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Big Brother 19 opens with Paul wondering why nerdy Cameron was sent packing over comp beast Christmas. He wonders if they understand the game. Christmas sees that two voted for her to go and she says she is going to find them and send them packing. Jillian worries that she will become a block sitter since she did it once. Megan worries that the boys may have already allied since she is sure that the votes against the girls came from Cody, Mark, and Matt.

Megan, Ramses, Alex, and Elena have formed an alliance. Megan feels that Mark, Paul, and Cody need to go as soon as possible. Josh feels like the odd man out and when Christmas comforts him, he feels guilty for voting for her to go. He tells her that he has a big heart. Christmas worries about him and thinks that it will be a long summer with his emotions surfacing on day two. He tells her that his gut is that Megan cannot be trusted.

When the doorbell rings, the group races to the door to see Nicole enter the living room. She is dressed in a goddess outfit complete with crown. Everyone hugs it out with her. Kevin does not know who she is. Paul complains that he has PTSD with Nicole there, and Nicole wants to make signs and t-shirts to celebrate his getting back into the house. She is there to host the first HOH competition. Nicole reminds the forgetful that she won the first HOH competition and then won the entire game. She tells them that they are going to compete in teams of four. The teams are selected by random draw.

The houseguests exit to the backyard to see a jungle of temptation. Rotten apples have overrun the garden. They are in teams of four. They must swing across the garden to locate apples and clip them to their belts. Returning to base they must hit a bell before the next relay player may go. The first team to collect eight apples will win the first stage of the competition. There is a temptation, however. In the garden there are golden apples. Should a player choose, they may select a golden apple which will guarantee their safety this week. The consequence is that the rest of the team is eliminated. Josh takes the golden apple and that puts Jillian, Kevin, and  in jeopardy. That works for Kevin who had to throw the competition anyway.

The pink team is Dominique, Jessica, Matt, and Cody. They win the first round.
Blue is Mark, Paul, Raven, and Megan and they also advance.
Orange is Ramses, Alex, Jason, and Christmas.

The second round is for the two teams to swing across the garden on the jungle vines to collect apples that they must balance on a springy apple tree that is much like a balance scale. The apples weigh different amounts and they must balance on the tree long enough for the designated player from each team to travel back to base. Paul reaches out to Cody and they shake hands, and Paul gives Cody safety should he win. Paul goes for the blue team and Cody goes for the pink team. Paul works valiantly, but Cody wins the competition and becomes the first head of household. Josh is safe, having bitten into the golden apple, but he has alienated his entire team with the move. In addition, he has words with Megan publicly, and the rest of the house is now wary of him.

Back in the house, Josh tells the kitchen that he was going home if he had not taken the safety. He tells her that she is a nice girl in general, but she is attacking and talking about him. Megan is aghast that Josh has put a target on her back. Kevin says that after seeing that, he will never yell at his own kids again. He tells Josh that he was intimidating.  

In the bedroom with things being tense, Paul and Jason decide to have some fun. Paul dresses in Jason's chaps and gives bull rides to the other guys. Cody sees through him, and seeing him as a social threat, wants to take him out. Cody obviously didn't see the handshake as a deal to keep each other safe no matter who won. He gets with Matt and says that he sees himself, Mark, and Matt as a trio. They have not spoken alliance, but they are on the same page. Mark is happy to be a part of an alliance, and the three of them decide that they can compete and have a great social game.

Josh heads out to the kitchen and encounters Megan. He asks her for a conversation and she reminds him that he needs to clean up after his cooking because she just cleaned the entire kitchen. He takes her to the lounge and apologizes to her. She feels bad for him. He apologizes profusely and she tells us that at the end of the day, he is safe and she is now a target. She heads up to talk to Cody and asks for safety. Cody says that she came to him with the standard save me speech and he does not respect begging. Megan is frustrated. As an interrogator in a prison, she is getting nothing from him.

Cody goes looking for others who are level headed. He wants Christmas, Raven, Elena, Dominique, and of course Jessica to be his second level. He figures he can put up the outsiders, Kevin, Alex, Megan, Jillian, Jason, Ramses, Paul. Talking with Matt, he says that if there is a chance, they can  backdoor Paul. Mark says that Paul is loyal and Cody disagrees. He says that he would be on both sides and then bad talk in the in the diary room. They just have to pick two nominees for the block.

Cody says that he is setting the tone for the rest of the season and he is serious. They are using the memory wall key system. Cody has nominated Megan and Jillian. He tells Megan that he just doesn't like her that much. He says he named Jillian because of her association with Megan. Megan says that she is going to fight to stay in the house and Jillian thinks that she is not Cody's target. Cody says that he nominated the ladies, but Paul is a possibility for replacement. He knows that the house knows now where he stands and where his head is in the game.

Join Big Brother 18 on CBS Sunday at 8 P.M. eastern to see the Garden of Temptation and learn who America voted to receive the Pendant of Protection. The Pendant of Protection will keep one houseguest safe through three nominations.


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