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july8 Saras Perspective
By Sara

It's been a long Big Brother season.  For the most part I've enjoyed this season.  Paul has brilliantly run this house from start to finish.  As the only returning vet I never thought it would be possible for him to get this far with a big chance to win.  It will be a damn shame if the jury is to bitter and not see Paul's game play for what it is and not vote Paul the winner of BB19 against Josh or Christmas.

What has disturbed me more this season is how live feeds viewers, the fans have lost the concept of the "game" of Big Brother.  We are going to see good times and bad, verbal fights, yelling, crying, name calling, showmances, friendships, paranoia, lying, laughter, manipulation, backstabbing, blindsides ext.  These houseguests are regular people locked away for 3 months secluded from their families, friends and lives that keeps on going while they are locked away. As viewers we can't begin to understand what they go through, unless you've played the game.   As live feed viewers we are to quick to judge the houseguests as they try to play and win the $500,000 prize. We have no clue what it's like to be locked in that house.

I've seen some many people whining and complain that they don't like the "game play" they see and call it bullying, when it's not.  Then whine that CBS should "step in" and "fix it" because they don't like what they are seeing. They are also the first ones to cry rigged or fixed when the one they dislike is playing the game well or something doesn't go their favorites way.  No different if someone tries to give the houseguests information over the backyard wall.  All these things interferes with the game play.  If production were to step in it would interfere with the game play, unless rules are broken.

For all those who believe CBS should step in should remember the disclaimer from CBS has at the start of the live feeds...go back and read it if you don't.

Big Brother will not step in unless unless a houseguest is...physically violent...remember how fast Willie was taken out of the game after he headbutted Joe in BB14.  

Or destruction of CBS property...

I read a comment where someone said Big Brother let Chima go because she was rude to production and didn't follow the rules.  That is bull poop. Chima was taken out of the game after Big Brother had asked her repeatedly to put on her mic and go to the DR so she tossed her mic pack (CBS property) into the hot tub. That's why she was kicked out.

Or messing with other houseguest property.

Zack rubbing his bare butt on Elissa hat.  Big Brother did not remove Zack but he was told they would take money out of his stipend to replace her hat.

Big Brother is watching and they know the rules. Production's main priority is the filming of TV show. Period. So as long as none of these rules are not broken the game will play on. We are just lucky we can pay a few dollars a month to be flies on the wall and watch all the drama unfold 24/7.

If I got 5 cents for every time I saw some say "...l'm going to stop watching" I'd be rich.  Obviously, people haven't "stop watching" because the ratings haven't changed. BB19 continues to be one of the summers biggest hits with all 3 weekly episodes landing in the top 5 broadcasted shows. This summer it averaged over 7 million viewers.  Soooo most fans are just crying because the game isn't going the way they want for their favorites.  Maybe next season you should consider just watching the TV show and step away from the Live Feeds. Watch it like you would Survivor. You realize Survivor would have the same likes and dislikes as Big Brother if they were to hang cameras and mic from the trees. The difference is all the things some would deem inappropriate hit the cutting room floor. Example Jason's comment about Kevin' wife and daughters. We didn't see it on the show.  

People continue to complain about the so called "bullying" they've seen this season. I've seen far worse coming from fans making comments on social media.  The big fight of Jody VS. House there was yelling and screaming based off of game play.  It wasn't personal attacks and calling them names or saying bad things based on their personal lives.  The actual bullying comes from the fans making personal attacks against the houseguests. Fans were so quick to turn a blind eye and try to justify it when it was reversed...when Jessica picked a fight with Josh and then Cody jumped in telling him he'd attack him when he's on the outside after the game. Then they both proceeded to call him names and personally attack him by calling him fat, stupid, not deserving to be in the Big Brother house.  Big Brother fans can be such hypocrites. They call out what they see as bullying but then proceed to call the houseguests they don't like mean names, attack their families/personal lives, attack their business, make assumptions, attack social media accounts and even go so far as to send death threats.  The "fun" and the fact that it's a "game"  is lost on these people have forgotten the concept of the Big Brother.  

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