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july14 Backyard Chat
By Cozy2

Hi everyone~! Finale night is over and the big Meatball Josh is the winner. Are you surprised? I am not, I had that gut feeling that it wouldn’t matter who Paul went with he wouldn’t win against them, but I am pretty sure he was paid a hefty sum to play with these fruitcakes, if not, he should be! I do think he was the one that was a bit bitter towards Josh calling him cowardly, he did the same thing to someone in the jury through the messaging, so for Josh to use that tactic, Paul wasn’t thinking totally about the jurors like Josh actually did. I felt like he was a bit cocky towards Julie, and he needs to roll it on over and just move on, I surely have.

Christmas, well I am sure she will be just fine promoting her fitness program. Paul, well, remember he gets the backstage opportunity of a life time watching a CBS new sitcom. What on earth are the BB fans thinking giving Cody AFP?? Are you kidding me? The kid barely sputtered a nice word all summer.  Oh well, he is not relevant in my little world so lets hope he does some good with it, maybe a little motivational and anger management therapy for starters.

This is the time that these people need to get over themselves, quit being bitter and get motivated in a positive light in the social world of BB. We the fans like to catch up with the houseguests over the years but not if you are going to be a Debbie Downer and rude obnoxious or mean.  Congratulate your housemates and thank CBS for the gracious opportunities they have opened your eyes to.

My last thoughts and comments for the summer, I’m glad this season is over. I hope some new rule show up in the rule book, no more total throwing the comps. I was so irritated by letting Christmas win a running comp I didn’t find it funny, nor did I find it good tv, I would only watch that on a re-run not live tv. A little less bullyiing no matter how bad the house guests disagree... Congratulations to Josh .. will be fun to watch him ‘grow up’~!!

I am looking forward to watching Celebrity BBUS, that should be fun. I hope the house is totally renovated for them, add some extra fun stuff like in UK and AU BB shows do, they keep them occupied with tasks, donate the stuff they make etc, its just fun to watch….I had fun chatting with all of you and i hope to be here to report on it too so till then, thanks for reading my opinionated thoughts on Big Brother.  Always a superfan of BB.


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  • Thank you Cozy for the backyard chats. This will always be my "go to" reality site. Will you be doing something similar for Celeb.BBUS? Many thanks to all who keep this site up and running.

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