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may30 bb19 recap
By honeySC

Tonight on Big Brother 19 the house is in shock after the sudden double eviction of both Jason and Raven.  Josh is in tears after he voted Jason out, and Alex is upset that Jason didn't even hug her when he left.  She worries that he may have left thinking that she was a part of his demise.  

Paul asks Josh if he would have done the same to him and Josh says he would.  Paul plans to get Josh to get into a fight with him to assure Alex that he had nothing to do with it, when in fact, he was the power behind the move.  He has Alex believing that he is her ally.  Meanwhile Josh is twigging to Paul's game, and is figuring out that Paul's moves are for his own benefit, but does not realize that it is beyond jury votes.

After Alex wins the double eviction Head of Household, she nominates both Kevin and Raven, much to Paul's delight and Josh's relief. When Josh wins Veto he wants to target Kevin, but Paul and Christmas want Raven gone, and gone she is.  Alex is devastated about losing her ride or die in Jason, but after Raven leaves Alex fears that she is next. Christmas can't believe that she just voted Jason out, and Alex did not even nominate her in retaliation.  

Josh feels that he lost this game over his rogue move. He is afraid that he has played himself and heads to the lounge to cry. Alex comes in and tells him that he has to focus and get back into the game. She tells him that they need to work on getting Kevin out as he has been working the house.  She tells him that it is him against the house and they are going to be coming after her and him next.  Paul comes in and when he tells Josh that they are "in" Josh is shocked. He realizes that the plan has been Paul's and Paul says that Alex can't play and he will convince Kevin to throw it, guaranteeing one of them Head of Household.  Josh's mouth opens in shock with all the thoughts rushing in.

Alex feels she is in the twilight zone since both Jason and Raven left. She now has no power and does not know where she stands in the game.  Alex explains to Josh, Paul, and Christmas that she is hurt. Paul assures her that Jason will get over it. Paul wants Josh to go after Head of Household and then must convince Kevin to toss the competition.  He lies to him and tells him that they are going to throw it to Christmas since he knows he would not trust Josh with the power. He tells Kevin that he might go on the block, but he wants Alex to be the target.  

Josh is upset when Paul tells him that he has it worked out for Josh to take the Head of Household, but he must target Alex.  Josh is not okay with targeting Alex, but Christmas and Paul keep after him.  Josh tries to talk to her about Paul's game, but she won't have any of it. She tells him not to doubt the three of them. Paul comes in when Josh leaves and he tells Christmas that they are the best team in the world.  Christmas worries that Josh may go rogue. Paul says that they cannot baby Josh anymore.  Christmas says that it is not okay that he went rogue on the Jason and Raven votes.

Alex heads out in a superhero costume to announce the BB Comics with Big Brother Vets in the trailer. Dan versus Nicole and Frankie in an All Star movie trailer called the "Revengers."  Victor and so many more were in it.

They must respond to questions about the movie trailer and find the cardboard cutout that matches the question.  The correct answer was Frankie.  Josh, Kevin, and Christmas get a point. The second answer was Colonel Camo, Caleb, and Josh, Kevin, and Christmas get it right.  The third answer was Mamma Day, and the Paul, Christmas, and Josh get it.  Mr. Pectacular, Jessie was the next answer and only Paul gets it.  Dan is the next answer and Kevin is the only one to get it right.  That puts them in a four way tie for first place with Josh, Kevin, Christmas, and Paul all having a score of 4.

Kevin has decided to win this one and get some letters from home. Paul is worried that his plan may go south should Kevin win. Josh feels that Kevin cannot win this so he decides to lock it in and try to get it right.  Kevin decides to throw it even when he knows the answer since he trusts Paul to take care of him. Josh is the only one to get the answer right.  Kevin feels that Christmas should be in the lead since she is the one he is throwing it for, but he continues to trust Paul.

The last round has the answer of Frankie. Everyone gets it wrong, leaving Josh with a one point lead and winner of the Head of Household. Josh is on top of the world after making final four. Paul can't believe that he pulled this off, and that leaves Alex worried that she may be the target. Kevin is upset that he threw it only for Josh to win.

Josh does not want anyone to tell him what to do.  He knows that the three of them are targeting Alex and Kevin, but when Paul gets pushy with him, he speaks to the camera about possibly putting up Paul.  He knows that Paul will beat him even being a vet if they get to finals, but he thinks that he can beat Kevin in the end.  He does not want to alienate Christmas in nominating Paul, but he thinks that this is best for their games. He wonders if the time is right. He feels that the jury is against him.

Josh calls the remaining four for the Nomination Ceremony. He nominates Alex and Kevin and looks very serious and sad at doing it. He says that he nominated Kevin because he has floated to the end, played it safe, and under the radar. He wishes that Kevin had done more in the game. "Alex," he says, "Is a beast and a badass competitor, and in order to move forward these are the nominations I have to make."

Alex is seeing red because she did not nominate Josh after he voted Jason out. She wants to win veto and target Josh with everything she has. Kevin is upset that he threw the competition when he could have won it. He would have liked to have had a letter and be in control of the nominations. He feels this veto is the most important competition of his entire summer.  Josh says that he has a lot to think about, and Paul had better be careful because he could be the next nomination.

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