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Tonight on Big Brother 18, Julie joins us to announce that there has been an unprecedented number of nominations by the Head of Household.  With Christmas nominated as Alex's replacement for the block, the house is in chaos and it is only day 16.

Elena wonders why Cody took such a risk a such an early point. Christmas confronts Cody and they take it upstairs. Paul sees who is loyal to him. He decides to stir the pot, play victim and create some enemies. Josh tells Paul that he is not with the power group.  Christmas tells Cody that she believed him when he said that she was with him. He says that he knows what has to happen in the game and this will make that happen. She tells him that he had other potential nominations. She tells him that he is not a man of his word, and he is not reliable. Cody bemoans Paul's three weeks of safety.  

Paul speaks with Dominique and Jessica.  Paul says that he gave them all his trust, and now he has to watch his own back. Christmas says that she had Cody's back and all they had to do was stick to the plan. She says that this is not a dictatorship. Dominique doesn't know where he got the wild idea to nominate one of their team mates.

Matt and Elena whisper that they were fine the way that things were going. Raven says that she knew nothing and Elena says that he screwed all of them. Matt says that there is no way he can trust Cody with him going rogue.

Jessica says to Cody that she is angry with him for ruining the peace in the house and she is mad at Paul for not telling that he had the Power Pendant. Cody gets up and walks away from her. Cody heads outside to work out and is angry. Christmas says that she is not worried, but she is pissed.

Mark says that he did not see it coming, but he will be loyal to him. He will send Christmas home. Jason says that in his mind, it was a one sided deal, but Cody did keep his end of the bargain with him. Jessica accuses Cody of stirring the pot and he says that he has done everything stupid that he can possibly do.

Mark says this is a free for all, and the other five meet and discuss that Cody has placed a target on them. Jessica says she definitely has. Jessica and Elena both say that they cannot vote Christmas home. Mark and Matt still feel that they need to protect the HOH. Jessica says that this has cracked the foundation of their group.

Christmas and Jason dance each morning, and Christmas gets injured, possibly breaking her foot. She is taken to the diary room where she is taken to the hospital for treatment.

Paul talked to the five and he asks them to keep Christmas. Josh and Kevin tell him that they will keep her, but they are unsure. Alex will vote to keep Jillian. Christmas returns and says that she tore some ligaments. She says that she will not make Cody put anyone else on the block. Cody wonders if she is back for good, or is it just for that reason. Matt points out that they still have the votes, and Jessica is worried that in keeping Christmas, she will target her and Cody.

Julie reminds us that one vote will decide who goes. Matt helps her out and joins her for a chat. He feels guilty that she was blindsided. He tells her that he kept his distance, but she is intimidating. She says that when she returned, everyone stayed parked upstairs, and it hurt her feelings. She tears up and he hugs her. She accepts his apology. Mark is also in tears by the time they are finished talking. He says that he thought that it was clear cut that she had to go, but he is now torn.

The two nominated houseguests are given a last chance to plead their cases to stay. Christmas says that even with a broken foot she is here to play, but she put her trust and loyalty into two people, Jessica and Cody, but they backstabbed her and they will do that to everyone. They cannot be trusted. She is still here to be loyal to the rest of them and will play hard in return.  Jillian says that she gave everything that she had and she wants to continue to grow and compete with them as she comes out of her shell.

The votes:
Jessica votes to evict Christmas.
Jason votes to evict Christmas.
Kevin votes to evict Jillian.
Matt votes to evict Jillian.
Raven votes to evict Jillian.
Paul votes to evict Jillian.
Ramses votes to evict Christmas.
Dominique votes to evict Jillian.
Alex votes to evict Christmas.
Elena votes to evict Jillian.
Mark votes to evict Jillian.
Josh votes to evict Jillian.

By a vote of eight to four, Jillian is evicted from the Big Brother House. Cody is definitely not happy with the results. Mark whispers to Cody quickly. Christmas and Jessica argue about lying to each other, and Christmas calls her a coward and tells Jessica to get out of her face. Jessica returns the coward comment and says that with Christmas' plea she said she was coming after her and Cody.

Jillian meets with Julie, and Julie tells her that by her look at the vote announcement, she did not see this coming. Jillian says that she thought it would be a tie, and Cody was going to break the tie. She was told that the votes were locked in. Jillian thinks that Paul got in the middle of the vote and made a few changes. She is shocked and Julie says that it is Big Brother. Expect the Unexpected. Jillian has nothing else to say.

The Head of Household competition is a Candy Crush competition and Cody must sit out. They are going to play Big Brother Sugar Shot. They must roll a ball down one of the three transparent ramps to get a shot to the heart in the board. They must look for tickets that fall in candy balls from the sky. The candy is falling in balls that they must force open. They may either take the shot themselves or give it to someone else to shoot for them. They may take as many as three shots.

Join Big Brother 18 on CBS at 8 eastern on Sunday to learn who will be the new Head of Household and learn who was nominated for eviction.  The next temptation is called the Ring of Replacement and will come with a consequence. Voting is open at There is a maximum of ten votes per day. Voting ends at 9:59 A.M PT on July 7th.

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