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sept30 Cody Nickerson
By Al Mellis

Where to start is my problem... I am thinking Cody and Jessica of Big Brother 19 infamy but that isn't where to story is at, perhaps the story of how the fans feel about Cody, Jessica, Paul and CBS? Nah... that doesn't cover the entire story because Josh isn't in it, but it is a place to start.

Josh is a great starting place, Josh won Big Brother 19 by one vote on the last vote, the vote cast by Cody Nickerson.  You would think that would be enough to stir up the crowd to the point of no return but it waas quickly accepted and Josh has gone on the to be a very comfortable champion.  Paul on the other hand has been sour grapes all the way, never focusing on why he lost.  

Paul Abrahamian was production's Golden boy! Paul had an unheard of 3 weeks of safety at the beginning of the game that was unknown to Cody. Meghan apparently insulted the military. Considering what happened to her, her opinion is understandable but I doubt she explained her reasons for her disdain to Cody. Cody nominated Megan for eviction. Cody was in a tough spot after Megan left. Cody still had to put two people up for eviction and Paul ended up being nominated for eviction which he quickly got out of be declaring his safety advantage.  That is where it all went downhill for Cody.

Cody fairly fought his way back into the house, this was not the first year of the battle back so no one can say that was an advantage invented for him!  

So what we have is a proud and honest champion in Josh and  a sour grapes runner up in the name of Paul.  The reason that is important is because of the fans. Paul's reaction to his loss was and is indefensible. As it turns out Paul's entire game plan was nothing more than Richard Hantz game plane of Survivor which was to completely ignore the jury. The Paul fans have or had no place to turn their anger except onto an easy victim and that would be Cody at first blush.

Now is the time to finally end the persecution of Cody and simply accept him as America's Favorite Player.  Cody's reaction to Big Brother by refusing to be involved in the game was his way of saying the game was heavily waited in favor of Paul. Casting the final vote that denied Paul the win had to be very satisfying and vindicating.

So in conclusion let's let sleeping dogs lay and come together as fans looking forward to Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother 20

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