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BY MattD

Hello once again everybody!!  Gonna be down to the final 3 finally! The Paul/Christmas/Josh trio has made it all the way assuming nominations stay the same, and Christmas evicts Kevin. Nothing unpredictable happened in the last week. Jason as expected was evicted, Alex won a stay of execution by winning an HOH and Raven went away, then Alex was evicted on last night's show (Tuesday in real time). Kevin going tonight just rolls along with what's been happening. These are my thoughts:

Celebrity Big Brother was announced by Julie on the show last week. Count me as being not excited. It will be worth watching, and it'll be interesting to see how these people handle the house. But what kind of "celebrities" are we really going to get? Look, most of the people that are currently famous, wouldn't be able to do the show, because they'll be busy doing whatever it is that makes them famous. For example Bobby Moynihan is a big fan of this show, but why did he make a cameo on this show? To promote his own show. That's what he's going to be doing. Now I don't think they're going to keep them there nearly as long, but I doubt someone like him would get a big enough window of time off to be able to do it. What I think we'll get is 1) People that are barely famous. 2) People that used to be famous. 3) People that used to be barely famous. You might get a musician  that was a one-hit wonder in the 80's or 90's. Maybe an actor or actress that was on a popular sit-com from back then, but has done little since. I heard a rumor Howard Stern might be on the show, but he was on TV what 20-25 years ago? He's still got a show on Satellite radio or something, and he really was pretty famous at one point. I could be wrong, but I doubt we'll get the type of people they get on Dancing with the Stars. This isn't something you can just show up a couple times a week for, you're locked up for an extended period of time. So if someone's famous enough to be on DWTS I doubt they'll feel the need to do this. I'm about 70% sure they'll have to top of the cast with reality stars from other shows. Maybe they could get someone associated with the OJ trial? OJ himself is going to have restrictions on travel, so I don't think he'd do it. Besides, after being in the pokey for 9 years, I don't think you're in the mood to volunteer to lock yourself up. Any of the lawyers? I doubt it, though Marcia Clark seems to get on TV every time she gets a chance. The witnesses? I can think of two or three. Mark Furhman really made some disgusting remarks that were on tape, but people would remember him, and he might want to help his name, and besides the producers have a history of not caring about bigoted remarks. Ron Shipp was a big deal briefly because as an African-American he testified against OJ which was huge at the time. But seriously the only one I can seriously see is Kato Kaelin, that could happen. Anyway stay tuned, we'll see who we get.

I'm going to the Cast Party once again. It's at the same place as it was last year at the Clifton's in downtown LA. It comes to about $60 including tax. If you have a chance to go and can pay that, then I highly recommend it. Just don't get your hopes up of meeting any one houseguest, usually I get at least a little bit of face time with at least 2/3 of them. There's always people from past seasons there, the only Canada person I've met was Joel, but that's possible too. Occasionally there's some people from Survivor there. There's relatives of the houseguests as well, I usually meet a couple of those. The guy who played the Principal on "Saved by the Bell" was there last year, but I didn't catch up with him. I met pitcher Ross Stripling of the LA Dodgers and talked to him for several minutes (he's really good friends with Corey). And also, the other fans that are there are just as big of fans as we are. I don't know anyone in person that watches the show and the feeds like we do, I know plenty that watch the show, just not like we do. That's part of the reason I go to the Open Calls is to be able to talk to people like that. Anyway, it's the night after the finale, I think you'd like it.

Odds:  Paul continues his dominance. Just one more shot to get him out. I'm going to give Josh a slightly better shot at winning than Christmas, because he'd be willing to take him out, and I would think would get credit for that from the jury.

Paul 1-2
Josh 4-1
Christmas 6-1
Kevin (No odds)
Alex (evicted)

Paul 1-2: What more can you say at this point? Everybody in the final 8 has thought he's a close ally. You can call it being the only vet in the house if you want, but that's as close to perfect as it gets. The way he's gone about it isn't exactly endearing I must admit. Is it possible for him to lose in the finals again? Yes. Do I think he will? No. I don't think whoever he's up against will beat him. As far as there being resentment towards him, there will be some but probably not enough for Josh or Christmas. In fact with Matt and Raven, there will probably be resentment towards Josh and Christmas because that's the alliance that Paul honored instead of them. The thing is he has to finish this. No matter how well you've played from June up until now, you've either got to win the last HOH, or the person who does has to take you.  If you can't do one of those things, you're not in the finals. People always talk about who played the best game, but in reality every week is a new "game". Paul's got to turn one more corner.

Josh 4-1: He's the one that I think would take down Paul, and I think he already would have if he had the chance. Can he win against Christmas? He might, he might not. I haven't thought it through yet. I do think Christmas would eventually take him over Paul, but I don't know if she'll even be cleared for the first two parts of final HOH. I'll admit I didn't think there'd be a chance in hell he could make it all the way through the game just being as unstable as he was and sometimes is.

Christmas 6-1: I don't think she's capable of winning the final HOH, plus Paul has said to the camera he's taking Josh if it's his choice. If he changes his mind , she won't beat him either. The narrative that Paul is playing everyone is mostly correct, but Christmas and Josh are the final 3 alliance where it did work out. Paul did convince Alex to put up Kevin and Raven when I think she would have gone the other way. Paul indeed didn't use the POV on Alex when he could have. Christmas and Josh are the two people that Paul has stayed true to, and helped all the way to the end. Now they'd be better off if they had been able to cut him loose and had say Raven as the other member of the final 4 instead. Paul's going to be hard to beat, and I don't think they'll be able to do it, but with a total of 17 people in the house at the start the two of them do have a chance at this point. That's not easy to do.

Kevin (no odds): He did the best he could. I'm kinda glad he didn't win an HOH, because we'd probably be disappointed in what he did ( he wouldn't have gone after Paul). He's going to get 4th in the way that Victoria got 3rd, in the way that JenCity got 5th. But I'm glad he stuck around this long.

Alex (evicted): Frankly she got the ending she deserved. The ones that were played by Paul the most are the other two pairs Alex/Jason, and Matt/Raven.

Predictions: Kevin gets evicted tonight. We'll see jury footage that'll be fun. I'll say Paul will throw Part 1 of the final HOH to Josh, so he can play and win Part 2 (he always does stuff like that). So those will be the two squaring off in Part 3.

OK that's it for now.  I'll wrap it up over the weekend, I'm flying out on Monday. Enjoy the shows!!

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