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By Cozy2

Hi everyone~!! Chaos continues with Josh as HOH!! My oh my should be a entertaining week. These houseguests are seething on/with their emotions at the moment.

The look on Jessica’s face was pure disappointment. As it looks now, Josh may put Jess and Cody back up on the block, and…is going to put them, and Mark (3 wks in a row??) and Paul, in the Have Not room…Paul volunteered so that he could stop the chatter between the other 3. Mark is pleading with Paul to get Josh not to pick him, I don’t see Josh budging on this.

Why?  I Think it all started over a stupid pool game, which Josh wouldn’t admit he lost to, (sunk the 8 ball),, upset Mark so much he threw pickle juice in Josh’s face and the ‘war’ between the two started. It got so intense in the house, BB intervened telling them over and over to go to opposite sides of the house…

Here it is weeks later, and they are still at it, Josh with his pots and pans, and now it is seemingly getting to “not” be funny. The emotional sabotage the houseguests are using and doing to each other, seems to be warring on the on-line live feeders chat rooms.They are tired of the house picking on Cody, talking about how emotionally mean Paul is being, in their minds, this season is a bunch of bully or be bullied…

I think I have watched the guys cry real tears more than the girls have, and it’s about emotional image etc tears not fake tears and oh I had a fight with my girlfriend.

What I hope for this season, the houseguests, and CBS is that they realize more self awareness how words and actions really do hit the core of some people, in and out of the house, including the fans who just want to have fun watching pure fun entertainment. I hope, in the future competitions, they have one that makes them be nice to one another, even if for one day.

I love the chaos this house brings out, but the deep seeded meanness it is pulling out is not that fun to watch and usually go back to changing the channel back to the real world news to be entertained.  Opinions come, and go, change as the weeks progress, when houseguests take on attitude changes, so do mine, I’m rooting for them all to start to really compete in the competitions, and remember all, double elimination is probably a couple weeks away, and Christmas still has her “Ring of Replacement” temptation to use (she discussed this with Paul too, I’m surprised)!Enjoy your day, Cozy2.    

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