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By MattD

Hello again everybody!!  With Mark certain to go tonight, we'll be down to the Final 8 houseguests finally. There's going to be an endurance competition tonight, so we'll see what kind of deals get made. Zingbot made his annual appearance on the show for the POV competition, otherwise it was a nothing week. But as always there's plenty to discuss so let's get to it:

The finale IS September 20, right?: There's a couple of websites that have listed that as the finale, but CBS hasn't made it official as of yet. Julie said last week "there's 5 weeks left and 11 houseguests" which would put the finale right on the 20th, but then again she told us several weeks ago the "Temptation Twist" was over, and turned out not to be true. Assuming there's one more double eviction, (in recent seasons there's been a total of two so it's a pretty good bet), then we're indeed on pace for the 20th. Hopefully it gets announced tonight.

Last week's double eviction was awfully predictable. I know they have a "knockout" HOH comp once a season, but doing it for the double eviction episode was a mistake. It sucked away any kind of suspense that the second evictee was going to be either Mark or Elena. You knew they'd be facing each other and whoever won that would have to win about 4 or 5 duels in a row to win HOH. Mark winning POV created a tiny bit of excitement , but for the most part things went according to plan. As for the season itself, I don't think anything is going to be considered that big of a move unless and until someone cuts down Paul. Like I said earlier this was a nothing week as well, Mark was the pick from the start and it stayed that way.


Paul 2-1
Christmas 4-1
Jason 5-1
Josh 6-1
Alex 8-1
Mark 12-1
Kevin 12-1
Raven 45-1
Mark (no odds)

I knocked Paul down to 2-1 as it doesn't look as if anyone is going after him anytime soon. Any of the first five could conceivably win. I'd be really surprised if Mark or Kevin win and totally shocked if it's Raven. Timewise, it's pretty late in the game as things will go quickly from here, but there's still six evictions left after tonight. To put that into perspective, there was only nine evictions in BB2 (plus one got expelled), there were just nine eviction votes in BBOTT last fall (ten total). There's lots left in this game.

Paul 2-1: I finally moved him down from 4-1. It doesn't look like he's being evicted anytime soon, but don't forget he only has to lose once. It's not a situation like "Jody" where between the two of them, you had to evict them four times. If Paul loses once, he's done. What he's trying to do here isn't easy to do with being in a final three with three different pairs. He's playing it well to this point, and there is a good chance now he could win. The anti-Kevin seeds he's been planting is to justify going after him if he wins an HOH, instead of one of the "other" pairs. Tonight's an endurance, and I don't think he'll feel the need to win it. But it's a slippery slope he's on, if it crumbles it'll crumble fast.

Christmas 4-1: She got the boot off her foot, but I don't know if she'll be cleared to play in any more comps than she already is. This could come into play in the final 3 as I don't know if she'd be cleared to play in either of the first two parts. The flip side of that of course is people could keep her around because of it. Her HOH week went well enough, although I think she was kind of hoping Mark would win POV, so she could have a reason to take out Jason at this point.

Jason 5-1: As good as he is in competitions, I would think he could be targeted pretty soon. If he gets his way into the final 5 or so, it could be too late to knock him off. I don't think he's quite capable of a run like Kevin from the last Canada season, but he won't need to be if he isn't targeted in the next couple of weeks.

Josh 6-1: If he makes it to the end, he could have some jury problems. I could see Paul taking him to give himself a good chance at Cody and Mark's votes. Josh does seem to be in a pretty good spot in the game a the moment.

Alex 8-1: Kevin's exact words the other night on the feeds were "I'd vote for a pair of shoes before I voted for Alex". He doesn't think she would have a chance if she made the finals, I guess we'd see how accurate that is if it comes to fruition. Alex has an endurance win to her credit this season, and I think she needs one tonight to get the game going where she wants it.

Matt 12-1: Never much to say about him, as of now it looks like there's a spot waiting for him in the jury house. You never know, maybe he'll get a win tonight.

Kevin 12-1:  There's 3 pairs plus Paul left in the house besides him. I still think it's possible he'll make the final 4 or 5 or so, but not as likely as I once thought. It's been a pleasure to have him on the show. Hopefully he's there awhile longer. He still hasn't been nominated.

Raven 45-1: How far until they cut her loose?

Mark (no odds): He was never destined to win this game, but he'd won a few comps so I was holding out hope he'd win an HOH to shake things up a little. He wasn't able to do that, and POV didn't save him this time.

Predictions: 6-0 to evict Mark. I'll say Alex will get another endurance HOH win tonight, with Matt eventually being the one going home, possibly Kevin.

Ok that's all for now!! Enjoy the shows

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