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Tonight on Big Brother 18, we join the Head of Household competition, Candy Crush. Beginning in the midst of chaos over the eviction of Jillian, the houseguests scramble to collect tickets in an effort to gain control of the house.

Cody is defeated after his crew of Josh, Kevin, Mark, Elena and Alex did not evict Christmas. Mark respects Cody and lets him know that he had to vote out Jillian to save his own game. Jessica and Christmas confront each other and accuse each other of trying to take the other out. Cody is angry and attacks Josh, and when Josh yells back at him, Cody gets physical, but Kevin stops the advance.

Alex really didn't think that Jillian was going to be voted out and her circle of trust has gotten smaller. She says that the only people who should win tonight are Jason or Kevin.  Jessica feels the need to win because she feels she is only safe if she wins. Elena decides to hand off her tickets and Mark does the same thing. Christmas is finding it difficult to get around with her broken foot, so she is digging around, finding tickets, and passing them off to Paul as well.

Kevin feels safe with all the targets surrounding him, so he decides that he does not need to win. Jessica stays focused and hopes for some luck, but Paul is getting close. One ball passes right by the heart in the center. Cody offers Kevin and Jason advice, but feels it is falling on deaf ears. Cody feels helpless.  Paul gets the win and Christmas cheers. She says that Paul winning is ike her winning.

Jessica feels hopeless because Paul's winning is the worst possible situation for her and Cody. Cody tells us that he has no chance to make it past this week unless he plays in the Veto Competition. Paul tells us that Cody took his shot, missed, and now it is his turn to take his own shot. Christmas is happy to take aim at Cody and Jessica.

When Cody asks Kevin who he voted to evict, Kevin lies and says Christmas. In reality, he voted to evict Jillian because he and Christmas talk and she cooks him breakfast. Cody decides that Ramses voted out Jillian, and attacks him. Ramses tells us that Jillian was his bestie in the house and he would never vote her out.  When Josh approaches Cody, Cody tells him to shut the expletive up and leave. Jessica also tells him to leave her alone.  They are upset that Josh was not honest with them about his vote. Cody accuses him of playing the victim. Kevin stays between them. Cody tells him not to talk to them anymore. Josh heads out and cries in the bathroom. He is comforted by Raven and Dominique who advise him not to share. They all tell him that he is not weak, but smart. Paul says that Cody and Jessica's colors came out. Dominique says that with Paul as HOH, she feels safe. Cody's targets last week showed his colors. He made his bed and must now lie in it.

Paul shares his HOH room and Jessica is not sure she can head up to share it with him. Cody goes, but Jessica heads to the diary room. Paul shares his photos of his sister and animals He gets socks and a letter from home. He reads his letter aloud. When Cody leaves, Christmas says that it was awkward. Paul decides that he will have no secrets, just strategy.  His first inclination is to put Matt and Raven up. One of them should win veto and they will replace him with Cody. They feel that no one would vote sweet Raven out. Mark makes the point that they don't need to lose a vote by putting two of their votes up.  Mark says that you never feel safe when you are on the block.

It is time to enter the Den of Temptation.  Paul announces that since he was tempted, he is ineligible to e tempted again.  Ramses enters first and sees voodoo dolls of his fellow houseguests. He is not the one tempted. Jessica looks very disappointed to find that she is not the one tempted, but Christmas is excited to have the Ring of Replacement. This power allows her to replace one houseguest chosen by random draw anytime this summer. She must also curse three people in the house. She selects Jason, Cody, and Jessica. She does not know what the curse may be. Cody heads in, and in a sour tone he says that he does not care. He is not into dolls.

Jessica wonders what the curse may be and thinks that the only way this can get worse is if she and Cody get the curse. Paul is worried that the temptation and the curse may ruin his plans for the week. Christmas, listening, grins wickedly.

Mark presses Paul on choosing to nominate two of their own because of the votes. Why put his people in danger when he does not have to?  Mark suggests Alex and when Paul takes him up on it, Mark says that is why he loves Paul.  Paul approaches Alex and tells her that she needs to work with him. He confesses that he wants to backdoor Cody and Alex is going to be his pawn along with Josh. Josh hates Cody and although he is a loose cannon, he would never pick Cody to play with him. Alex is cautious, but does not let Paul see that she is not happy. She agrees when he says that should he win he will place the Veto around her neck.  Paul then approaches Josh and tells him that he wants no chance that Cody will play and he knows with him as pawn that he will not play. Paul promises Josh that he will not let Josh go home. Josh trusts Paul and wants to show him loyalty and that he is able to work with him. Paul is unsure why everyone trusts him, but knows that with Cody upending the house that everyone wants him gone.

Paul calls the houseguests for the Nomination Ceremony. When he turns the keys in the lock, the houseguests he has chosen for nomination pictures will appear on the memory wall. Ramses interrupts and says that he has a curse and he will use it today. He must place himself on the block and he chooses to do that today. If he wins the Veto, he may take himself down and there will be no replacement. Paul nominates Josh and says that he is not well. He called him a meatball about ten times. He says that he has not forged a bond with Alex. Cody feels that this is all balony and that he is the target. Jessica worries that this could end up being her backdoor, and Ramses worries that without Cody and Jessica on the block that he may end up being an unwitting target. Paul is concerned that Ramses will win the Veto and remove himself from the block, leaving both Josh and Alex hanging.

Join Big Brother 18 on CBS at 8 eastern on Wednesday to see the Veto Competition and learn who plays in and who wins the Power of Veto.  The third temptation is called the Halting Hex. Each temptation will come with consequences for other houseguests. America can vote for at until July 17th at 8:59 AM Pacific time. You may cast ten times each day, but cannot vote for either Paul or Christine since they have already won temptations.

The next temptation is called the Ring of Replacement and will come with a consequence. Voting is open at There is a maximum of ten votes per day. Voting ends at 9:59 A.M PT on July 7th.

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