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july14 Backyard Chat
By Cozy2

Hi everyone~! Well here we go again, Christmas as HOH~!! Paul is still doing a really good job of manipulating the whole house! Good for him to get them to throw these competitions, but it still irritates me when they throw competitions.

Its Paul and his puppet show for sure…I am NOT happy the way they competed this week. Throwing this to Christmas was not exciting for me it was disappointing. All that effort for the awesome set and those guys go out without a fight…sad.

Lets chat about Kevin for a minute..he needs to stay out of the sun for a bit. That’s a sure sign tale he isn’t doing anything in the house except hang out in the sun, doesn’t clean, rarely cooks, does crappy in comps, won’t think for himself.

Josh has made it his target for the week to get under his skin to make him make some crucial mind/emotional mistakes. Little does he know that throwing this comp is a huge mistake for him, letting Christmas win? I don’t care if she has a broken foot and she isn’t targeting Kevin he shouldn’t be throwing his comps…. I bet Josh doesn’t give up about the 25K!!

Christmas thinks her power is in those sunglasses, for me it’s ridiculous to have them on in the house. I hate so be a spoiler, but I’m going to be….Paul wins Veto…oh no, he isn’t out of the woods yet, his hands won't be squeaky clean…now he has to decide to keep noms the same or bring someone down and put up Kevin…Alex want Kevin to go up and out, and now with Jason on the block that is one less vote for him to get out…and I think the others will vote for Jason or Alex to exit next but it is all up in the air, the tree wasn’t used again so much for that excitement.

These sets in the backyard will become less and less detailed if all they are going to do is throw these comps especially to an injured player. Enjoy your day.


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