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may30 bb19 recap
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Julie Chen welcomes us to Big Brother 19, telling us that promises are easy to make, but unkept, they may break up your game. It is day
72 inside the house and the couples are continuing to turn on each other.  Blindsided by Jason, he has caused a major rift between his allies and himself in the game.

Raven feels that Jason has played a lying cheating game, and she has played a loyal game.  Matt respects the game play, but instead of explaining himself, Jason hides in the storage room to avoid a confrontation and that Matt does not respect.  Raven is holding on by a thread and about to go off on Jason.  She wants Jason to explain why he did that and when he says that he does not recall saying that he would pull one of them off, Matt goes ballistic.  Matt says that he only had to be honest with them.  Jason tells him that he had to navigate the best way he could. They work to get him to admit his decision.  Raven says that all he had to do was to be honest and just say that he was putting them up.

When Kevin swears that he did not vote to send Matt home, Jason finally admits that he did give the hinky vote.  Alex does not want to admit this and get herself in the same hole that Jason is in right now, so she keeps quiet about her vote.  Raven says she did not vote to send Matt home.  Someone did.  

Julie tells us that Matt and Raven may be marked for eviction, but they are not the only targets. Kevin tells him that someone gamed him to make it look like it was Kevin, but it was not him. Paul says that it was not him.  

Paul looks at it from the outside in and says that Kevin is finally chatting it up with Matt because Matt is going to jury and he is looking for votes from him.

Josh is upset with Kevin and thinks that he has claimed the 25 grand temptation.  He wants him to come clean.

The jury members realize that they have been played.  Cody is only happy that he is away from those lunatics.  He hopes that Paul is sent there next, but realizes that the downside is that he would have to spend time with him.  Elena says that she knew that she was next, and when she tells Cody that it was Jason who put her up, he calls him a loser.  Elena says that they are playing the game of "Big Paul."  Elena says that if Paul is out of the house people would have to think on their own.  Elena says that part of her wishes that the next jury member is Mark because she misses him, but she wants him to win.  He joins them and tells her that he knows how long a week is now.  Mark asks how much Elena thought of him, and Cody says, "Not that much."  He grins and nods affirmatively.

Mark reviews his exit and says that he was so hoping that he would get to play in Veto.  He says that he doesn't want to watch it.  It shows him falling repeatedly, while Jason did not fall even once. He says that they should have voted Christmas out week one.  Cody believes that if they had gotten her out week one like he wanted to, they would have had a chance at the game.  Mark explains his hugs to the others when he was evicted, telling them that he wanted to be civil with them. Both Elena and Cody say, "Ewww," when he is shone hugging all around. Mark tells them that it is going to be a rough jury.

The only remaining showmance in the house is about to be broken apart.  Julie informs us that Matt has a penalty vote for intentionally eating during his Have Not tenure.  She asks Matt for his last plea.  Matt thanks production and tells everyone that he loves them and that he wants to be friends after the show, but remember that it is just a game show.  He says that Raven is a special person.

Raven says that she thanks Matt for being her best friend during this season and can't wait to see him after the show.  She thanks everyone for the opportunity to put a face to gastrophresis.  

The votes:
Matt has one penalty vote to start.
Alex votes to evict Matt.
Kevin votes to evict Matt.
Paul votes to evict Matt.
Christmas votes to evict Matt.
Josh votes to evict Matt.

Julie announces that by a vote of six to zero, Matt is evicted from the Big Brother House.  Matt heads out with a smile and hugs Raven.  

Julie asks Matt why he threw away his game for a person that he just met 72 days ago.  He says that anyone who was watching would know that she is amazing.  Matt says that around week three he realized  that everything she has been through and everything that she is shows that she is a good person.  Matt thinks that socially and strategically she and Paul are playing the best game.  Julie reminds him that Raven has won nothing, and Matt still thinks that she can win the game. Matt says that they have strong feelings for each other and that they went 72 days without a fight.  He wants to get her a tattoo and tour San Diego.  Julie asks him if he had to choose between Raven or the cereal and he says that as much as he loves cereal, and they even stopped stocking the Smore's cereal since he ate so much, he has to choose Raven.

Kevin says take care and goodbye.  Paul says that the way he stood up for Raven and the way he stood up for him earned his respect. He wants to thank him for standing by him in the game. Jason says that they did not talk much, but he will see him in jury.  Raven tells him that he is amazing and has the biggest heart that she has ever met. She cannot believe that he gave her his game. She tells him that she has this, baby.

It is time for the Head of Household competition, but Julie announces that due to the rain conditions they are not able to play the challenge right now.  It will have to be postponed.  For the first time ever, they have to delay the competition.  She asks Raven what it will be like to play the game without Matt. She says that he was her cuddle buddy, but she has good friends in the house to help her carry through.  She asks Josh how it is going and he says that he is loving every minute of it.  Paul says that the mood is bizzare, weird, strange and a little bit gumpy.

Julie leaves us eavesdropping on the house and everyone is just joking around in the kitchen by the memory wall.  Alex is laughing and Paul has a ridiculous pelican swim toy wrapped about his waist.

Join Big Brother 19 on CBS on Sunday at 8 eastern to watch the Head of Household Competition play out and watch as the new Head of Household is crowned. Two houseguests will be nominated for eviction, and the last Tree of Temptation will tempt the Big Brother houseguests. On Wednesday we will see the Veto Competition play out and learn who wins the coveted medallion.  Next Thursday, it will be another double eviction night with two houseguests leaving in one hour.  

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