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may30 bb19 recap
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Julie Chen welcomes us to tonight's live eviction episode of Big Brother 19.  It is day 40 in the house and with the Halting Hex in play, Jessica is able to halt the eviction, keeping her and Cody safe for the week.  The threat of the Halting Hex has made this one of the most tulmultuous weeks in the house.  

Jessica is not sure that Paul has passed along all factual information and she decides to check in with Matt.  Matt tells her that it is five weeks later and things have changed.  He is unwilling to tell her more.  She decides to go to Cody and asks him if his original allegience was to Jason and Alex so they would take out Raven and Jessica because they can't.  Cody tells her that all he has in this game is his loyalty and he never said that.  Jessica asks why his face is twitching and Cody gets up and walks off.  

Paul decides to fill Kevin, Jason, Alex, and Josh in on Jessica's deal to not use the hex if they go after Alex.  Alex feels she is a strong player and that is why Jessica wants her out. They decide to tell her that they will do that although they have no intention of following through. Paul also decides to fill in Mark and Elena to keep them on his side.  

Jessica hasn't yet committed to the deal with Paul and she decides to talk to Cody to see if he wants to continue fighting to stay in the game.  Cody says that he is done.  Jessica goes to Paul, Mark, Chirstmas, and Elena and tells them that she wants two weeks of safety and she wants Alex out.  The four of them say "deal" to her. They are amazed that she conceded.  

Paul calls the Veto meeting and he holds the Power of Veto.  Jason says that he is up against people who don't have a good personality, don't want to be in the game, and doesn't like the people in the house.  He feels that saving him will free him up to vote out the person.  He says that it will also take care of the person in the middle with his vote.  Jessica only says, "World peace." Cody says he has nothing to say.  Paul decides to use the Veto on Jason.  He calls the meeting to an end.

Paul feels disrespected at the Veto meeting and that Cody and Jessica made a mockery of his meeting by laughing during the ceremony.  Jessica is unhappy that Cody was attacked in Jason's speech and says she will defend him.

Kevin and Jason feel that this is going to be a null week and that it will be a lost week.  Jessica asks to speak to Raven and when she gets her aside she tells her that when people stop talking when she comes into a room it looks sketchy, especially when they want her to let Cody go and not use the hex.  When Raven tries to explain, Jessica walks out.  Raven gets Cody and Jessica aside and tries to explain that they were just discussing the veto and how heavy it was. She is speaking the truth.  Cody asks why she doesn't like him, and Raven tells him that the whole house is against him. He asks her why she is following the house.  When Raven tells him that she does not want to be a target, Cody asks her for the room and she leaves.

Jessica decides not to follow through on the deal because things look too sketchy to her.  Paul finds out about it and he asks if he can defend her. When Raven says okay, Paul goes to Jessica and Cody and tells them to use the temptation.  She tells him that she is going to use it.  Jessica tells Paul that the rest of the group follow him because he is experienced in the game. She tells us that she is not afraid to take on Paul in the game.

This temptation has torn the house apart.  Paul lets the group know that Jessica is going to stand up for what she thinks is right, and if she is standing up for a coward and a bully, they can turn up the heat.  

Josh appears in his tutu with his pots and pans and his circus chant. Josh taunts Cody to join in the fun and come out and play in their circus.  Jessica asks if they want to ask questions and Alex asks her where her cat ears and shades were.  She feels that Jessica took them. Raven yells at her that she threw her name under the bus.  Cody takes Jessica outside and Paul gets his group charged up. He sends Josh out with his pots and pans and although Kevin and Jason are right there, they are not participating. Raven, Christmas, and Alex are yelling at them.  Matt is embarassed at the yelling and screaming and wishes that they would have used different tactics. Mark sees this at bullying and does not join in.  

Sitting quietly in the hammock Cody tells Jessica that he is now excited for her to use the Hex.  Jessica says that she is not sure if she can take this for another week and a half.  She says that by not giving them what they want they are making her life hell.e

It is time for the live vote and eviction unless Jessica uses the Halting Hex.  Julie gives Jessica a chance to plead her case and she releases her Halting Hex.  Halting Hex rise, eviction night dies must be said three times. She has the power to halt any one of the next four evictions and she has used it tonight.  They are both safe and will be continue to play the game.  

The houseguests congratulate her and chat about the Hex.  Elena says that it makes perfect sense now.  Julie tells them that they will move on to the Head of Household competition.  

This competition begins Big Brother horror week.  They must putt an eyeball with a zombie leg down a course.  They have tomb stones blocking their line.  The slots are numbered one to thirty-fve and the player with the highest score after each has putted will win HOH.

Matt has a 6.
Alex has a 2.
Mark has a 15.
Jason has a 15.
Cody has a 21.
Christmas has a 21.
Elena has a 13.
Jessica has a 2.
Josh has a 23.
Raven has a 13.
Kevin has a 6.

With a high score of 23, Josh wins Head of Household!  Paul high fives him, and Christmas and Alex hug it out with him.  Josh is so excited.  Paul puts the HOH key around his neck.  Julie asks Josh how it feels and congratulates him. He says it is the best feeling in the world. He is looking forward to a letter from home.  They joke about meatballs. When Julie lets us spy on the house, they kid Josh about not being a Have Not now, and Christmas asks what second place will get her.  

Join Big Brother on CBS on Sunday at 8 PM eastern to learn who Josh has nominated, and find out who plays in the Temptation Challenge where the winner holds safety for the week and the loser is automatically on the block.

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