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may30 bb19 recap
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Tonight's special edition of Big Brother opens with the fallout after the double eviction.  Mark feels responsible for Elena's demise in the game since he feels that if he hadn't persued her, she would not have been a target.

Alex is sarcastic about Cody's alternative facts in his speech as he left the house, but she feels that the night went just as planned.  Matt feels he is in a good position after being on the block as a member of the team.  Paul is amazed that he survived the double eviction, and feels that Jason's speech was very revealing.  He feels that Mark's big move was about him.  He is correct, and when Paul confronts him about it in front of others in the kitchen, Mark says that he heard his name as well.  Paul asks him what he did that made him not trust him, and Mark says that he cannot remember.  Paul says he has not put him up at all and he has had the opportunity.  Mark tells us that he feels broken after Paul called him out.  He adds that he was just trying to make big moves.

Josh complains that all they have is Mac n' Cheese and pasta when the doorbell rings. The houseguests speculate that it is a round trip and someone is returning.  Someone is returning, and it is Derek LaVassar from season 16.  Paul hopes that it is a sick joke, but he has brought a move-in bag.  Derek tells them that he is just joking. Derek says that the house is different, but still the same.

We get a flashback of Josh yelling at Cody, telling him to return his personality to Amazon because it still sucks.  Paul says that he shines in the chaos and Josh bangs the pans together calling Mark a meatball.  Derek asks about Cody and Jessica's showmance and Josh says that he thinks that Cody was more into her than she was into him.  We are treated to a flashback where Jessica tells Cody that she is falling in love with him, and Cody haltingly tells her he loves her.  Cody says that Jessica has rocked his world since he came in the house, but he did not want to fall in love with her.

When Jessica confronts Cody asking him if had an original alliance with Jason and Alex where they were to go after her and Raven, he denies it, telling her that he never had an alliance with the two of them, and says that all he has is his loyalty.  He walks away and later when she tries to talk to him he refuses her embrace and tells her that she crushed it out of him out there.  He says that no one should question his loyalty.  He tells us that he trusts her one hundred percent, but if she doesn't trust him they have no relationship.

Derek speaks about Ramses.  Ramses says that he wants a base person as a Mark, but he likes a little less muscle, green eyes.  He wants Mark's personality and Paul's tattoo's and beard.  He says that he literally described Matt and he and Matt have a lot of fun, even though Matt is paired up with Raven.  Ramses even gives Matt a back rub.

Alex and Jason are the perfect pair with Alex seeing him like the guy friends back home. She wonders if he has fallen off his bull one too many times. Jason says that Alex is like his BB wife and they act like they have been married 12 years. He calls it a Nomance and says that Alex is a pain in his side because she is always whacking him and teasing him.  She says that it is not love at first sight, but it is her and Jason to the end.

Derek talks about Mark and Elena's showmance and he says that he has definitely fallen for her. He says that he wanted to kiss her from the moment he met her and they finally did kiss. Elena says that Mark is so sweet, maybe a little too sweet. She says that in the real world, you have a date, go home, reflect, and text. In the BB world, you kiss and then are simply just living with that person. Mark says that they are different people, and opposites attract. She tells him that she enjoys spending time with him, and he is great, but she thinks that a showmance can hurt her game.  She tells him that perceptions are everything, and she wants to be around him, but she needs distance from him in the game, and he feels hurt, like he is being left out to dry. She tells him that just because they are not a showmance, it does not mean that they don't have each other's back.  Mark gets emotional, and feels rejected.

Derek asks Mark how he eats all that cereal and keeps those abs.  Matt says that he tries to keep it to a healthy cereal and he is a cereal addict and he pounds bowls of cereal in the middle of the night, at times eating a full box in a sitting.  Elena says that it is an obsession.

Kevin is full of humor.  Jason and Kevin walk the yard and Jason says that Kevin talks about the most random stuff and keeps him laughing. Kevin and Jason are portrayed with Kevin going on about sharks, and people making fun of monkeys in the zoo.  

Derek moves on to Jessica and they laugh about Jessica's misproununciation of Heisman, calling it a hymen.  Cody is clearly embarassed and skirts about it.  When she asks Mark about it, he thinks that it is a beer, a Heinekin.  Jessica heads over to ask Elena and Kevin and finally finds out what it is.

Derek takes on pickle juice next and they discuss betting on the winner in a pool game. When Josh scratches on the eight ball, Josh tells him to redo it.  Josh wants him to drink the pickle juice and Mark insists that Josh did not win since he scratched on the eight ball. Mark gets him with the hot sauce and pickle juice, and then Josh comes out with ketchup and mayo. Kevin wants them to hug it out, but Josh says that Mark won't keep his word and lies.

Derek talks about Alex and how she has provided lots of shock in the house.  Cody and Alex laugh it up, Alex hides in the storage room to surprise him, and when she hid in the trash can in storage to surprise Jason when he goes to change his batteries. Alex goes after Josh with Paul's help, getting him while in bed in the Have Not room.

Derek thanks them for the visit and tells them that he is there to host the next HOH, and they will have to remember memory lane to win the HOH competition.  He tells them to dress and meet him in the back yard.

The backyard is decorated in stars and planets.  Paul wants to win this weekk to be sure that he is safe. Mark wants to win since he feels it is eight versus one and his Big Brother destiny is at stake. We are left wondering about the competition.

Join Big Brother 19 on CBS on Sunday the 20th at 8 eastern, for the next episode. The new Head of Household competition will commence and the new HOH will be revealed. Who will be nominated? On Wednesday, a new Temptation will be released upon the house.

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