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By Sara

What a crazy week in the Big Brother house. I'm also not here to bash anyone of these houseguests or to take a side. I truly watch Big Brother for the "game" of Big Brother. No matter how you want to look at it or what happens in it...Big Brother is a game.

Everyone of these houseguests have said negative things about each other...granted some meaner then others. After the blow up on Monday I think they are all nuts.

Something happened during the POV ceremony that we haven't seen yet, I believe that led to high tension in the house and the house blowing up from there.

It was all fun to watch on the live feeds until a certain point then it just got insane. Once Cody had taken Jessica outside it should of ended but it didn't.

Most of the houseguests were already to worked up. I don't fully blame Paul, he's playing his game and he's keeping the target off himself
because he knows its only a matter of time until people turn on each other and himself.  No one was forced to participate they are all adults. If anything Raver went way overboard...not even Matt could reel her back in. It is what it is, most of what happen will hit the cutting room floor for the show. In 3 weeks from now it will just be a distant memory.

What I really wanted to see is Jessica play the game for Jessica...not Jessica and Cody. This was a chance for her to make a big move. It's not that I dislike, Cody I just don't think he belongs in a social game like Big Brother.

Jessica said she came into this house to play the Big Brother game, she wants to make big moves and be remembered for them in a good way. For her to do that she needs to let Cody go. If they truly have found something with each other then they can make it work on the outside of the house.

I can't help remember BB3 when Lisa didn't vote Eric back into the game. She knew having Eric was not going to help her game...she went on to win. BB11 Jeff got evicted Jordon won, BB13 Brendon was evicted Rachel went on to win.

Jessica is a social butterfly and she has already proven she could reintegrate back into the house with Cody out of the house.  She could use her Hex as a advantage to keep herself of the block for at least a week. This would give her time to regroup her social game, make real connections she needs to go further in the game, instead of blindingly thinking the other houseguests will still be loyal to her because she is HOH. But they have done nothing but seclude themselves from the rest of the house.

It's so annoying, she could go very far in this game...maybe she still can. However, she has chosen to stick with Cody who does not like to be social in his normal day life, he prefers to be alone and can't be himself if he tries to be social in the game. It's just not in his make up of who he is as a person.  

Sure it can be from his experiences he has had in the military but why not use that military experience to his advantage rally the troops to his side but he hasn't, he can't, its just not in him to do. He has tried to make deals with other houseguests's games without them even knowing, he has been mean, arrogant, obnoxious and aggressive to the other houseguests.  Jessica and Cody are far from being the underdogs here. They both have had power and they both have made very poor choices with that power. In case you forgotten,  go back to the first 3 weeks in the game. There were reasons why Cody was already evicted from this game once. He got a 2nd chance by winning the Battle Back and now even a 3rd chance with Jessica using her Hex tonight...which I have no doubt in my mind that she will use her Hex tonight.

Jessica had said this "Hex" has never happened before...ummm yes it has. Her Hex is nothing more then a reset or rewind. They don't think Paul will get to play but if it is a true reset/rewind everyone will get to play in this next HOH, I could be wrong. I just don't see having a reset and Paul not being able to play if his past HOH was reset or the week rewinds.

Odds at the moment are against Jessica and Cody but you never know one of them could pull off a win tonight. If they don't they will find themselves back on the block with Jessica as the target. I can see either Cody winning Veto and using it on Jessica to save her or Jessica a getting voted out next Thursday and Cody self-evicting because he has already closed himself off to the game, jury will begin and America will get his vote.

So tonight's show will definitely be interesting.  We will to see what happened during, after the POV Ceremony and how they edit the house blow up. I believe Jessica will sadly use her Hex and the week will start over. Everyone will get to play in the HOH competition...all playing in the same game of luck to see who gets to be the new HOH.

Hold on to your hats.... oh my gawd Josh won Head of Household.

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