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may30 bb19 recap
by honeySC

Julie Chen welcomes us to Big Brother's second night of a three night event which culminates with one former houseguest returning to the game. Both Dominique and Jessica are on the block, Julie teases us with a possible game change using the Halting Hex, the latest temptation.

With blindsides and betrayals ruling the game, alliances are changing.  After Jason chose not to use the Power of Veto he hopes that Dominique will exit tonight. Jessica finds that with Dominique's blow up, her chances to stay in the house are good. Dominique says she is not willing to betray people to stay in the house. She tells Alex that she hopes that she protects herself. Dominique challenges Elena to have a conversation with her. Elena says that she is fine and does not want to talk.  She says that Dominique can go home and watch the game and find that she did nothing to her.  Mark feels that he is in the middle with all the allegations Dominique is tossing about with his closest ally, Elena, and Paul.  

Jessica tells Raven that what she went through with Cody last week sucks. Raven doesn't trust her and although she is fine with sending Dominique home, Jessica is still on her radar.

Joshua talks about his bets with the guys over pool.  Josh and Mark play a game and argue over scratching on the eight ball. They have a bet on the game, with the loser drinking pickle juice as a penalty.  Josh has to drink pickle juice and spits it out.  Josh somehow has hot sauce on him from Mark and then Josh tosses ketchup and mayonnaise at Mark. They begin arguing and Kevin steps in saying that he didn't come 3500 miles to watch people argue.  Josh is upset with Mark and Mark says that he scratched the eight ball and lost.   

Things take a serious turn that could affect the eviction.  When Mark apologizes, Josh says that he was disrespected. Josh says that he was not plotting against anyone and it is game on.  Josh says that he does not want Paul out of the house and he tells Mark not to talk to him from here on out.  Josh says that he had nothing but love and respect for Mark until he threw a drink in his face.  Josh says that Mark was plotting against Christmas and Paul to get them out.  Josh says he has all day if they want to hash it out.  Jessica gets into it and says that he did come to her and try to get him to vote against Christmas.  Josh says that she was with Josh plotting and now she wants to reinsert herself into the house.  Dominique watches hopefully as Jessica loses her under the radar status.  

Tonight is the last Den of Temptation and the houseguests find out that this is the final trip inside. Jason enters and is not tempted. Neither is Kevin and Josh. Dominique has hope but is not tempted, neither is Alex. Jessica enters to receive the temptation. She is allowed to halt any of the next four evictions by using it prior to the vote.  It is only good once and she has to repeat a spell to enact it. There will be a consequence leveled on the house should she accept it, and it will effect the entire house.  Jessica doesn't feel she owes the house anything after she has been a target, and she gratefully accepts the temptation, thanking America for their vote.

Julie tells us that Jessica can use it tonight or she can roll the dice since Dominique appears to be the target. Julie gives Jessica the first opportunity to plea. She says hello to her parents and says that she hopes that she can stay since she has more game to play.  Dominique thanks CBS for the incredible experience and she tells people to stay who they are, and keep their faith, along with a long rambling poem.

The votes:
Josh votes to evict Dominique.
Kevin votes to evict Dominique.
Mark votes to evict Dominique.
Christmas votes to evict Dominique.
Jason votes to evict Dominique.
Raven votes to evict Dominique.
Matt votes to evict Dominique.
Elena votes to evict Dominique.
Paul votes to evict Dominique.
Ramses votes to evict Dominique.

Julie announces that by a vote of 10 to 0 Dominique has been evicted from the Big Brother house.  Dominique hug it out with Mark, Jillian, Matt and reminds them to take care of themselves as she leaves the house to huge applause.  As she joins Julie her photo goes to black and white.  Alex complains that Josh has spilled things everywhere as they wait to head out for the HOH competition.

Dominique tells Julie that Paul whispered "philosophy out of the house." She says to Julie that she will need to pray on that. Right now she does not see a friendship with Paul after the show.  Dominique talks about her disagreement with Elena and how Elena said that she didn't want blood on her hands, which perplexed her since she thought they were on the same team. When asked what change she would make if she could do it all over again, Dominique says that she would be quiet if she got a chance to redo it. Julie tells her that she will have a chance to return to the house is a Big Brother Battle Back Showdown. Dominique is excited. Julie announces that she is bringing out the four evictees to let them see their competition.

Julie interviews Cameron and he predicts that Ramses was the second out, but it was Jillian who comes out to join them.  Julie asks her who is out next and she says Jessica or Cody and Cody joins them. Cody hopes that it is not Jessica and Dominique joins them. Julie reminds Cody not to chat but to listen.  Jillian feels that her greatest mistake in the game was trust and not taking matters into her own hand. Cody is shocked to see Dominique beside him. Dominique says that she is going to do exceptionally well and win. Cameron says that if he gets back in he will try to stay in a bit longer. Jillian says that she will try to align with Elena or Raven.  Cody says that it is a toxic environment for him, but he will take his lead from Jessica.

Julie tells them that they will find out more about how they will battle tomorrow, but it will be a shake up from last year.

As we leave the show Paul talks with Josh and Alex and says that he asked Dominique if she had the temptation and she told him she didn't want to discuss it. He feels this indicates that she had the temptation.

Tune in to Big Brother's special episode at 8 eastern on Friday to watch as Cameron, Cody, Jillian, and Dominique battle for a chance to return to the house. The Head of Household competition will be held on Sunday's episode, and should Jessica choose not to use the Halting Hex there will be a live eviction episode next Thursday.

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