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Tonight on Big Brother 19, Paul as the new Head of Household has to deal with Jessica's bombshell of holding the new temptation that she says, "Will keep Cody and her safe for a few weeks." When Julie Chen leaves the group, Paul decides to get to the bottom of it all.  Jessica is hoping to use it as a strong arm technique to force Paul to put up two other people.  

Cody sees Jessica as a master at the game when she challenges Paul with her informaton.  Elena, meanwhile is very upset that she was kept in the dark about the blindside on Ramses. Josh wants to get under Mark's skin since he feels that he has been tortured by him all season.  When Mark does not answer the BB morning call, Josh decides to play with the pots and pans, and walks into Mark's room smashing them together loudly.  Alex and Jason are in the lounge and Alex is laughing at Josh's antics.  Josh tells Mark that they have seven hours of bonding ahead of them and he is going to put Mark in Big Brother hell for the next eight hours.  He continues to smash the pans together.  

Jessica and Cody decide what to let Paul know about the temptation.  She knows Paul is dying to know about it. Paul decides to put Jessica and Cody on the block and call Jessica's bluff. He lets Alex and Jason in on it and they all high five.  Paul tells them that they better have his back next week if he does this.

Mark feels that he is an outsider and is worried about his longevity in the house.  Mark asks Matt if the two of them are good, and Matt says that his game was better if he voted out Ramses. Elena walks by and says she is actively choosing not to sit with them right now. Cody is right there and tells us that he does not trust Matt.  Cody decides to try to make it right with Mark and tells Paul that when he asks Mark about his loyalty Mark told him that he was batting for Paul and Elena.  Paul sees through it and decides that if he can't get Jessica or Cody he will go after Mark and Elena.

Paul relates the story to Alex and tells her the plan.  He tells her that he is going to put up Jessica and Cody and if she pulls them down, he will replace them with Elena and Mark.  He says that if Mark goes up, Mark will go home. He is his back up target.  He decides then to go to Elena and tell her that Mark is holding her back and damaging her game. He tells her that this is her opportunity to pivot in the game and not let Mark drag her down.  

Later Mark tells Elena that Cody and Jessica want to work with them and she tells him that it is a matter of lasting in the game. He feels she is annoyed and she tells him that she feels he spends too much time with Cody and by association it is damaging her game. She tells him that she is not his keeper. She tells us that she can't through her Big Brother game away for a guy she met forty days ago.  

The houseguests gather to learn about the consequence for the final temptation.  It is the temptation competition and for the first time in history they may choose to compete.  If they win, they are safe for the week, but if they are the loser they will be the third nominee on the block.  If they are the only person to accept the temptation, they will have automatic safety.  

Cody wants to compete, but Jessica wants him to pass and behave as if he already has safety.  Mark is worried about his safety and wants to compete.  Matt says that there is very little upside in competing, but if Paul wants him to compete, he will.  Paul thinks that he should because he thinks that Mark and Elena will. Elena feels that should she drink the potion it will show a lack of trust in Paul who said she would not be more thaan a pawn.

Jason, Matt, Alex, Mark all decide to compete.  The competition is a bowling competition and they must compete in tutu's.  It is called Bowl-arina.  They must knock down four bowling pins and to release a gate that will allow them to roll a ball will be released when they hold onto handlebars above them and spin it fifteen times and that will release the gate for fifteen seconds.  The person to knock down all four pins in the least amount of time wins the competition.  

Jason goes first and he is so dizzy that it is funny.  He can't even see the pins, but he eventually gets them down.  He finishes in 3:37.
Alex is up next and she is out of breath and dizzy, but gets two down in two spins.  In her third spin she gets them down in 1:39.  Jason is now in the nomination chair.  Alex sits in safety for the moment.
Mark goes third and he worries about beating Alex's time. He spins slowly in hopes of not being so dizzy.  His plan pays off as he does it in 1:18.  Matt goes last and although he is trying to keep a low profile, he knows he must try to bring it home for the team.  He does it in 2:45.  Mark is safe, and Jason sits as a third nominee on the block.  Elena worries that wilth Mark safe, she will look like the next logical target.  

Paul says that he has to readjust his plan now.  When Cody tells Mark that Paul threw a fit when he saw Mark's time, Mark calls Paul fake. He says that now it is on.  Jessica talks with Paul in the lounge. She tells him that she has something called the Temptation Hex and it will keep her and Cody safe for the next couple of weeks. Paul says that he has not shared his strategy with the house and he has to do his research.  He goes to his group and tells them that if Jessica can pull her and Cody down he needs another person to put up as a pawn against Elena since Mark is safe. Matt says that he will take one for the team.  He tells us that he knows that he has the votes, but when you are up on the block anything can happen.  

Jessica asks Paul right before nominations if he has anything to ask her about the Hex and he says no.  Paul calls the houseguests to the Nominations Ceremony. He reminds Jason that he is on the block as a third nominee.  He nominates Jessica and Cody.  He explains by telling them that he and the house thought that it was important to see what it was, so they are nominated for that reason.  He adjourns the nomination.

Elena is relieved and doesn't know whether she should stick with her showmance and Cody and Jessica, or trust Paul.  Cody says that Paul puts her up, Jess has the temptation, so he doesn't care. Jessica says that she told him that she had it and he still put her up.  Paul says he put them up and there was no medallion, no hissing, and part one was to nominate them, and part two is to get Cody out of the house.  

Join Big Brother on CBS on Wednesday at 8 PM eastern for the Power of Veto competition, and learn who plays and who wins.  Will Jessica let the house in on the details of her power?

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