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Julie Chen welcomes us to tonight's live eviction episode of Big Brother 19. It is day 65 in the house and each pair is working to position themselves for the end. Julie tells us that the end is in sight and it is time to either play or be played.  

With Paul positioning himself as the third in each pair, he calculates that as pairs are broken apart by eviction, he will be able to slip in, but he sees Christmas and Josh as the best option for winning the game.

With less than a month to go, and a large group running the house, it is time for friends to turn on each other in order to win the game.  

Jason feels that he had to win the Veto or he may have been going home, but he is enjoying the safety he is now enjoying with the Veto, and wants to relax until the next Head of Household competition.

Mark says that he saw this coming, but he is not going to roll over and die.  Matt wants to win the HoH and take the first shot at Alex and Jason, because he is sure that if one of them win Head of Household he feels he and Raven will go on the block.

Paul has perfectly positioned himself in the pairs, and he wants to talk to Alex.  He tells her that Matt and Raven are alone a lot and they just chat between themselves.  Alex feels that she, Paul, and Jason are the strongest group in the house.  Alex looks at Matt, Kevin, Raven, Christmas as her targets.  Paul has a secret alliance with Alex, but he is worried that as the strongest competitor in the house she might take first place at the end, and leave him with seconds again.

Paul next makes the rounds to Christmas and tells her that Alex and Jason are going after Raven and Matt and Raven and Matt are going after Alex and Jason.  Paul tells her that they seem to be off the radar in the battle of the couples.  

Things turn funny when Jason gets Kevinn and Paul to wear the goose floaties and play bumper cars with each other.  Kevin takes the first shot, but the two of them run about and have fun.

Mark feels his back is against the ropes and his time is short, but he wants to have a conversation with Jason.  He asks him if there is any way that they would keep him in the house and break up Matt and Raven by sending Matt to jury.  Jason is ambiguous.  Matt next goes to Kevin and asks him if he can get Alex and Jason to keep him, would Kevin keep him?  Kevin says that Matt is annoying so if he can get them, he will give him his vote.  He goes to Alex and she compares his plea to Cody's.  Mark points out that he is the target, so getting Matt out would keep him as the target next week, and keep them safe from eviction.  Mark next goes to Paul and Paul tells us that he has enough influence to change up the target, but he is not sure that he wants to.

Julie is glad to see that Christmas' cast is off. She asks her if she ever thought she could make it this far.  Christmas says that she made her goal jury, and she is happy to still be here. Matt says that he wears his shirt so often because he doesn't want to wear long sleeves.  Alex says that her camping gear allowed her to offer a real meal to those on slop, but she is glad to be done with it.  Kevin wants to get a letter from his family if he gets HoH.  Josh is asked why he loves Zingbot, and he tells her that the Zingbot gives more zings than he does and he loves it.

The houseguests enjoy outtakes of their slip and slide Veto.  They laugh at the comedy of them falling all over the place, running in place, and the humor. Mark says that it was not a good final comp for him, but he is not in pain because he spent so much time on his hands and knees. Julie congratulates Jason on his news of a new baby on the way.  Jason says that he was just overwhelmed with emotion.  

Julie shares Jason's wife's experience watching her husband getting the news that they are going to have a second baby.  Jason says that if he paid as much attention to his wife as he pays to what is going on around the house........ and he feels that he has learned how to be a better husband while in the house.  His wife, Holly, says they have been together since she was sixteen and for twelve years.  She says that Jason is an absolutely amazing father and she is keeping a journal for him about the summer.  She watches Jason read his letter and find out that he is going to be a father.  She found out that she was pregnant five days after he went into the house. She says that his response was priceless. Holly says that Jason was under the radar for a long time and now he is winning comps.  She thinks that he has a new focus and Jason could not have picked a better ally than Alex and she has kept him on his toes in the game.  She thinks that it is fine with Jason calling Alex his BB wife because she puts him in his place and she is feisty, just like she is.  She thinks that he has to win since he has another mouth to feed soon.

Julie points out that the epic battle for power begins tonight with everyone in overdrive at this point in the game.  

Julie announces that it is time for the vote, and Matt and Mark can offer a last plea to the houseguests.  Matt says that the one thing that he does well is lose, and the only thing he won was a Veto that no one else wanted. He will continue, if he stays to eat copious amounts of cereal, take many showers, and lose.  Matt says that there are highs and lows and he loves each and every one of them.  He says that he loves them all.  Jason is a great guy.

The votes:
Raven votes to evict Mark.
Josh votes to evict Mark.
Kevin votes to evict Mark.
Jason votes to evict Matt.
Alex votes to evict Matt.
Paul votes to evict Mark.

By a vote of four to two, Mark is evicted from the Big Brother 19 House.  Mark leaves in a classy way, hugging everyone and telling them that he loves them, thanking them, and wishing them good luck in the game. He exits to Julie and tells her that she is beautiful.

The group goes to the memory wall to watch Mark's photo go black.  Julie asks Mark if he was surprised to see the two votes and he says that Alex told him that she and Jason would vote to keep him.  He says he wishes that it was flipped, but it was probably a sympathy vote.  Mark says that he really wanted an alliance, and if Cody had not ripped apart his game, he would probably be in the house. He wishes that anyone else would have been in the house.  Mark says that the other side of the house was just a bunch of floaters who came together and kicked anyone else who was down.  He says that if he won HoH, Cody and Jessica would still be in the game.  When Jessica left, Elena didn't want to be associated with him in the game, but that didn't come to be.  Mark says that he was very naive to the game and it was harder than it looks.  He says that Josh is truthfully a great guy.  He wasn't wrong, and Josh is a great guy. He turned it around, and made it all fun.  

Mark listens to his goodbye messages.  Christmas says that his decisions made it seem like he was flip flopping.  Paul says that he misses the chess matches, and he wishes that he had not turned on him.  Put in a good word in the jury for him.  Jason says that his mouth got him in trouble.  Josh says to look at the bright side, he gets to spend a lot of time in the jury with Elena.  Julie suggests that he and Josh do the Amazing Race together and Mark says that anything they do together would be interesting.

The new Head of Household challenge is called the BB stadium and it is an endurance challenge.  It is baseball themed and is called "Everyone's a Weiner."  They must stay in their hot dog bun for as long as possible.  The last player to remain in the bun will be the next Head of Household.  They are holding on to rock wall like protrusions in a space curved like a hot dog bun standing at a wide spread while the bun sways and rises on chains.  They are sprayed with water that "does not taste good" according to Paul's screams as he averts his face from the spray. Julie asks them what good is a hot dog without the condiments?  Julie tells them that there are hundreds of ways to dress a hotdog, but here at Big Brother they like the traditional way.  They are sprayed with a mustard looking spray while enjoying baseball themed music.  They next get a ketchup spray and Paul asks for the relish to be next. The show fades with condiments spraying at the houseguests as they settle into their buns for the endurance.

Join Big Brother 19 on CBS on Sunday at 8 eastern to see the next temptation and who may enter the diary room to claim it. Will it be a prize or a punishment?  Who will claim the next Head of Household and who will be nominated for eviction?  On Wednesday the Power of Veto is up for grabs and on Thursday there will be a live eviction where another houseguest will go to jury.

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