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Written by Lynn Mellis

The third Head of Household is in progress. It's the wall with a space theme. Goo and water hit them as they crouch as the wall leans.

Josh is the first out, followed by Mark, then Raven who jumped off willingly. Her foot is bothering her. Josh carries her to the seats. Ramses goes down next, followed by Kevin. Jason, Dominique, Elena, Jessica, Alex, Matt are still up.

Matt loses his grip and falls. He may have done more damage to his hand. Jessica goes down next and then Dominique. Jason, Elena and lex remain. Elena tells Jason that she can hang in there all night. Jason tells her she is going to have to. Alex remains up there as well.

Alex is crouching, and those down are speculating that the have nots will be the first four down and somewhere in that Jason fits in since he has two weeks as a have not. They wonder where Christine fits into this.

The group is cheering everyone on. Raven removes her bandage to let her stitches air out. There is a lot of speculation on who voted Ramses. They immediately eliminate Kevin since he is a "good guy." Paul sort of eliminates Christine, but lets her hang a bit saying that Cody had a convo with her before she left for the hospital and told her that two people told him to put her up. That may have swayed her somewhat. he then sort of dismisses it.

Alex, Elena, and Jason hang in there. Alex looks like she is really struggling and she asks for a deal, but when asked about one she says that she doesn't care. She will deal for a Coke at this point. Jason says that the deal is if they fall off, he will be HOH. He says that nobody on this wall is going home. They agree that no one on this wall is going and Alex says that she gets to take a sh* in the HOH toilet anytime she wants. When Elena swears that she will not put him on the block Jason jumps. Elena and Alex battle it a bit but talk. Alex promises, swears, not to put up her or Mark. Elena asks for a swear and she gets it.

Alex is the new HOH!!!!!!!!

Head of Household is Alex!!!!!!


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