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Tonght on Big Brother 19 Josh has just become Head of Household and the Lord of Meatball Manor.  Josh has had an uphill battle since he came into the house, but now he can take aim against those who have targeted him.

Paul feels safe with Josh at the helm, but Jessica and Cody know they are in danger.  Mark feels uncertain and calls Josh erratic, but feels that they cleared the air a few days ago and Josh tells him that he is not going to provoke him because that is a cowardly move on his part.  Elena goes to him to find safety, but he is unwilling to commit and they decide just to celebrate his win for now.  

Jessica says that it is the same song and dance every week, and she wonders how long it will take for the house to evict them.  

Paul, Josh, Alex, and Jason are discussing the merits of putting Elena on the block and unbeknownst to Alex Mark walks into the room.  The rest of the group switch topics successfully by telling Mark that they thought he was Cody, but Alex does not see him and inadvertently speaks his name.  Caught in her strategy comment, she goes on the offensive and tells Mark that he is playing both ends of the game.  

Mark admits to us that he is playing both sides, but he is looking for a place to land. Later Josh and Elena have a chat in the storage room where he asks her why she voted for him to go against the house. She tells him that she was doing what Jessica asked, and the house did not bring her in on the Jillian vote.  When she says that it sucks that two people go up and one goes home, Josh tells us that if it was so easy to vote him out, he might find it easy to put her up. It is clear that Josh has his sights set on Elena as his target.

Josh talks with Paul and Christmas about his doubts about Elena.  Paul who has a good relationship with Elena, wants to redirect Josh's target to Jessica and Cody.  Christmas helps out by suggesting that Josh keep the house happy by keeping the focus on Jessica and Cody until after the Temptation Challenge when things might be more clear.

Elena decides to camp out in the HOH and have a chat with Elena and with Paul in the room, Josh decides to say whatever she wants to hear and tells her that if he does her a solid, she needs to return the favor.  Talking later and privately in the lounge with Christmas, his ride or die, he admits to her that he wants to target Elena.  Christmas knows that Paul has had his fingers in every eviction except for Cody's HOH, and she wants to look out for Josh to be sure that he does not get railroaded.  She encourages him to make the decision that is best for his own game.

It is time to enter the Den of Temptation to decide whether or not to compete.  If you win, you are guaranteed safety, but if you lose, you will go on the block.  Cody says that they have nothing to lose by playing and they decide that one of them must win safety, and the other must lose, go on the block in order to guarantee a chance to play for Veto and avoid the backdoor. Jessica is planning to throw the competition in order to pave the way for Cody to win.

Jason is playing.
Matt is playing.
Alex is playing.
Christmas is not playing.
Paul is playing.
Cody is playing.
Jessica is playing.
Elena is playing.
Mark is playing.
Kevin is playing.
Raven is playing.

In the end, everyone plays but Josh and Christmas.

The challenge is to use letters located on the mirrors of the house to unscramble a word that labels an item.  They must place that item in a box. The player who locates the proper items in the shortest amount of time wins the challenge.  The house is set up to be a haunted house with zombies and monsters.  The house is dark with dry ice to create a mist and plastic and chains cover furniture, but the player has a head lamp to guide them.

Cody says that he must win and nothing will rattle him.  Jessica who is planning to throw it, doesn't really want to go in the room in the first place since it is so creepy.  Alex says she has had to deal with demons in the house before and she plugs her ears to avod the noise.  Paul wants to excise the demons of Jessica and Cody, so he works his way through the halls and rooms.  He says that this might be scary, but keeping Jessica and Cody in the house for another week is even scarier.

The results of the "Strangest Thing"

Mark 7:06
Kevin 3:11
Elena 12:31
Jason 12:07
Jessica 15:00
Raven 9:00
Cody 3:00
Matt 3:42
Alex 3:06
Paul 3:34

Cody is safe for the week, and Jessica is the third nominee.

Cody says that their plan was executed perfectly with him gaining safety and she being last so she could guarantee playing Veto.  Josh sees that Jessica threw it.  Matt and Elena now worry that the two of them may go on the block.  

Paul goes to Josh and tells him that if they get rid of Jessica, Elena would come to their side.  Paul tells him that she has tried to disassociate herself with Mark for the last two weeks. Josh tells him that he understands what Paul is saying, but that Paul is not seeing it.  Paul then wants to tell Elena and Mark that they are just pawns and that Jessica is the target.  Josh tells us that he agreed with Paul and Paul can say what he wants, but Elena is his target.

Josh lets Elena know that she is going on the block and she insists that she is not a great competitor, even Paul and Alex are stronger competitors, and tells us that she knows she is going up because she voted against him.  When Elena gets upset, Josh calls Paul up and tells him that she actually suggested that Alex and Paul should go up.  She takes issue with him with Paul up there saying that Josh did not ask for suggestions and she was only naming stronger competitors, not naming replacements.  Josh loses his patience and tells her that she is going up as a pawn and wants to hug it out.  Elena says no.

Josh calls the Nomination Ceremony.  He names Elena and Mark.  He tells Mark that he tries to be a part of the familia, but to him he will always be a meatball.  He tells Elena that she is a pawn.  He tells Jessica that she is officially his target.

Jessica says that the rest of the houseguests don't know that this is a plan of theirs and she plans to win that Veto so she and Cody will have still another week in the house.  Mark plans to play hard in Veto since he worries about being up there against Elena.  Elena worries that Jessica will win Veto, and then Mark might go home.  Josh tells us that he has named Jessica as his target, but little do they know that he is really targeting Elena and wants to say, "Bye-bye BooBoo."

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