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Tonight on Big Brother 19 Cody's returned from the dead, and Jessica feels her dreams have all come true with her cuddle buddy back in the house.  With the power of Head of Household up for grabs, everyone feels vulnerable.

Jessica is excited and feels that this is a dream come true. Cody feels that he took big risks last time, and this time he is going to listen to Jessica and hope that he has an opportunity to win the half million.  Privately they head to the lounge and hug it out with kisses.  Jessica tells Cody that they have not yet played HOH and that Kevin has her back. She tells him that Josh has targeted her and been unnecessarily harsh to her.  She tells him that America gave her a power.  Cody is ecstatic when she tells him that she is able to stop an entire eviction and keep them safe.  

Cody tells her that he is going to play her game this time. She tells him that she has targeted Josh, Christmas, Alex, and Paul and they have to go, but right now they have a reset.

Paul and Christmas are uncomfortable and Christmas feels that Cody and Jessica are a super threat.  Matt says that they have to keep their heads in the game and win HOH.  Josh says that he does not want to get into an argument with them anymore.  Paul says that if Cody wins HOH both he and Josh will go on the block.  Paul says that everyone in the room minus Alex have to win the HOH to go against the two again.  

The Head of Household Competition is important to Paul since his power of protection has run out.  Cody feels that he is a target from most everyone in the house.

The competition requires the houseguests to hold a pole against a dish in the shape of a traffic sign. It is called "What's the Hold-Up?" They have a glove with a plastic tube attached and it must stay in contact with the target. If they relax their hold the target will fall. The competition is in a traffic theme and they are dressed as traffic police wearing safety vests.  Christmas is delighted that she is able to compete in this one.
She rests her knee on her scooter and gets ready to play, determined to prove her worth to the house.

Kevin is out first and then Mark.  Paul goes out quickly.  Kevin gets to choose someone to punish and he chooses Cody, and he tells him nothing personal.  The punishment is a pile of trash that is dumped behind him.  It smells.  Mark gives his punishment to Cody as well and a big guy appears to verbally harrass him. Paul gives Cody a punishment as well and it is a dump of "concrete." The mud is now all over him.  Jason drops his and decides to give his to Jessica since the first three have not budged Cody at all.  Jessica is given a spray paint job.  Both Jessica and Cody are unmoved by their punishments.

Cody says that as a Marine, he is used to being yelled at and it has no effect on him.

Elena is ADD and says that this is the longest she has gone unmoving and she finally drops hers.  She gives her punishment to Cody and he is coated in mustard.  Josh is delighted to see Cody receive so many punishments.  Christmas is blocking out everything to remain focused. Matt goes out next and gives his punishment to Cody and he has more trash dumped on him. Raven is out next and gives her punishment to Cody.  It is the yelling guy again which Josh loves. Cody sees it as every punishment being one less person to be up against and is using it to fuel his concentration.  Josh holds on, but finally loses it and Cody says, "How 'bout that Josh, how 'bout that."  He gives his punishment to Jessica and it is tar.  Josh calls Cody a meatball and tells him to look at his girl.  Josh decides to go off.  He tells him to be ready to go back out that door again and harasses him verbally calling him a pack of meatballs. No one tells him to stop.  Josh asks him how bad he hates him and Cody tells us that he is psychotic and he has tuned him out of the game.  Jessica tells Christmas that if she wins HOH she is not her target and Cody says that same thing.  Paul says to tell Josh to tell them not to take the deal.  Josh says to Christmas and Ramses that he will give them anything, a backrub, but don't make a deal.  Cody finally drops. He gives his punishment to Ramses.  Ramses gets spray painted.  It is Ramses and Christmas against Jessica and Ramses is working to stay up there.  Ramses is eliminated. Although the house was favored ten to two, it is down to Christmas and Jessica.

Ramses gives his punishment to Jessica and she says that she is so focused that nothing will stop her. She gets sprayed by mustard.  Kevin points out that Jessica hasn't even changed her facial expression.  Cody reminds her to stay focused as Christmas sways on her scooter and drops the target.  Jessica wins Head of Household.  She is excited to keep both of them safe and does not even have to use her Halting Hex this week.

Jessica tells us that her dad died three years ago today, and to have won on this day of all days was special.  Christmas feels responsible for letting the group down and she felt that she had something to prove to herself.  Paul can't figure out how this happened with the odds in their favor. He feels sure he will go up this week.

Jessica is very happy. She survived her eviction, her boyfriend is back in the house and she is the new HOH.  She says that all her dreams have come true.  Paul wants to push the panic button.

Kevin feels that Josh is a good kid inside, but he does not know how to control himself. He says that Josh will go up..... twice.  Jessica does not want to alienate the house and she is not going to take a big risk.  Cody says he is going to shut up and listen to her.  He feels he put her through hell when he took all those big risks. Jessica says that she will honor her deal with Christmas.

Josh says that he feels he will go on the block, but he has a few tricks up his sleeves. He wants to convince Jessica to put up a bigger target.  He goes up to her HOH room and when she asks for a few minutes, he says that he will wait outside. She tells him, "Please don't," and when Cody gets wind of it, he tells Josh that she does not have time for him, neither one of them do.

Raven says that she does not trust either of them, but she is going to tell them what they want to hear.  Matt and she head up to the HOH and Jessica says that she did all she could to mend the situation and she wants to prove that she is genuine and she is not speaking from a position of weakness, so she is not going to stab anyone in the back. She wants to know moving forward that she has their support.  Mark says that he still loves them and he wants to work on it.  Cody says that he holds no grudge but he does not trust him because he was his ride or die until he stabbed him in the back.  Jessica says that everyone is acting happy and like they are all together again, but she knows that it is because she is HOH.  

Jessica says that Mark is playing a really weird game when she is alone with Cody.  Cody is not surprised that they kiss his butt one week, and want him out the next. He is not going to trust anyone but Jessica.  Paul speaks with Cody and he says that the reason he took him out is that he took a shot at him. Cody says that he took the shot and it didn't take, and if they wanted to work together they can go to the end.  Cody tells us that he does not trust him, and Paul says to us, "Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me." He has no level of trust with Cody either.  Both will look for the right opportunity to target the other.

Paul and Kevin talk about the fact that Kevin wraps his waist in Saran Wrap.  He says that he does it as a secret weight loss, and you do it while you sleep.  Paul says that he is mushing his organs together.  Kevin says that it is an old trick.  Kevin says that "cling wrap at night will keep you tight."

Jessica is unsure what to do and it is nearing time to figure out her nominations.  She wants to plan for the longevity of th game.  Cody feels that Ramses is not a threat to anyone's game and he is not tight with anyone.  He makes a good pawn.  Jessica wants to cut off the head, but she needs to cut off the ass because they need the house to support them. If she makes a big move and the risk doesn't pay off, it will not help them next week in the house.  Cody wants her to make big moves.

Jessica calls the House to the Nominations Ceremony.  She nominates Josh and Ramses.  She tells Ramses that she does not want him to take it personal.  He is just a pawn.  She tells Josh that he has played a disgusting and dirty game. He does not deserve to be in the house, and she can think of no one better to take him out than her.

Jessica says that Josh leaving this week would would not upset too many people and just hearing his name makes her upset.  On the other hand, they have not played Veto yet and there are bigger people that could go up.  Ramses says that she said that he was a pawn, but he feels alone and that there is no one in the house who would give him their vote to stay. He feels that he must play his very best in the Veto Competition.

Paul says that he was waiting for a bomb to explode, one did, and he didn't get hit. He feels that although he is not a direct target, he is not out of the woods yet. He says that he has some work to do in the house to secure his position.

Josh is in tears in the diary room.  It is not that he is on th block, he says, but that Jessica says that he does not deserve to be here. He says that it has been crazy, but he loves waking up in the house and he is not going out without a fight.  He is going to work to win that Veto.

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