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Julie welcomes us to Big Brother 19 and announces that there are sixteen houseguests entering the house to face temptations and twists in order to win the grand prize of half a million dollars. Tonight the summer of temptations will begin and three temptations will confront the houseguests with the highest opening night prize ever,twenty-five thousand dollars available. One former houseguest may re-enter the house, and one houseguest may be evicted.

We are introduced to the houseguests and watch them receive their keys. Christmas is a physical person who sees obstacles as just something to overcome. Jason is a rodeo clown known as whistlenut. Alex prepares for the apocolypse and she says she will win Big Brother since she is a video game nut. Kevin's dad is a big shot in the neighborhood and portrays himself as a pseudo-mob player. He is a stay at home dad who has seven children, six girls, and sees his life as controlled chaos. Dominique is very religious and makes youtube videos. Mark sees himself as a big teddy bear who loves Fifty Shades of Gray. He would enjoy a showmance. He lost his parents as a young age. Elena's afraid that hr mouth will get her in trouble. Ramses watches Big Brother and feels it gives him the edge.  

The first four to enter the Big Brother House are Alex, Mark, Ramses, and Elena. They race for a bed. Ramses is ecstatic at the blue room with the double beds. Alex feels the house is gorgeous. She sees a Garden of Eden. Elena sees Mark as a giant and sees him as a hottie, and just her type.

Christmas, Dominique, Kevin, and Jason enter next. Everyone troops upstairs to see the loft and Elena asks Mark if he can teach her to play chess. Jason says he is not leaving until he has the check in his hand. Christmas says she is going to eliminate everyone one by one. Kevin says he will be the father of the house. Dominique notes that there are only eight in the house right now.

With half the new houseguests already in, we meet the second group of houseguests. Cody lives in Dallas, was a Marine serving in Afganistan, but was also in the Air Force as a nuclear specialist and worked in intelligence. Raven is into the supernatural and believes in ghosts. Josh is from Miami and is a latino who is in har care sales. Megan is a dog walker who is a former Naval interrogator. Cameron is a biologist and is a self-described nerd. Jessica lives in LA and Matt sees himself as loyal. He went gray early in his life.  Jillian is a sales representative who had weight reduction surgery. She sees herself as a drama queen. Matt will leave his daughter for the summer.

Julie sends Matt, Raven, Jillian, and Cameron into the house.  Ramses loves Raven's hair since he is a cosplay artist. Cameron worries when Kevin says that he looks like his nephew and takes offense when Kevin tells him not to be nervous.

Cody, Jessica, Josh, and Megan are the last to enter. Jessica is all giggles and Megan is perky. Cody wants to maintain his focus, but he sees Jessica, a distraction that will throw his plan right out the window. Ramses finds a great crew in Megan and Alex.
Kevin says that he has been married thirty-one years with seven kids. Cameron tells that he is a micro-biologist and Cody tells that he is in sales. Jessica is falling for him already. Christmas says she is a retired athlete since sh has beaten her body up. Raven says she is Arkan-sassy and is a dance teacher. Jillian tells that she is a vacation consultant while Megan tells everyone that she is a dog walker, but she doesn't admit to being a military interrogator. Ramses tells that he is a costume maker for super-hero. Dominique does not talk about her smart job. Josh is not reserved and Cody says that he will enjoy watching him implode. Jason admits that he s a rodeo clown. Raven is into Matt and his grey hair. The group toast to the summer.

Julie announces that the first temptation is about to be dropped. The houseguests are called to the living room. She tells them that they are going to be in the Summer of Temptations.  Tonight they will be tempted by money, safety, and power. How the night ends will depend on their reactions. Everyone has to choose a pod and climb in. When the light in front of them turns green they can be the first to press a button which will release twenty-five thousand dollars, but it comes with a consequence. The person who takes the temptation will remain anonymous. Kevin accepts the temptation and the first twist is released. It has two consequences, one personal, and the other for the entire house. The personal one is that Kevin is ineligible to win HOH and must throw the first HOH challenge. The whole house consequence is that a former fan favorite will join them in the game.

Cameron speaks up about not taking the temptation, and Ramses wonders if he is the temptation winner. Paul rings the bell and Cameron is excited to see someone enter who is a bigger threat than him. Jason sees the table count and notes that there are seventeen horses and only sixteen seats at the table, so someone has to go tonight. Cody does not trust him and sees him as a target. Paul decides that he is going to toss a target on someone else. Ramses, Alex, Jillian, Megan group together and decide that Paul has to go since returnees always make it to the end.

Julie calls the group to the living room and confirms that Paul is back in the house to compete for the half million.  Paul is not simply moving into the house to play the game, but is taking one of their places. It is the first ever Big Brother swap. One will be evicted tonight. The second temptation is safety. If the houseguests want safety, they must offer a temptation to Paul. Paul opens a box to find friendship bracelets, nine in all. One is for Paul and the other eight go to the houseguests he chooses. Those eight will all be safe and the other eight will be up for eviction. Paul sees it as a target on his back and apologizes, but also sees it as something he can get used to. Kevin begins to feel bad about the risk he took on for the house.

Julie tells us that the summer of temptation is in full swing and his arrival is a part of a Big Brother swap. He has the power to keep them safe. Raven tells him that she is a lot of fun and he will miss her if she is not here. Cameron tells Paul that he has loyalty to offer and Dominique tries as well. Cody doesn't know what to say. Paul feels that his meeting is like a bad date. Cody offers him safety if he wins the power. Jason makes a good impression and Kevin tells Paul that he cannot go home this early. Christmas pitches loyalty. Josh tells him that he is his biggest fan. Paul asks him if he doesn't get a bracelet would he trust what he is doing?  Josh says he will, but hopes it does not blow up in his face. Matt offers to play with him. Paul decides to make it even between girls and guys and personalities.

Julie calls them to the living room and Paul must pass out bracelets. Paul offers bracelets to Kevin, Raven, Dominique, Mark, Jason, Jessica, Ramses, and Elena. The rest are in a battle for safety in a challenge. Josh feels that this is a leap of faith for him and that it will definitely show a disconnect between them that is not actually there, helping them to work together anonymously. Cameron is devastated. Cody feels that he did not like him in his season and this only confirms it. Alex doesn't like him either and decides to crush the competition. The competitors are Alex, Cameron, Christmas, Cody, Josh, Jillian, Matt, and Megan.

The competitors head outside to find trapeze bars. They must stand on them and hold onto a rope. It works the arms, core, and legs. It is called tempted by the fruit. One of them will be going home tonight. They must step on their trapeze. There are eight apples, three are poison, four are safety. Throughout the competition Julie will give clues to help find safe apples. The four poison apples will put them on the block. Jillian is out first. Julie tells them that they are more likely to get a safe apple from a red snake. Megan is down next. She picks an apple from a red snake. One of the yellow apples is safe. Josh is down next and picks a yellow apple from a red snake. Cameron is worried about being seen as a good competitor so he drops and picks a red apple from a yellow snake. Julie offers another clue. At least one of the yellow snakes is holding a safe apple. Christmas goes down and picks an apple from a yellow snake. Cody feels the strain. They make it more difficult difficult by raising the trapeze.  Cody, Matt, and Alex are now the only ones left. Matt is hurting and Cody tells him that he is feeling fine. Matt is quickly done and drops. It is down to Cody and Alex. Cody tries to offer Alex what he can, but she is not having it. Alex falls at nearly an hour and a half on the trapeze. Cody is happy that he does not have to suck up to Paul, and since he won the competition, he is safe.

Alex is safe. Matt is safe. Christmas is poisoned. Cameron is poisoned. Josh is safe. Megan is safe and Jillian is poisoned. Jillian, Cameron, and Christmas are on the block, but there is one more temptation that may save one of them.

Julie calls the houseguests to the living room to reveal the final temptation, one of power. They can choose how they would like their fate to be determined and allow the houseguests to vote or battle it out in a competition. Eviction vote or competition. One at a time they will vote in the diary room. Jillian votes to vote. Cameron votes to compete. Christmas votes to vote. The results are to hold an evicton vote. Cameron wonders why Christmas voted for a vote. Christmas feels pretty safe, but campaigns. Cameron asks for safety from Kevin and gets it. Jason feels that Christmas is a triple threat and he is going to vote her out. Cody is unimpressed with Jillian's weight loss story. Cameron moons for a vote. He tells Elena and Jessica that they will be safe if he is kept safe by them. He feels that his dream is slipping out of his grasp.

Cameron, Christmas, and Jillian are on the block and Paul will only vote in the event of a tie. The votes cast are not revealed to us. Christmas has only two votes to evict and is safe. Jillian has only three votes and is safe. Cameron is the first houseguest evicted from the Big Brother House.  He is disappointed with himself and wishes he had hung on longer. He hugs it out and leaves the house.

Join Big Brother 18 on CBS Thursday at 9 P.M. eastern to see the second night of the season premeiere with the first Head of Household competition. We will also learn who the Head of Household nominates for eviction. America can join in the fun by voting for one houseguest to enter the Den of Temptation where the can be tempted by the Pendant of Protection which will keep them safe through three nominations. Votes can be cast at Julie warns however, that each temptation will have a consequence.  


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