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Tonight on Big Brother 19, the Power of Veto puts safety on the line, and the Halting Hex temptation puts the house into chaos. Big Brother promises us one of the most chaotic episodes ever.

Paul says that he put Jessica and Cody on the block and there were no snakes falling from the sky.  Jessica sees both of them as being safe since she has the Halting Hex.  Elena is relieved not to be on the block, but feels this is putting a wedge between her alliance and the rest of the house.  

Paul calls Jessica and Cody to the HOH room and tells them that nothing will happen to them if they have safety, but nine people told him to put them up.  Jessica insists that Paul made a mistake in nominating them.  Jessica says that what she has has never been out there before.  When Paul asks Jessica to lower her voice, Cody takes it personally, and tells Paul that he treats the others like dogs.  Paul tells Cody to leave the room when Cody gets hot headed, but tells Jessica that she can stay and talk.  Cody keeps telling Paul to ask his age and Paul tells Cody to grow up.  

Jessica and Cody meet in the rose room and Jessica tells Cody that she does not want to go through this again and asks Cody if she has to deal with this in reality as well, with Cody getting hot headed over nothing.  She tells him that he likes testing her and she needs to be alone right now.  

In the kitchen Paul defends himself and Josh says that Cody drags Jessica into the middle of it and when Mark defends the situation, Josh attacks Mark.  Josh says that Mark is an adult and a big fat bully.  Josh tells Mark that his personality sucks.  He picks up the pots and pans and does a circus song which smashes them together in Mark's direction.  When Mark reaches out to take the pots and pans from him, Kevin intervenes between them to stop probable physical contact, and Big Brother announces that they must go to opposite sides of the house.  Mark is enraged and Josh is taunting him with the words, "Don't touch me, don't touch me."

Mark confesses that as a child he was bullied until he learned what a gym was, and he is disappointed that the others just sat back and listened.  Cody listens to Mark and then says that he never liked Paul from the start and if he hadn't come into the game they would have run it.  He also tells Mark that Jessica is not happy with him and is playing him right now.

Paul and Jessica talk, and Jessica tells him that with the hex everyone comes off the block and then Paul can't compete.  She says that she did not want to use the Hex and didn't want this to happen. Paul tells Jessica that her name is only tossed around because of Cody and he is highly emotional.  He tells her that she needs to make a decision.

Paul calls Elena, Christmas, Matt, and explains that he told Jessica that Cody was interfering with her game and that he is hoping that she won't use it.  He tells them that it halts the game and makes it a dud week. He wants their help in convincing her that his advice is right. Christmas goes to Jessica and when Jessica asks why, when she worked so hard to rebuild her reputation, Christmas says that it is Cody.  While Cody has moved to the Have Not room to give Jessica some space, Jessica tells Christmas that she would not want for Cody to come after her.  Christmas tells her that not having Cody beside her and being together doesn't sit well with others in the house, and if she is with Cody no one will want to work with them.  Christmas advises her not to use the hex and let Cody go.

Jessica finds Cody in the Have Not room, and tells Cody that she has a job and has family and doesn't want to be with a hot head who gets into fist fights.  Cody says that she has no idea how sorry he is and he is unable to balance things out with her.  Jessica tells him that he moved out of the room and then tells her that he has nothing left to offer her?  Cody says he is failing hard and can't say the right thing.  Jessica says she did not take him for a quitter and he is incapable of giving her what she wants.  He asks what she wants and she says she wants nothing. He tells her that he just wants he to be happy.  She asks him if that is how he is in the real world and he says, "At times, yes."  She tells him not to act like that and he tells he that he doesn't try to.

Jessica and Elena chat, and Elena advises her to let Cody go this week since he is not good for her game.  Jessica says that the way that he acted is absolutely not okay.  In the Have Not room Cody tells Mark that she is a part of a social scene that he is not and that he told her that he does have a hot head.  He tells Mark that Jessica has a chance without him and he tells us that he cares for her and if he can jump on a grenade to help her game, he will.  

Jessica and Cody speak privately.  She tells him that him getting into someone's face and calling him a loser is not okay.  He tells her that he did not want to go up there, but if someone talks to him like that he will do it. Jessica tells him that it is not socially acceptable.  Cody says that he does not have many friends and is not social, and mentions that he is not close to family, but tells her that he has made it this far. He tells her that he can't make her happy and there is nothing he can do about it except disassociate himself from her so she has a chance.  He tells her that if he stays in the game with her he will pull her into the hole with him.  He tells her that she can win this game without him.  He pulls her to him and kisses her.

The houseguests are called to the living room for a BB storm watch update.  They are given information to memorize.  The information is about evicted houseguests and in order to learn the information they must remain up to get the updates and study.  Alex is cranky and tired and Josh says that he needs his beauty sleep.  Paul is memorizing the information.

Paul calls the house meeting for the Veto pick.  Jason, Cody and Jessica join him as he pulls two chips. He pulls his own and gets to name someone of his choice. He chooses Kevin.  The next chip is Raven.  

The houseguests head to the yard and are in tryouts for the BB weather team.  Jason is hosting "Under the Weather." The players must fill in the correct name as the storm is described. The wind blows furiously and his umbrella flows as he names the storms as the information flows across a monitor.  Jason goes first, followed by Cody.  Jason gets into it, but Cody is mechanical.  Raven is fun but does not know many of the answers to fill in.  Kevin says that it is raining heavy with high winds but he doesn't get many right.  Jessica laughs herself through it, but gets a few right.  Paul gets hit by plastic items as the storm rages, and has fun with it. The houseguests gather to learn the scores and stand in the set generated rainstorm with high winds as plastic blows across the yard.  

Raven gets 16.
Cody gets 15.
Paul gets 22.
Jason gets 15.
Kevin gets 16.
Jessica get 12.
Paul wins the Power of Veto.

Paul asks Jessica up for a chat and she says she feels she is being called into the principal's office.  He tells her that he is not here to sway her, but to lay down some facts.  He tells her that two weeks into the game he told Matt that the reason they were teaming up in the game was for someone else to take them out.  Jessica questions what she and Cody have if he has been talking behind their back.  Jessica tells Paul that if they want to take Cody out that bad she wants something in return, and that is Alex's head on a stick.  Paul says that he can get the first one done, save her to send Cody home, but the second one he can only help her with. In the diary room Paul crosses his fingers and says that she is actually considering not using the Hex, so sure, they can give up Alex.  He waves the crossed fingers around and says that he can make that deal.

Jessica says that the house never gives her what she wants, so if she is going to sacrifice Cody she wants something big in return.  

Join Big Brother on CBS on Thursday at 9 PM eastern for the live eviction episode, where we learn what Paul does with his Power of Veto, see whether Jessica uses the Halting Hex to secure safety for herself and Cody, and watch as the power changes in a new Head of Household competition.

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