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may30 bb19 recap
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Tonight on Big Brother 19, the houseguests are left with no Head of Household due to a rain delay. With the house erupting, and only seven houseguests remaining, the competition will decide who makes it toward the end of the game.

The Head of Household competition is a track and field event in design. The houseguests must watch a monitor that flashes words and when it flashes the word "go", they must run to the end of the lane to hit a buzzer.  If they take their fingers off the buttons before the word "go" flashes, they will be eliminated.  The last one to buzz in is eliminated.

Paul, Josh and Christmas discuss taking a shot at Alex and Jason. Paul feels he can't take a shot at Jason or Alex without them feeling betrayed, so he has hopes that Christmas or Josh will win the competition.  When they agree that the game will go to either of them should they be there in the end, Paul goes to Alex and Jason and asks them to throw it so that they can target Kevin without Kevin being upset with Jason.  They agree to throw it to Christmas or Josh if he can talk Kevin into tossing it.  He is successful and Alex agrees to drop as soon as Kevin is out of it.  

Earlier, Paul has gone to Raven and played on her anti-Jason feelings and asked her to throw it to Christmas who will take the shot at Jason.  She agrees and Paul feels his plan is in place.  

Alex trusts Paul and Jason and she tells us that if Kevin goes out, she will drop after.  She knows that wonky things have happened in this game. Kevin does not want to lose to a girl on crutches, and wants to stay in until she is out, but Paul tells him he must toss the first round.  Kevin believes that this plan, whatever it is will keep him safe, Alex and Jason feel that Kevin is the target, and Christmas, Josh, and Raven believe that Jason is the target.  

Knowing that the entire plan hinges on Kevin, Paul worries that he has played himself, but Kevin false starts, and the plan is working so far.  Alex false starts on the word "oh" and she has fallen for the plan.  Raven says that she trusts Paul and will throw the competition, and she does.  Paul feels that with Josh and Christmas left, he must bow out since he does not want this Head of Household. Kevin doesn't know what the plan is, but he trusts Paul.

It is the last round between Josh and Christmas, and Josh takes off only to trip and fall in his first step.  That put Christmas as Head of Household, and he cannot believe that he managed to fix the competition so that the one legged girl could win.  He says there is no joke that you could make about this one. Alex is feeling satisfied because she and Christmas are friends and she won't have to dirty her own hands to take out Kevin.

Paul feels that his greatest feat in the game, and maybe his greatest feat of all time is getting everyone to throw the competition.  Raven is excited that Jason will go the same way that Matt did.  Paul worries about Kevin so he decides to do some damage control, and he goes to Kevin and tells him that he has to trust him. He wants Kevin to keep his mouth closed, so he isn't going to tell him anything, knowing that it will go straight to Jason.  Raven feels that Paul is her new ride or die and that they will go to the end together.  

Alex goes to Christmas and offers to pawn herself next to Kevin to be sure that Kevin goes home.  This also puts her in the position of not having to vote him out.  Jason feels certain that Kevin is going to see his name on the nominatons wall, so he preps him for the nomination.  He tells him that he feels it will be him and Raven on the block.  Kevin goes to Paul for reassurance and gets the standard, "Trust the plan."

Paul is sitting in the hot tub with Jason and Raven joins them only to mention that she has rough knee syndrome.  Paul and Jason hide their smiles at this new syndrome of Raven's.

Paul heads up to the HOH to chat with Josh and Christmas. He says that his thoughts are to put Jason and Alex up, so that one of them will stay, and if one comes off, they can put up Kevin, just to make him squirm a bit.  Christmas feels that is her plan as well. She feels her only obstacle is the Tree of Temptation, which is on its last week of temptation.

Josh is telling a story about being head over heels for Elena the moment that he saw her when Alex sees Jason coming and heads to the bathroom to hide under the sink.  Paul gets him in a conversation about gossip and Alex jumps out to scare him.  Jason says he about peed his pants on that one.  

It is time for the Tree of Temptations final temptation.  There are two powers and two vetos left  The second veto option is the one that worries them.  Paul wants to keep Kevin calm so he tells him to stay cool, and stay away from the tree. Christmas tells Raven that if Jason goes towards the tree, Raven needs to run there as well to beat him.  Raven says she will hang out in the kitchen cooking and cleaning just to be sure that Jason won't get the temptation. When Jason decides to take the risk, Alex tells him that no one is coming after them this week, but if he goes for an apple, that may make him a target. Meanwhile Raven is on watch.

Jason decides not to go for the apple and says that he may be a clown, but he is not stupid.  Christmas tells us that he should have gone for the apple, because he will wish he had after nominations.

Alex hides again, and this time it is to get Josh as he gets up to use the bathroom late at night.  Christmas is finally able to get some of her old workout in, so she can keep in shape.  Josh is awed by her fitness.

Alex goes to Jason and asks him if he is willing to be the second pawn so that Kevin will not see his eviction coming.  They do not want him to go bananas on them.  Alex feels that they can put up Josh as the target and that will keep Kevin totally calm.  Christmas is brought into the conversation and she sees her opportunity to either play a snakey game or an honest one, telling Jason that he is her target right up front.  She says that she needs to play it carefully so that she doesn't ruin her teammates games as well as her own.  

Christmas calls the houseguests in for the nominations ceremony. She nominates Alex and Jason. Jason falls over and Paul does not know if he is kidding. She tells them that she nominated Alex because she is a pawn in this position, and Jason has been nominated because he is a triple threat and she needs to be able to take out a strong male figure.

Alex is starting to panic, but she trusts Christmas.  Jason worries about him being there with Alex.  He feels he could go up with Josh or Raven if he was just a pawn.  He feels something fishy going on. He says, "Good luck in prying that veto out of his hands." Christmas says that Jason is her first target, but Alex is a secondary target. Her goal is to send Jason out to pasture in the jury for his last days.  Paul can't believe that it worked and his hands are squeaky clean.

Join Big Brother 19 on CBS on Wednesday when we will see the Veto Competition play out and learn who wins the coveted medallion.  Thursday brings us another double eviction night with two houseguests leaving in one hour.  

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