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july17 BB rigged

Every season since and including season one of Big Brother the cry has been heard, ITS FIXED!

Let's look at what real people think:

1) They are going to rig it for Cody
2) If people voted.... Cameron. If CBS rigs it as usual, Cody.
3)  I watch it because I get bored I think it. It's rigged and cbs already knows the winner it's entertainment for me.
4)  I love the show but there are times when it makes for better tv if they put someone back who was against everyone.
5)  I don't think they would let her stay if that stupid Megan hadn't quit. She screwed the game up.

What people think is pretty all encompassing, from a straight up accusation of rigging to a resignation that Big Brother is probably rigged.

From show producers Arnold Shapiro through to Alison Grodner we have all heard to same complaints. It does not appear that rigging the show belongs to a single producer but perhaps to sets of circomstances.

Those circomstances would be the very people that are watching Big Brother, are the viewers just expressing sour grapes when things don't go their way?

Is the show riggeed? I don't think so.  At the very worst Big Brother 19 is manipulated but not rigged.  When I say manipulated I usually mean by Diary Room seesions by the asking of suggesting questions.  If the competition is the competition orignally scheduled comp. trying to rig the competition is pretty near impossible, especially if it is a physical competition.

So looking at Big Brother 19, is it rigged?  For it to have been rigged the evictions and Heads of Household would all so need to be rigged which would be almost impossible.  So the answer to is it rigged?  Is no BB19 is not riigged as much as the sore losers would like you to think so.

What's your opinion, is Big Brother 19 rigged or not?

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  • BB Former Fan

    Manipulation is the same as rigging. If producers are asking leading questions in the diary room, then yes, Big Brother is rigged.

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