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Tonight on Big Brother 18, with Megan leaving the game and Alex joining Jillian on the block, the Power of Veto is the only thing saving one of the two girls. Cody has a lot of respect for Alex, but he is also trying to appease the rest of his allies. Matt feels that with himself, Mark, Cody, and Christmas, they will dominate the game.

Jessica sweet talks Cody and teases him about getting choked up over nominating Alex. Jessica is jealous and hopes that evicting Alex will eliminate any competition for her heart.  

Paul compliments Cody, who does not know that Paul has the Power of Protection. Paul feels that the entire house feels good about him, but wants to cozy up to the power side of the house a bit.  Jason and Alex feel that they need to get rid of Cody and Alex trusts him. She feels that the best move is for Jason to win the POV and remove her from the block. Alex has a talk with Cody and when he asks her why she won't play on his side, she tells him that the girls don't like her. Alex feels that if you want a showmance you need to go on the Bachelor, and this is a game to win.

The houseguests are told that they will suffer the consequence for one member taking the temptation.  They will each enter the den and stick their hand in the mouth of the serpent. If the eyes turn green they are safe.  If it bites them, they are cursed. Only the cursed one will know what the curse is. This curse went to Ramses who now must place himself on the block at one point in the next three weeks. He may choose when, and must choose wisely. Ramses was the second one to enter, which is the number Paul unknowingly chose.

The players are choosing who will play in the veto competition. Cody chooses Matt. Alex chooses Raven, and Jillian chooses Jason to play. This is done by random pick from chips in a bag. The host chosen by Cody isKevin who dresses in a mermaid costume. He comments that he is embracing the LA lifestyle.

The competition is to collect as many starfish as they can in a specified period of time. They must stack them by points. They have an aqua-clock which must be kept full of water. If the water runs out, they are out. There is a temptation starfish that is gold, and if a player retrieves it, they will be a Never-Not, meaning that they will not be a have not for the duration of the game. This will also eliminate them from the game. Cody decides to keep his aqua-clock full while Jason decides to collect lots of starfish quickly. Raven gets the never not and is out. Jason collects fourteen starfish and then decides to let his clock run out since he does not think it will stack any higher. Alex is not sure that this is enough to win, so she keeps going since she, Jillian, and Cody are the only ones left. Cody looks over and sees that Alex has quite a few stars, so he decides to let his timer run out. Alex has sixteen stars up while Jillian is still in the game. Jillian's aqua-clock runs out without enough stars to beat Jason, and Alex's locks in at 16. Cody is very happy that Alex won and wants to go after someone he does not trust. Jessica is upset that Cody gave the game to Alex.

Alex is not sure that she won this on her own, but she will take it. Cody wants to go after another person and this will assure him that Alex will pull herself off. Jessica and Dominique feels that he threw it. She does not understand why he did that. Alex tells Jason that she thinks that Cody threw it. Jason is nervous because he feels like a sitting duck. Matt is not happy and feels that they need a new game plan. Paul tells them that Jason is her closest ally. When the others respond favorably Paul feels that he can play puppetmaster with his safety pendant. Cody does not fall for it, and Paul's game play only makes Cody dislike him more. He feels that to keep his group together, he must eliminate Paul.

Jessica confronts Cody with the fact that he let Alex win.  Jessica says that with Alex around everyone else is in jeopardy.  Cody does not see that she is a threat to him. Paul wants to feel out Cody about his renomination. He doesn't want to reveal his Pendant of Power, but he wants to know what is going on. When he asks what he might be thinking, Cody does not talk to him, and he only says to him that his actions will speak louder than words. Paul finds Cody to be a stone wall.

Paul tells Christmas that he thinks that he is going to put Jason on the block and Paul does not see him doing anything weird.  Jason heads up to talk to Cody, and Jason tells him that whoever goes up now is leaving. Cody says that if he does not put him up he wants protection if he is HOH next week for the three couples and Dominique. He tells him that he did not mention Christmas or Paul. He says that those are people from his team and they are both big game. Jason smiles feeling safe this week and feeling he does not need to jeopardize his allies in the process.

Cody admits to Jessica that he is reckless and screwed up letting her win. He kisses her to appease her, but does not tell her his reasoning. Alex calls the houseguests for the Power of Veto meeting. She uses the POV on herself and Cody must nominate a replacement. He tells everyone that he kept his own counsel on his nomination and as he listened to his fellow houseguests, there was one person who was sowing disloyalty and he tells Paul to take a seat. Paul's Pendant of Power is shown on the screen and Paul puts on his Power. The pendant keeps him safe for three evictions and therefore cannot be nominated. Cody must select another, so he selects Christmas, telling her that she got screwed. Alex adjourns the meeting. Christmas tells him that he pulled the rug out from both her and Paul and Paul is energized by Cody playing his cards in front of the entire house.  Elena tells us that the entire house just split down the middle with this move and she is not sure where she is going to land. Cody says that strategizing this season does not work and he has nominated a third of the house in his role of HOH. Alex, Christmas, Jillian, Paul, and Megan. Many of the houseguests are in shock over the turn of events. Jillian says that she will fight to stay in the house and that she has shared the chair with four people and is still in the game. Christmas says that her fighting side is coming out and she will take revenge.

Join Big Brother 18 on CBS at 9 eastern on Thursday for live eviction episode.  The next temptation is called the Ring of Replacement and will come with a consequence. Voting is open at There is a maximum of ten votes per day


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