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Written by Lynn Mellis

Tonight on Big Brother 18, with Paul as Head of Household, Josh, Alex, and Ramses are on the block. Paul has nominated Alex and Josh as pawns to maximize his odds of getting Cody up as a back door. His only worry is Ramses winning the veto and ruining his blindside by taking himself off the block.

Cody is sure that this is a backdoor with his name on it.  Jessica hopes that Ramses wins and pulls himself down, shielding them from nomination. Paul pulls Ramses aside and lets him know that he will be safe and he should not attempt to win the veto. Paul speaks to him in the midst of his group in hopes that he will keep to the plan.

The houseguests are called to the Den of Temptation. Since the temptation has been accepted, it is time to suffer the consequence. Three people were cursed. He names Jason, Jessica, and Cody who must return to the den to receive their curse. Jessica is fairly sure that Christmas cursed them and Jessica uses the opportunity to note that perhaps Jason is included because he broke her foot. They enter the den to learn that they are cursed to be frogs that hop everywhere they go and when they are not in motion they must be on lily pads as they endure their frog costumes. Christmas says that watching Cody hop around makes her heart sing. Cody says that it does not bother him that much.

Ramses heads up to chat with Paul, and leaves almost immediately when he sees Kevin and Mark there with him. Paul wonders what is up. Kevin is asked to check in on Ramses and does so since Power Paul "has more necklaces than Two Chains." Ramses tells him that he is not the type of person who lies and he can be trusted when he gives his word. He tells Kevin that he knows they want Cody out and he has it.

Enjoying slop in frog costumes on their lily pad, Jessica asks him if he knew what he knew today would he have made the same move?  He says he would because he would have never seen her loyalty without that. She says that she will miss him.

The frogs hop on in for the veto player picks along with the other houseguests.
Paul gets to pull two chips out of the box to determine who will play in veto. Elena and Matt are selected and that brings the group to six with Paul, Ramses, Alex, and Josh. Jason hosts.

Paul comes to Ramses again, and Ramses tells him that he will not *mess it up. He is not sure what he wants to do since he has promised himself he will never leave himself on the block. He promised his mom that he would do his best and tells Paul that.  Paul says that if he does this favor he will owe Ramses. He just has to suck at the veto competition.  

The competition is a series of timed memory events.  Each player must enter a terminal where they have to memorize visual information. In each terminal they must answer a question. If they get it right their flight is on time and they can advance to the next terminal, but if they are incorrect they must endure a delay, completing a challenge before they can move to their next terminal. The player who travels the world in the quickest time wins the veto. The first question is about a number of passengers entering the terminal on a mural, and Paul gets it wrong and must complete a challenge of choosing a number of priced items to have a sum of nineteen dollars. Incorrect tasks require him to karate chop through plastic gateways. Other questions are based on other murals and the next is the number of pieces of luggage. When he also gets number 3 wrong he must trace a track puzzle called a gondola puzzle. The next question is about the colors of a map of Australia and then which location does not have a poster in terminal three?

Ramses decides to play to win, and Josh struggles to add the items in the first terminal. Another delay found by most players is to eat escargo and other uncomfortable foods before they can move on. Josh, Mark, Alex, and Elena must jump into ice cold water tubs to retreive an item. Ramses event is shown in its entirety, and he misses the first and must price items out to nineteen dollars. He misses the second and must karate chop through the obstacles. He misses the third and has to guide the gondola through the maze and then gets the escargo one right. He gets the fifth wrong and must dive to collect the passport. He is moving fast, but has missed four of the five questions and endured the delays and consequences.

The Results in minutes and seconds:
Josh 7:48
Ramses 7:44

The group is shocked when Ramses time shows he did not throw the timed race. Jessica and Cody take a deep breath and hope that his time is the quickest and they will be safe when he removes himself.

Elena 22:45
Matt 11:42
Alex 16:38

Everyone is waiting with baited breath. Paul realizes that his game will rest on his own shoulders.  If his time is not faster than Ramses, his plan will be ruined, and having given his word that Alex and Josh would be safe with him will damage his game.
Jessica and Cody watch and hope.

Paul 4:37

Paul wins the Veto and holds all the power this week. He realizes that Ramses did not throw the veto and Ramses decides that he must do some damage control. Cody and Jessica hug it out and he tells Jessica that these guys are going to follow Paul all the way to the end. Jessica says that it is hard to picture the house without Cody. She wishes that things were different. He tells her to stay strong.

Ramses heads up to speak with Paul and when he finds Mark and Raven there, he tells him that he knows that he looked sketchy, but he did throw it. Paul says that he does not care. Paul says that with Cody as a threat, it is a direct threat. With Ramses, it is more indirect. He is unsure whether he should leave nominations where they are and have Ramses voted out since he is sure that he did not throw the competition.

Paul calls the houseguests for the Veto Ceremony. Paul notes that Ramses has fulfilled his curse. He asks Alex why he should use the Veto on her and she says that she wants to be here and compete against him, and if he doesn't, she will fight him. Ramses says that he wants to stay in the house. Josh tells Cody and Jessica that they have lied about him and he wants them to hop on out of here. He says that he even has his girl doing his dirty work. In the end Paul uses his Veto on Josh and tells Cody that since he stabbed him in the back he is putting him on the block. Checkmate.

Cody says that he was a threat to Paul's game and the rest of the house is falling all over him. Josh says that Cody took a shot and missed, and he is hopping out of here. Paul says that the toad will be leaving on Thursday.

Join Big Brother 18 on CBS at 9 eastern on Thursday to see the live eviction episode where Alex, Ramses, or Cody will be evicted. The new Head of Household will be crowned. The third temptation is now available for America's vote and is called the Halting Hex. Each temptation will come with consequences for other houseguests. America can vote for at until July 17th at 8:59 AM Pacific time. You may cast ten times each day, but cannot vote for either Paul or Christine since they have already won temptations.


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