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may30 bb19 recap
by honeySC

Tonight on Big Brother 19, Julie Chen greets us and lets us know that in just one hour two people will be evicted from the Big Brother house. A blindside may be in the works, but the entire house will be blindsided by this double eviction.

While Christmas wants Jason gone to split up a power duo, Paul masterminded the entire operation.  With Josh becoming suspicious of Paul's ability to work all angles in the house, Christmas puts the damper on Josh's worries. While Josh wanted the nominations to remain the same, Paul wants the best case scenario for him which is to remove Alex and have a pawn in Kevin on the block.  Jason is relieved that things seem to be going to plan, and his faith in Paul is renewed.

Julie lets us know that it is less than two weeks until the winner is crowned, and Paul is playing all sides, but is becoming uncovered. Kevin, the renomination, worries that he is going to jury. Kevin feels sure that Jason will be saved. Jason feels bad for Kevin, but feels comfortable to be staying.  

Josh feels that his position in the plan gets his hand dirty.  Paul tells Josh and Christmas that it needs to be a tie breaker.  His plan is for him and Alex to vote out Kevin, and Raven and Josh to vote out Jason, leaving Christmas to be the tie breaker.  He wants to come out of this with his hands clean.  Josh does not want for him and Christmas to have the dirty hands, and he is unhappy that Paul seems to be on the safe side of the situation.  

Jason and Josh are in the pool and Josh has a struggle with his relationship with Jason.  He says that his heart is breaking at the blindside that he is going to put on Jason.  He feels that he will look like a complete snake blindsiding a friend.  He does not feel good about it and has not felt good about it all week.  He is not sure that he can deal with this and if he wants to pull a crazy move, he can upset the entire house.

Julie tells them that there are seven left, and two weeks left, so it is time for another double eviction night. Julie asks Jason and Kevin to speak. She calls on Jason first.  He says congrats to his wife and he wants to stay in the game and so please do not vote to evict him.  Kevin greets his family and says he wll be there soon.  He tells the houseguests that he had a great time and had a great summer.

The votes:
Alex votes to evict Kevin.
Raven votes to evict Jason.
Paul votes to evict Kevin.
Josh votes to evict Jason.

The votes are tied at 2-2, and Christmas must cast the deciding vote. Christmas casts the deciding vote. Christmas votes to send Jason to jury.  Jason is sent to the jury. Jason heads out immediately with no goodbyes and Alex runs to him, but he heads out without even saying goodbye to her.  He joins Julie.

In the house Paul makes a dramatic statement to Josh who looks devastated, that if he had been the one on the block he would have gone home. Josh agrees that he would have sent him home.

Jason says that it is all counterfeit.  He says that he is blindsided, but it is Big Brother.  He would like to go back in there for just five minutes. Julie asks what happened that he felt safe and was not.  Jason says that you have to turn on your teammates, and he, Alex, and Paul had an agreement to work together.

His messages:  Alex says that if he is getting these messages, he is gone and he is her friend. She figures that she will be the next to join him. Josh tells him that Paul had an elaborate plan to get him out, and he had to go with it. It was the hardest move in his game, but he had to do it for his game. Paul tells him that he is his friend, he wanted to go with him to the end, and he wants to see him on the outside. He thanks him for trusting in him when others did not.  His conversation is counter to what Josh just told him in his goodbye message.

Jason is livid and just wants to run in a straight line for a while. He says that Paul is no one now. He is betrayed and says that the three of them were to go to the end together.

The new Head of Household competition is underway.  This is fake or real news in the Big Brother House and is carried out with the houseguests in booths so they cannot see each other. They will get one point for each headline they respond to correctly. There are seven questions.
1. Cody evicted twice with seven votes. Real.  All right
2. Only 8 houseguests were present for Zingbot. Fake, Paul and Josh are wrong.
3. Jessica stuns in red caped vetoed costumed. Real. All right.
4. Zingbot says that the house is gross. Fake. Kevin is wrong.
5. Space Cadets mission lasts more than 2 hours. Fake. Paul Raven, and Kevin are wrong.
6. Ramses blasted after missing 2nd question in Juicy. Real. All right.
7. OTEV asks question about Gravestone Golf. Fake. Kevin is wrong.

Alex wins the Head of Household competition and hasn't missed a single question.  Julie has the houseguests head into the living room for nominations immediately. There is no strategy time. Alex nominates Kevin and Raven and apologizes to them. She says it is for the votes.

The Veto competition is up.  The houseguests head outside to discover lanes lanes. Everyone faces off in this competition. It is called lime drop. They must dive into a bin of lemons and find limes to transfer to their tube one at a time.  The first to drop four limes in their tubes and return to the post to hit the buzzer will win. If any lime falls at any time they are out.

Josh finds the first lime and it misses the tube. Paul misses as well. Josh misses again and so does Raven. Alex and Josh get a lime in their tube. Paul misses again. Christmas gets a lime in her tube. Paul misses again, Alex gets her second lime, and Raven gets her first lime. Alex gets her third lime and although Paul keeps finding limes, he misses each time. Paul gets his first lime, Josh now has two and so does Raven. Paul misses and so does Josh. Raven gets her third lime. Josh gets his fourth lime and now must run back and push his button. He wins the Power of Veto.

Josh has an opportunity to veto one houseguest. Josh says that this whole season he has been a misfit and has not found a group. He says that it is a tough decision but he chooses not to use it. He apologizes.

Julie gives Kevin and Raven a chance to speak before the votes. Kevin says that it has been a long summer and he tells them to do what they have to do.  Raven says that it has been an amazing summer and she is not ready for it to end.  Keep Arkansassy here.

The votes:
Paul votes to evict Raven.
Christmas votes to evict Raven.
Josh votes to evict Kevin.

By a vote of 2 to 1, Raven is evicted from the Big Brother House. Josh tells her he is so sorry and she is crying in a high pitched voice. Alex tells her she promises that it wasn't...... but Raven says, "No, you're not!" and leaves the house.  Paul tells them congratulations on making final five, a huge accomplishment in Big Brother. Josh is very distraught, and heads to the lounge to stare at the ceiling in tears.

Ravcen is teary eyed, but says she is not shocked. She says that she can respect their gameplay.  She says that Kevin is a so so playre and Julie comments on this, asking if she played the game or lounged about with Matt. Raven says that she played the game very well, and she had a great social game. She played it to the best of her ability, and had she not met Matt, she would have played it the same. She is happy to go to the jury to see Matt.

Julie tells us that there is a lot of game left to play.  On Sunday there will be a sneak peak of BB Comics, Avengers. On Wednesday, there will be a live eviction. The big announcement is that there will be a Celebrity Big Brother this winter. On Thursday, a live eviction will set up the house for the final three to make their push to the completion of the summer long Big Brother game.

Join Big Brother 19 on CBS at 8 eastern on Sunday which brings us a new Head of Household and new nominees to face the block.

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