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Tonight on Big Brother 19 Josh and Ramses are nominated by Head of Household Jessica.  While everyone else still wants Cody to head out the door, with Jessica holding both Head of Household and the Halting Hex, he is more likely to remain in the house than not.  

Although both Cody and Paul don't trust each other, they both put on a facade and discuss being loyal to each other. Josh is incensed by Jessica's nomination speech and vows to get even.
Jessica wants to rebuild an alliance, so she nominates people who will not rock the boat. Ramses is comforted by having such a large target in front of him.

Josh says that he has been on a roller coaster since he arrived in the house and assures us that he is not going home this week. Christmas comforts him and tells him not to let his emotions fester and to feel his hurt, but stay cool. She reminds him that the Veto is still available. He tells her that he will be fine.

Jessica talks with Elena about targeting Josh and when Paul interrupts, she invites him to the conversation. He tells her that she does not need to make more moves until after the veto. Jessica tells us that it is unsolicited advice and she has her game under control.

Cody is impressed by Jessica and how she is crushing Josh. He is not sure how he struck gold like this. Jessica recounts Paul's unsolicited advice.  Meanwhile Paul is discussing a plan with Jason to keep Josh.  Paul says that Josh will never turn o their group, and Paul feels that he has the numbers to keep him. He feels that Josh is a target and shield out ahead of him, and keeping Josh will also keep the harassment up on Jessica and Cody.  When Paul tells Josh that they have the numbers Josh agrees to lay low, act depressed, and stay under the radar.

Christmas has her foot propped on the counter while telling Cody that she was the only female on Daryl Waltrip's Sprint Nascar Team.  Cody is enthused and tells us that he is really working on his social game.

Jessica pulls names for the Veto Competition.  She pulls Houseguest's choice and chooses Cody.  Josh pulls Jason's chip. Ramses pulls Christmas' chip.  She is excited to be able to play. Jason wants to win to assure his own safety.

Ramses feels that he must win this and Jessica says that she will try to win to keep things the same and rally for him. Josh asks Jason to throw him the veto so he can pull himself down. He wants to be able to pull himself down and shove the veto in their face.

Jason talks about his family and how he puts his son to sleep each night with his wife Holly.  He calls his son Gallon a blssing and gets emotional to the point of leaving the room. Josh comforts him with a hug.  

Itt is time for the Veto Competition.  They must put on gear and it is the explosion competition.  Kevin is hosting and is dressed in a grape costume.  They must memorize seven ingredients and then mix them in their cups.  Should they fail, the concoction will explode. The competition is called B.B. Juicy Blast.

Josh wants to win and Jessica is determined to keep him from winning.  Jason has no idea what the ingredients are and decides to wing it. It is ginger, spinach, papaya, beets, and Christmas is eliminated first. In round two they must pour the items that start with the letter "g" that were not in the sequence. Jason, Josh, and Ramses are out in this round. They are hit with a huge explosion and now only Cody and Jessica are left. The power will be in their hands.

Both Josh and Ramses are more than disappointed in themselves. Jessica says that it does not get any better than this. Cody says that when he felt that Josh's spirits were crushed, he was satisfied.  Round three is to pour in dewberry, and with the veto secure, Cody gives the round to Jessica.  Jessica wins the Power of Veto.

Paul hopes that Jessica will keep the nominations the same and that he can be sure that Ramses will go home which will allow him to continue to work to secure the elimination of Jessica and Cody.  Paul speaks secretly with Josh and tells him that he has secured the votes to keep him, but he must continue to be emotional and do nothing to interfer with the process.  Josh goes to Jessica and asks her to let his last few days there be enjoyable.  Jessica says she will do nothing to start anything.

Paul speaks with Mark, Jason, Alex, Elena and works to convince them that Josh is not a threat to them, but Ramses is going to go wherever the power is. Elena says that she will vote Ramses out since Josh will get under the skin of Jess and Cody. Raven is up for it as well.  

Meanwhile Ramses decides to have a discussion with Jessica and tries to convince her that there were two people who voted against him and if they are voices of power he may have a problem.  Jessica calls on Raven to ask her if she will vote out Josh should the nominations be the same  Jessica is really upset that Raven is playing the ditsy girl and won't give a yes or no but a roundabout answer.  Jessica chats it up with Cody and tells him that things may be in motion already to send Ramses home. She is considering using the veto to pull Ramses off and replace her with Alex. She says that she has a feeling in her gut that she is doing someone else's dirty work, and is not sure if it is paranoia or she is just seeing something. Cody tells her that there is nothing to be gained by changing things up. He would rather she not do anything else but chill now. Jessica does not want to look back on this and feel betrayed and blindsided again. She is not sure whether she should pull Ramses down or let things stand.

Jessica calls the Power of Veto Meeting. Ramses congratulates her and hopes that she considered all her options.  Josh says that he knows that he is her target and if he offended her he is apologetic and just wants to walk out of here with his head held high in the next few days. She announces that she is not going to use the power of veto and adjourns the meeting.

Jessica has a gut feeling that she is about to be betrayed, but decided to put her trust in her fellow housemates one more time. She hopes that Josh will go home and her place in the game becomes secure.  Paul is so excited to find that Jessica did not replace Ramses with himself in a blindside. He cannot believe that she did not make any kind of a power move when she had the perfect opportunity, and feels she missed an important opportunity. Josh appears in the diary room covered in a blanket and looking like Audrey Middleton and then whips it off in glee that Jessica was set up successfully.  

Join Big Brother on CBS on Thursday at 9 PM eastern for the live eviction episode. Will Jessica's housemates show loyalty and evict Josh, or will she be blindsided and see Ramses eliminated?  With the Head of Household up for grabs, will the power in the house shift?  

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