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Tonight on Big Brother 19 the final Head of Household competition begins.  Josh, Christmas, and Paul celebrate being in final three and share some special moments.

Josh is overcome with tears and hopes to win the money.  Paul says that every single person knew that he was one vote shy of winning last year, and yet they let him get to this position again.  Josh, Christmas, and Paul celebrate friendship.

Christmas says that she has no idea who she will take to final two, and she has no desire to make the decision until she is forced to. Josh says that to win this and come full circle, he may have to take a shot at Paul, and given the opportunity he just might take it.

The final three enjoy calamari and toast to their final three. Paul says that he would not even be here if someone did not push that button back in the beginning.  

Kevin tells Matt that he took the temptation because he knows that Matt is going home.  He is telling Matt this information so that Matt will know that he is not as done as people think.  He did not want to be a target for the move.

Matt tells Paul that Kevin took the money and Kevin thinks that Matt has told everyone. As a matter of fact, he has spread the word about it.  Kevin tells Matt that he will call him a liar about it. Kevin says that he told him that in private and Matt says that in this game you can say what you want. Raven asks Kevin if he told Matt that he won the 25K.  Kevin denies it and says that Matt is making it up.  Raven trusts Matt and says that she trusts Matt. Alex gets into it as well, and Kevin tells her that she is going to get second place and not win. He tells her that a shoe could beat her and if what Matt said is true, he is a bigger winner than she will be. Alex shoos him away and Raven keeps on Kevin until he heads in.  

Cody does not tell the house that he has a daughter, Paisley, five, and that he gave up his summer with her to be on the show.  Jessica doesn't know what to make of it, but she is pleased that he shared that private side of his life with her.

Paul and Christmas discuss tattoos.  Josh comments on Christmas and Paul snuggling together. Paul flirts with Christmas and Josh doesn't know if he is jealous of them or not, but he wants it to stop.  Christmas finds Paul to be one of the most interesting people she has ever met, and she can't imagine being in the Big Brother house without him.  

Christmas reflects on her emotions in the house and she feels that she is letting her heart get away from her. She says she will get out of here and discover whether her heart is broken or healed.

Josh tells that Maven is the longest romance in the house and without Raven they would not have seen so much of Matt. Racen and Matt flirt n the kitchen.  Raven says that when you live so close to someone you like, you are bound to get on each other's nerves, and emotions run high. Matt pours milk on Raven after she said no, and then they throw cereal on each other and Raven tosses cinnamon on Matt. Paul says that if they keep dating out of the house their grocery bill will be high and whoever is their grocer will be stoked because they will keep business booming.

America can vote one houseguest $25,000 in cash. Go to to vote up to 20 times per day. Voting ends on Wednesday, September
20th at 9:59 A.M. Pacific time

Kevin is full of stories and often they allude to Mob ties. Paul loves listening to them.  Josh, Christmas, and Paul see a rat on the HOH tv, and Josh is not about to go to bed until the rat is caught. Paul takes a frying pan with him to try to kill him.  Paul and Josh end up making a rat trap with cheese under it.  They are unsuccessful.

Paul tells about Dominique saying that there is a snake in the house. She talks to Alex about it, but does not name her snake. Alex feels that she is alluding to Paul but she does not call him the snake directly.  Alex tells Paul and he says that he is going to go talk to Dominique about it.  Alex loves that she started the altercation.  Paul goes to her and tells her that unless she wants him to start hissing at her she needs to come talk to him.  Dominique tells him that he does have snake tendencies.  Paul says that she is implicating and this is what disloyalty looks like. She says that everyone will see that she is the honest one. She tells Paul that they are coming for her and she swears to God that they will come for the others in the room, Alex, Matt, and Raven. She tells him that she will come for him when the time is ready. Paul says that she is being smug for someone on the block right now.

Kevin talks about his reason for being there, and he tells Jason that he is there for his wife and kids. He wants to make life easier for them by paying off their student loand and taking a trip.  He has six daughters and one son.  

Christmas points out that they are a family in here and they do have altercations, sometimes with pots and pans. Josh grins and says that it is him. When Mark supports Cody, Josh asks why he is defending Cody. He gets loud and offensive with name calling, and eventually does the circus song and bangs the pots and pans. Mark heads over to him to remove the pans and Big Brother orders the two to opposite sides of the house. Josh tells him not to touch him. Josh was really pushing Mark's buttons and Mark finally responded.  

Paul thinks that the most crazy times in the house were caused by the Den of Temptation.  They talk about the Pendant of Protection and when Cody puts Paul up as a replacement nomination, he pulls out his pendant and is safe for three weeks. Christmas has a Ring of Replacement and uses it to remove Cody from playing in the Veto.  Jessica has a Halting Hex and she halts the eviction of herself and Cody.  

Josh says that there were a lot of shocked faces in the diary room, and Christmas says that there were a lot of tears in there. Christmas is shown crying, Elena sleeping, Kevin doesn't want to talk about Matt because he does not like him. Jesica says that her blood pressure is through the roof, and Cameron says that he is in a house of confusion.  Jessica wants to say that she hates Paul and leave it at that. Mark says that he was having fun with the DR's and then he dissolves in tears over Elena leaving. Cameron says that he will be the first person to cry in this year's house.  Christmas says that this house makes you cry a lot. Cody says that seaqson 19 has the weakest dudes that he has ever seen in his life. Josh says that he looks like an idiot.

Paul points out that they have a few more HOH competitions and they all joke about who will win it.  Paul wants to shoot for that half a million and they have no clue who each other will take.  The best move is to win.

We see the first part of the three part Head of Household competition  The frst part is a dream like scenario with a unicorn.  They must stand on a cloud and hold onto the unicorn tail.  The competition is called "Tail of the Unicorn." The last one standing will win part one and earn a spot in the last competition.  They are told to hanf on for dear life. The Unicorn farts pink dust on them. The cloud leans at an angle and their only support is the unicorn tail rope. Christmas is participating, and must have been cleared to compete.

Join Big Brother 19 on Wednesday for the two hour finale. The three competitions will be seens as well as the jury decision. Before the end of the show the winner of Big Brother 19 will be crowned.

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