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july14 Backyard Chat
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Written by Alena Faaras

Hi everyone! Sweet Revenge X2..( Paul winning the POV, and Cody getting a Battle Back chance~!!, I didn’t see that coming!!) and on that note, I have a foot in my mouth, and mud on my face as my prediction last week was that the first two weren’t going to battle back, and Julie surprised me for the first time this season.  That came out of nowhere last night, but im sure it had to do with the drama and the ratings, and ohhh the sweet revenge Cody will go back in and inspire to Jessica…if, he wins his way back in..should be fun to watch that sweet revenge or the two team up if he gets back in!!

Did you enjoy the POV competition Wed.  night? And the eviction last night? I did~!! I think CBS did great clips and cuts for the Weds night show. Love that we are getting new challenges this year. I am sure they all enjoyed playing in this one, and mr. speedo Paul, wins again. I wished more could have played in that challenge.

No surprise he put Cody up for eviction. I was however, surprised that Christmas voted for Ramses, while in the hospital. I think she is a super good strategist and is taking advantage of the info Cody offered her, and I think her way of maybe offering Jessica an olive branch in her own way with out having to ‘talk’ to her at this point, and will give her ammo if she needs to get Jess on her side, showing she didn’t vote for Cody..of course that is my own pure speculation.

I did find it interesting, that Cody almost admitted knowing his huge mistakes in his own macho way to Julie, and we just about got a smile from him when the audience laughed about him being the worst BB player ever (he is on the top 20 list of mine for that!!)..

Now on to the HOH Competition, Paul is sitting sweet this week, not having to worry about being evicted, but is definitely trying to dwindle his group to a tight knit few in the coming weeks…

The wall, no doubt that Josh fell first, and Mark was close after, those big guys never last long on a 45 degree angle. I watched it for awhile, but obviously when everyone started to fall, they skipped back to the kitty pen so they would have some good footage for Sundays show.    

And yes, the spoiler of the day, Alex wins HOH..not surprising to me, I think she is planning on outing Dominque this week, which is who I voted to get the Halt temptation, so this should be fun to see what happens!

I am not sure, how athletic Dominique is, so if she does go out, I don’t know if she will be a battle back person, or she stops the vote if she goes in the den of temptation and gets it…should be a fun week. If she happens to get Jessica evicted, well guess what, only one of the “Jody” duo would make it back in the house, so, it could be one of the duo or both back in the house, it will depends on so many factors this year that “Pandoras box” Temptation Den delves out, and if the Battle Back is a difficult challenge or a just dumb luck challenge, my thoughts, they are going to have to fight hard for that one, if given the chance that is.  

And like poor Glenn last year, I am happy to see that Cameron gets another chance at his BB dream.  Only one thing I wish they would incorporate, is a fish like “Swirly” who was on the Australia BB, he was hilarious showing up thru out the house in pipes and tempting the house guests to do hilarious stuff…sometimes it’s the little things that break up the tension these guys seem to have this year.  Enjoy your day…Cozy2


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