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may30 bb19 recap
By honeySC

Tonight on Big Brother 19, eight houseguests remain, and they are in the midst of an all important Head of Household competition.  Players are standing in suspended hot dog buns being pummeled by condiments.  The last houseguest to remain standing in their bun will win Head of Household.

Alex is concerned that she and Jason will be revealed as the hinky votes for Matt to be evicted.  She had a memory lapse and voted for him to go, but Jason was a planned hinky vote to stir the pot. Meanwhile Paul is feeling very safe, and he is not sure that he wants to be Head of Household this week. He looks for the right opportunity to throw the competition without being discovered.

Kevin is the first down in the competition. Matt is out second when he slips while reconnecting his hands to the bun hand holds.  With Matt out, Jason feels that he only needs to wait out Raven and then he, Alex, and Paul can battle it out.  He has no confidence in Josh remaining up there for the duration.  The goop from the condiments make it impossible for the houseguests to move their bodies. If they get the goop under their feet they will slip off. Josh does slip off during a slanting movement of the buns. Jason uses a water spray to clean his feet and the platform they stand on.  Alex does the same.  

Raven tries to cut a deal with the others remaining. She says she wants a letter, but Jason will have none of it.  Down to Alex, Paul, Jason, and Raven, Paul feels that whoever wins this will go after the other pair and he will be safe.  He plans his fall to look like an accident, but Raven falls just after him, and the lone players are Jason and Alex.  With Alex and Jason bargaining with each other, Raven sees it as rubbing salt in her wound. Neither of them will put the other up.  Paul feels that they are just showing how strong they both are.  

Alex doesn't feel that others know just how close they are and she decides to negotiate with Jason.  Knowing that they are each other's ride or die, Matt sees Raven shivering and tearing up and he seeths inside.  Jason likes the competition and wants to continue to a fair ending with each of them giving their all.

The group gossips about who voted for Matt to go.  Alex says that she didn't and Kevin says that everyone knows that he voted for Mark to go.  Kevin wonders why people seem skeptical.  

When Jason finally grants Alex safety, Alex relents and jumps down.  He is happy to have the room for an extended period of time since his first HoH was during the double eviction and he did not get the benefit of the room.  

Josh worries that he may not be totally safe this week, and Matt knows that they are in for one crazy week.  The houseguests re-enter the house to see that the big kitchen table has been reduced in size to seat the remaining eight.  

Paul tells us that he has been planting the thought of targeting Raven and Matt in Jason and Alex's heads and hopes that this is enough to keep him safe for the week.  Raven worries to Matt that they are in danger and hopes that they go after Kevin.  Josh and Alex discuss the hinky votes while Raven showers.  Josh tells her how adament Kevin was about voting Mark out.  Alex breathes a sigh of relief that the attention is directed away from herself and Jason.  Jason worries that he will not be able to lie successfully, he tells Kevin in confidence. When Matt, Raven, Josh, and Christmas get together Josh suggests that since it would not have been Paul, it would have to have been Alex, Kevin, and Jason producing the two votes against Matt.

Matt says that he loves Raven to death, but he feels that he doesn't understand half of what she says. He attributes it to her mumbling and her strong southern accent.  

Paul gets with Alex and she tells him that the plan is to put up Matt and Raven and backdoor Kevin if they need to.  Paul plans to set up the scene and tell them that they will probably go on the block, but not to worry because they plan to backdoor Kevin.  He does not want them to worry about it.  Paul does not understand how they are so comfortable with the situation.  He wonders if they are just that trusting.

Alex speaks with Jason and tells him that the only one to know about their votes is Paul.  Jason fesses up and tells her that he already told Kevin. Alex really wants to move the target to Kevin now to get him out before he speaks about their votes.

Paul and Christmas feel that Raven tells a lot of lies. She says that she and her mom are both in Mensa, that she can't go through the airport detector because of her pacemaker, that her mom has been hit by lightning and holds the record for the mile in her state.

The Temptation Tree goes red and Paul decides that there is nothing worth going after since he feels safe.  No one seems to pull an apple, but Alex does not want any of the apples pulled.  She heads downstairs to head off anyone who may think that this is something worth picking.  She points out that the bounty on their head is dangerous at this point in the game.  The change two votes looks pretty good, but the rest are not good punishments.  

Christmas and Josh commend themselves for making it to top eight when they had originally hoped just to make it to jury, and Josh tells us that he only trusts her and Paul.  Josh hopes that he sees no shadiness from Paul because at this point he and Christmas have his back to the very end.  

The houseguests want to go to sleep and have the lights off, but Josh is dancing to the music in his head while he brushes his teeth, and he is comical.  

Kevin talks to Jason and tells him that he didn't vote to send Matt home. He says that he knows of Jason's vote, and Jason tells him to keep his ears open and his mouth shut. Kevin tells him that he has had a lot of surgeries on his wrist, and that he has the strongest social game in the house. Jason tells him not to worry until he has to worry.  Paul also feels uncomfortable with Kevin's persistence. Raven hears from Jason that Kevin is the target and she heads down to console Matt with the news.  Raven tells him that they plan to backdoor him.  Matt feels that he is not ready to go home at this point, so he hopes that Raven's information is accurate.

Jason decides to use his boot to draw a line in the sand to show everyone that they should not be as comfortable as they think they are.  He calls the Nominations Ceremony.  He nominates Raven and Matt. He explains that he nominated them because it is probably old hat for them and they have an idea of the agenda. There is a big ole Veto to play tomorrow so play to win.  

Raven feels good that Kevin is the real target, and Matt hopes that he can pull one of them off so neither of them go to jury this week. Josh says that it is great to see the two duos go head to head, leaving Christmas and him safe and in the background for now.  Meanwhile Paul does a jubliant dance in the storage room because he remains safe this week and has escaped the block once again.  

Join Big Brother 19 on CBS on Wednesday at 8 eastern to learn who plays in and who wins the Power of Veto. Will Kevin end up on the block, or will Matt and Raven remain the targets? On Thursday there will be a live eviction where another houseguest will go to jury.

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