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may30 bb19 recap
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Julie Chen welcomes us to Big Brother 19.  It is day in the Big Brother house and with Ramses and Josh on the block, the house is rallying to save one of their own.  Cody may be back in the house and Jody may be in power, but the house holds all the cards. Jessica holds the Halting Hex, and the consequence is about to hit the house.

Jessica did not use the power of veto in order to not ruffle any more feathers, and she hopes this helps people regain their trust in her. Ramses feels insecure although he is told that he is just the pawn.  Paul figures out that he has seven votes to send Ramses home, but is hesitant to include Mark and Elena in his plans since they seem to be rekindling their relationship with Jessica and Cody.

Josh loses it in the storage room in order to keep Elena believing that he is leaving he tears up.  Kevin decides not to rock the boat and tells us that he will see Ramses for Thanksgiving.  

Jessica asks Mark if he and Elena are on board and he says one thousand percent.  Paul observes that Elena and Mark are spending an inordinate amount of time with Jessica and Cody.  He says that the "bromance" between Cody and Mark is still going strong.  Cody tells us that he does not trust Mark one bit because the guy had no trouble back stabbing him last time. Paul chats over pool and asks Mark about his relationship with Jessica and Cody and Mark tells Paul that he likes him and he has a clean slate with Cody.  Mark confides that he fels there is a pair that do not do much of anything and Paul makes a mental note that it must be Matt and Raven.  

Paul tells Matt and Raven that Mark said that there was a pair who was trying to stay neutral.  Raven feels that if Mark is chatting about her, and thinks that the two of them are passive, she wants nothing to do with him.  She ways that when she and Matt are HOH, he will see how passive they are when he is on the block.  

Cody tells Ramses that when Josh goes out the door, it will be a dream for him, and he sees the booze flowing after.  He says that you can screw the five hundred thousand, this is all he wants.

Kevin talks to Jessica and asks her about the temptation.  She says that you can just say that she can't go anywhere.  Kevin says that it is cool.  He tells her that she had her back against the wall and she does look out for him.  Kevin doesn't want her to be blindsided and decides to giv her a heads up.  He tells her that "I tell you that the kid with glasses is going.  Be cool and don't freak out."  Jessica feels that she should have trusted her gut because the minute she did not try to use the veto someone would try to keep Josh in the house.  Jessica goes to Cody and says that she is assuming that Paul is trying to rally the house and she needs to be in the  HOH room to keep from screaming.  She says that she does not trust Mark and she is going to interrupt every conversation that goes no down there.  She also wants to get with Paul.  Cody asks Alex and she says she is voting out Josh, Kevin says he is thinking about it, and Cody tells Jason that he will go through the roof if Josh does not go home tonight.  Jason can't believe that he is threatening him.  He wants to strap on their big boy boots and go to war.

The houseguests gather in the living room to join Julie for the live eviction.  Julie asks Ramses to give a brief statement.  He says that his time there has been uber fun and he doesn't want it to end. He says that you have to think of who you want to live with.  Josh says that he loves his houseguests except for the two meatballs and he will be loyal to them.  Jessica is told that should there be a tie, she will cast the deciding vote.

The votes:
Cody votes to evict Josh.
Jason votes to evict Ramses.
Alex votes to evict Ramses.
Mark votes to evict Josh.
Elena votes to evict Josh.
Kevin votes to evict Ramses.
Matt votes to evict Ramses.
Raven votes to evict Ramses.
Christmas votes to evict Ramses.
Paul votes to evict Ramses.

By a vote of seven to three, Josh safe, so that means that Ramses is evicted from the Big Brother house.  He is hugged by all and leaves to amazing cheers from the live audience. Inside the house while watching for Ramses photo to go to black and white, Josh thanks everyone for keeping him.  

Ramses seats himself in the interview chair and Julie asks Ramses what happened and he said that he didn't know.  Julie reminds him not to drop the "F" bomb.  Julie asks him why he didn't campaign to stay and he said that he thought that he did, but it seemed that everyone knew where they stood and he didn't have the votes.  Julie comments that he was friends with everyone in the house and he agrees. He feels that no one is on his side and when Jillian left, he was lost. He is a superfan and the game was harder. He felt that he lacked in the area of having a game plan although he was friendly with everyone.

Ramses watches his goodbye messages.  Jessica feels she let him down and is sorry that he was a casualty of her game play. Josh says that he is sorry that he had to go, and Kevin calls him a buddy and welcomes him to his house this Thanksgiving.  Paul had kind words and was sorry that it was between Josh and him. By the end of them Ramses has tears in his eyes and he thanks Julie.

Head of Household is up for grabs and Jessica, as outgoing Head of Household is unable to play.  The memory wall was populated with pictures of the three evicted houseguests which will be the basis for questions in this week's Head of Household competition.  Cameron, Jillian, and Dominique are featured with lots of ink and the houseguests must memorize them.  Kevin is inspired to get an apple with a 19 on it.

Ink and Evicted is the name of the competition.  There will be a series of questions regarding those pictures of the magazine covers and the evicted houseguest's tattoos.

The questions:
Myrtle Beach is one of the timeshare treasures tattooed on Jillian's arm. True.  Elena is out.

Why the Battle Back wasn't for me was a tattoo that appeared on  Cameron's body, False. Mark, Alex, Cody, Kevin, Josh are out.

Both Dominique and Jillian have a money tattoo.  False. Everyone is correct.

Jillian has tattoos of flowers on her skin and flower print on her bikini.  True, everyone right.

The women tattooed on Cameron's back is wearing a purple headband. False. Christmas and Jason are out.

The word battle back does not appear on Jillian's cover. True.  Paul wins with Raven and Matt out.

Paul has won the Head of Household competion.

Julie calls the houseguests to the living room for an announcement. Jessica announces to the houseguests that she has a temptation that will keep "her and Cody safe for a few weeks." The group is surprised.  Julie announces that since Jessica accepted the temptation, the consequence is in play.  For the next three weeks, in a first in Big Brother history, the houseguests will have a choice in whether or not to play in a challenge.  The winner will be safe for the week.  The last to finish in the challenge will go on the block as a third nominee.  

As the show closes out, in the lounge, Jessica and Cody are confronting Paul about the way the votes to evict Ramses played out and why he and Jessica weren't brought into the picture.  Paul, in a position of power, says that there was not a back stab plan, but Ramses was on a lot of people's radars because he had won the twenty-five grand and was not loyal to anyone. Cody looks angry and Paul is controlled. Paul says that it was a strategic move and was not directed at them.

Join Big Brother on CBS on Sunday at 8 PM eastern for the nomination episode.  Who will Paul nominate for eviction?

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