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By MattD

Hello again everybody!!  Happy Double Eviction Day everyone!!   Day 58 and we still have 11 people in the house. Cody's going to get evicted tonight, and then the game will pretty much begin. Yes, back in the old days before we'd have 16 people in the house, before people (for the most part)  got 2nd and 3rd chances after they'd been evicted, we'd be down to the last 5-7 people by this juncture, but in this day and age all that gets you is a final 11 spot. There's a special episode tomorrow, we'll have to wait and see what that's about.

Please tell me they're not going to bring back those stupid Care Packages: With the temptations and what have you, I feel like we've already had more than enough twists to last a season. I'm guessing we're going to have some sort of twist coming up because they're blocking the feeds from the time the Double Eviction ends until (I think ) the time the Friday show ends for those on the West Coast. I can't imagine they would do that if something game related wasn't taking place. It's anybody's guess what it might be. It's possible they might be playing in a competition where you get the type of prizes that we voted for in the Care Packages. Could it be another eviction? Three in two days? If they did something like that we would no longer be on track for a 9/20 finale I don't think without bringing someone else back. Julie of course said no jury members are coming back, but that don't disqualify the idea that someone could have the power to block an eviction. Although that has the same effect as bringing someone back, technically the person who would be saved by this would never have been a jury member. I know I'm reaching here, but I guarantee Friday's show is more than just the Carnival or whatever that was the 2nd Friday show last year.

It's hard to get people both likeable AND entertaining: Or I guess it is. This isn't the most likeable cast there's been, but gee whiz there's fights every week. On the opposite end of the spectrum in BB12,  once Rachel was evicted (in 9th place out of 14) everyone got along fine and there wasn't any fighting. There wasn't much drama either, and people complained about that as well. In BB16 (Derrick's year), you had Zach and mostly normal people (Beast Mode was a character), again not much drama, and people didn't like that either. Most of the people in the house this season aren't playing with a full deck, but you can't say it hasn't been entertaining. I complain about some of the people as well, but don't whine about it if we get a season next year with mostly normal people and very little fighting.

Odds: This was pretty much a nothing week. It was well established No one except maybe Mark and possibly Elena was going to work with Cody, and it stayed that way. Kevin's stock has dropped, and Elena's has dropped again. Raven's not going to win this game.

Paul 4-1
Christmas 5-1
Jason 6-1
Alex 6-1
Josh 8-1
Matt 11-1
Kevin 12-1
Mark 13-1
Elena 15-1
Raven 50-1
Cody (No Odds)

Paul 4-1: The power alliance right now is Paul, Christmas, Jason, Alex, and Josh. I've had Paul at 4-1 for awhile now, and the others are slowly catching up. Right now the big hope is for Mark to win HOH tonight for those who want Paul gone. But I'll tell you if someone that wins HOH wants Paul out of there, they better put him up against Jason or Alex, so the other one will vote him out. If Mark wins HOH tonight and the final nominees are Paul and Josh, they won't get the votes.

Christmas 5-1: She's been getting snippy lately. She had a run-in with Mark the other day, and at times she seems irritable. Out of the people in this power alliance I believe she is the most likely to stick a knife in Paul's back at some point. I don't think it'll be tonight or next week, but I have a hunch -and it's just a hunch- that she'll be the one that takes him down.

Jason 6-1: What's going in his favor is I think if he ends up on the block with Alex, she'll be the one that goes. He seems to get along with everyone well enough, he's smart enough to make good strategic moves, and he does well enough in comps.

Alex 6-1: One thing that sticks out about this season is how many dust-ups there's been over things that were seemingly non-game. I guess the thing with Elena was partially game, but overall it just seems there's been a lot of crap that's gotten started over nothing. I guess yesterday or Tuesday or whenever she let Cody have some cereal and he ate the whole box or something. There was Mark taking pillows out of the have-not room, I mean things like that have happened in the past , but never as often.

Josh 8-1: For him it was a relatively quiet week at least compared to many of the others. I didn't think I'd have him in this position, in fact I still don't think he's level-headed enough to win this game, but right now he's in a strong alliance.

Matt 11-1: For as little as he's done, I don't blame him for not using the POV on himself. You have a better shot at winning Powerball than he does of being voted out tonight. No reason to get the house PO'd at him, if they wanted to evict Elena they still could.

Kevin 12-1: Paul's decided to  make the rest of his alliance against him for some reason. Up until this week I figured he had the best shot at making the final 4 or so before being voted out, now it doesn't look that way. The worst part -and I hope I'm wrong- is he'd probably do what that alliance wanted if he won an HOH.

Mark 13-1: If he wins HOH tonight, I'm sure one of the top 5 people on my board would go to the jury house. I'm no fan of his, but that's what this game needs.

Elena 15-1: All in all she mostly got away with taking the 5K. Alex is still pissed at her, and maybe she'll go a week or two earlier than she would have, but it wasn't going to be long before Paul's alliance were going after her anyway. I don't know why she would make the deal with Alex just moments before breaking it, and yes she was on the block, and yes Matt was the one that won the POV instead of her, and could have saved Cody by merely using the POV on himself, so yes doing what she did was unwise and could have really been disastrous, but it looks like she got away with it for the most part. It was a big help for production as it gave them footage they could show to suggest that there's a chance she could be going instead of Cody.

Raven 50-1: She'll likely finish somewhere between 3rd and 6th, or whenever the powers that be run out of people to evict.

Cody (No odds): This was simply a replay of week 2, but with this cast drama happens on it's own so it wasn't a boring week.

Odds of being the 2nd evictee:

Mark 2-1
Elena 5-2
Josh 4-1
Alex 9-2
Paul 5-1
Matt 6-1
Kevin 6-1
Someone else 15-1

I think Mark and Elena are next on the chopping block, we'll see what happens.

Predictions: Not seeing any hinky votes to keep Cody although it's possible so that'd be a 7-0 vote to send him packing. What the heck I'll say Christmas wins HOH, puts up Mark/Elena, Paul wins POV, keeps it the same, then another 7-0 vote to evict Mark.

Ok that's all for now. Enjoy the shows!!

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