying thing in the house was Cody or gross nasty kitchen, gross nasty kitchen is correct, and neither are right.

Alex said, "Houseguest who made the worst decision in the game was me or Jessica." Jessica is correct, and Josh gets the point.

The score is four to two and there is no need for the last question. The scales tip downward toward Josh, and Josh wins the third competition, winning the choice to choose who to take to the final with him.

Christmas is there hugging it out with an emotional Josh and it sounds like she says, "Pick me." Josh must choose to evict either Paul or Christmas.  

Paul pleads his case and says that they shook hands on day one and he kept him safe and he hopes that he will keep him safe. Christmas says that Josh is her Meatball and Paul is her friendship Paul. She has had the time of her life and she is walking out with so many things that she did not expect to gain. She loves them very much.

Julie says that Josh is guaranteed second place and fifty grand, but this is a half million dollar decision.  Josh says this is hard and he loves them both, and they have both pulled strings for him in the house. He says that he played his heart out, and how many are upset with him in jury.  He feels that he has a better chance sitting next to Paul in the end. He tells Christmas that she killed everyone with kindness and this is a game decision.  Christmas is evicted an they hug all together.  Paul says that he loves them both and he looks at the camera as he tells her that they are all ride or die.

Paul tells Josh as Christmas leaves that he is going to see his family. Josh cries loudly and then smiles.  Paul says, "We did it."
Christmas says that she is proud of Josh. Julie says that she seemed resigned that she would lose. She says that he always thinks with his heart, but he made the ultimate game move. Julie asks if he made the right choice for his game. Christmas says that he had a better chance against Paul than her. She feels that she had a better social game, but Paul is a great competitor and a Vet.

Christmas says that no matter what circumstance you are presented with, make the best of it. She is proud of herself. Her mom told her to kill them with kindness.

The fate now rests in the hands of the jury. Cody, Elena, Mark, Matt, Jason, Raven, Alex, and Kevin come out to cheers. Julie announces that the last houseguest to be evicted will join them. Jason thinks that it will be Christmas and Mark agrees. It is Chrstmas joins them. Julie tells them that Josh is the final HoH and he is the one to evict Christmas.

The jurors get three questions for each finalist.  Elena tells Paul that some of them in the house think that Paul used bullying tactics and he says that he spoke up for others and he felt that he was the one that spoke up on other's behalf.

Matt tells Josh that the jury does not feel he has a strategy. Josh says that this has been his biggest dream, is a superfan, aligned with Christmas and Paul, Alex and Jason and he was keeping Jason and Alex calm, and he had to eliminate Alex because she would have beat him.  

Alex asks why Paul created friendships and alliances and then destroyed them. Paul says that he got people as far as he could, and he never said he would toss his game for them. He does not feel that he destroyed friendships, but he had to play his own game even while getting others as far as he could.

Cody asks why he played Paul's game and not his own. Josh says that he played his own game and he says in business that you make others think that it is their idea.

Jason asks why Paul lied days and hours about their eviction. Paul says that he did do and say what he said he would do. At the same time if the house wanted someone out and if the entire house wanted something, he had to go along. He did have people win for him so he would be available to compete the following week.

Mark asks why Josh was so emotional. Josh says that one of his strategies was to call people out on shady moves. He felt bad about it, but it was part of his game, and it did get him to this point.

Christmas asks Josh if he would rather evict Peppy or Crutches and he says, Peppy. He says that he loves her Joy.

Paul and Josh get a last statement before the vote. Paul says that each of them wanted to or tried to get them out of the game. He used his social skills to get control of the house.  He says that he always set up a house target to be in front of him. He did not have to win because he had the strength of the social game. When he was in power he also won the Veto. From the second he walked in the door he had to make hard decisions and he did not sit on the block once this season.

Josh says he was a fan from age 14. He had to put targets on backs and reveal shady games. He aligned with people who won HoH.  He took a shot at Alex who is the strongest competitor in the house. He gave it all he had. He laid low, was smart, and was underestimated and no one caught on to that. He was loyal to his team.

The jurors cast their votes:
Cody puts in his key and says he is true to his word.
Elena says there is no jury management, cut scene.
Mark congratulates both of them.
Matt says that he is voting for the person who did more in every aspect of the game.
Jason says that both of them aligned with him and somebody has to go.
Raven says that she is going with the person who she feels played the best game all season.
Alex is voting for the person who stabbed her in the front instead of the back and if they say there is friendship, then there will be friendship.
Kevin is voting for the person who played the best game.
Christmas says thank you for the summer and that this is a game move.

Cameron, Jillian, Ramses, Dominique, and Jessica join them. Jessica is asked what she wants the jurors to know. She says she knew that Paul had an alliance with everyone in the cast but her and Cody. She says that he was in the diary room and said things like being a puppetmaster, and they all said that they could lose to Paul. She says that they should not be in the game if they could feel that way. There are quotes about Paul and everyone saying that they trusted him. Everyone says that they are their alliance. Kevin says that Paul's word is solid as a rock. Paul's puppetmaster routine is shown from the diary room. Jessica says that Paul had everything to do with it and if she was in jury he would get her vote tonight.

Jason says that Paul had him hook, line, and sinker and he forfeited his own opinion half the time. Julie asks Paul about betraying and saying who was the hardest to betray.  He says that he bonded with them and he was torn between his game and friendship.  He says that he could not satisfy everyone and he is sorry.

Julie says that Josh gave everyone an earful about Paul and Christmas when he sent his goodbye messages. We are shown the goodbye messages. Josh says that his intention was for people to know that it was all for game and he gave Paul and Christmas his loyalty and this was his only way to let them know. Paul says that tossing the blame was cowardly to do that, and he did take him this far because he thought that he could beat him.

Cameron says that he was surprised by the showmances, and by the lack of motivation. He says that they were playing for each other and for Paul, but not for themselves. He was trying to stay in the house and play his game, so that was disappointing. Julie asks why they were so open about their ride or dies. Alex says that she admitted it because everyone knew. Cody feels good about Jessica and is waiting to see her and hug her. He wants this to be over so he can be with her. Jessica says that everyone on the outside knows that she is rooting him on all day every day. She wants the relationship.

The votes are revealed.
Christmas votes for Paul.
Kevin votes for Paul.
Alex votes for Josh.
Raven votes for Paul.
Jason votes for Josh.
Matt votes for Paul.
Mark votes for Josh.
Elena votes for Josh.
Cody votes for Josh.

By a vote of 5-4, Josh is the winner of Big Brother 19.  Josh is shaking and Paul looks disappointed, almost stunned, but hugs it out with Josh and sends him out the door alone to face the cheers. After the break Paul is out on stage, but is clearly disappointed. He has a small smile.  

Julie announces that they are bringing them a celebrity version of Big Brother this winter.  Josh says that he had Paul and Christmas were there for him. Julie says that he is a bridesmaid again (second place both seasons) and he says that he did everything he could. She points out that he orchestrated most evictions, won nine competitions and never sat on the block. He says that people didn't see that he had to fight his way through to the end. He says that the stats are there, but he wasn't watching so he has no idea why he didn't win. She points out that he won fifty thousand dollars.

It is time to reveal America's Favorite Player.
They recieved a record number of votes, fifteen million of them.
Kevin, Cody, and Jason were the top three, and Cody won the AFH. Cody takes home America's Favorite Houseguest and twenty-five thousand dollars. Cody says he doesn't see how. Jessica hugs him with a huge smile.

Julie reminds us to watch the celebrity version of Big Brother this winter and signs off with a good night to everyone.  

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